The Philippines has one of the largest exporters of foreign workers around the world. There are at least 14 million Filipino workers who are working and living in foreign lands aside from their hometown. They need to fly from their motherland in pursuit of a greener opportunity outside their country. In every household, there are at least one or two members who are working abroad in order to provide basic needs of their family. The current number of Filipinos is expected to increase each month for as long as there are multiple magnitudes of opportunities that provide numerous livelihood for Filipinos abroad.

This is the case of Herald Ponteras who is currently working abroad as an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Herald is one of the few Filipinos who risked their lives going abroad. This is due to a better opportunity that can be acquired whenever they start working and living in other countries. The only issue for other OFWs is their personality. You cannot blame other individual's personality if they are always bragging about their achievements. This is basically because they want to hide their fears for bluffing other individuals. Filipinos back in their country are sometimes uncomfortable when there are returning OFW back to their countries who changed their attitude to become a different person.
Herald Ponteras tagged as Mister 62
Herald's case is different because he was just having a routine video about himself. This is a typical attitude for some Filipinos because whenever they feel bored, they resort to social media websites. OFW finds social media websites useful because they are able to express their anxiety after long hours of isolation from their motherland. As a result, the risk of developing depression is lesser if the routinely express themselves online. However, netizens find a different story that made him the trending bodybuilder. Here are 5 Interesting Facts about bodybuilder Herald Ponteras.

1. He is a Filipino bodybuilder working in Kuwait. Herald Ponteras is obviously a Filipino. This bodybuilder is always active online where he expresses his emotions after work or during his free time. Herald is from Dipolog City, which is a highly urbanized community in the island of Mindanao. He speaks a Visayan language, which is a local dialect in Dipolog City, the most widely used language in both Mindanao and Visayas. This person always uses Tagalog so that his fellow Filipino countrymen can understand his verbal expressions online.

2. Herald has a great body. Herald is known for his discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is observed in his body for having a well-toned physique. His body makes him the God of charm. People who watch his videos usually does not mind what he is saying. Viewers always look at his body that is packed with muscular angles. Basically, Herald's body makes an inspiration to other individuals to observe their diet so that they can also follow in his footsteps. People who are suffering from a poor health lifestyle can look up to this person so that they will start following a healthier lifestyle that utilized several bodybuilding supplements.

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WATCH: 5 Interesting Facts about bodybuilder Herald Ponteras tagged as Mister 62

3. Herald Ponteras is a Fitness Gym Instructor. Just looking at his body hints you about his professional career. Herald is currently working as a fitness gym instructor in one of the gym centers of Kuwait. Bodybuilders like Herald took the opportunity to go to Kuwait because there are numerous job offers. Gym instructors are usually paid at least 6x more than what they earn here in the Philippines on a monthly basis. This is why there is a small number of gym instructors who are already filing their job applications to fitness centers in the Middle East to improve their lifestyle and livelihood.

4. Herald is tagged as Mister 62. A video uploaded by Herald on his Facebook account indicating his monthly salary. However, there are some netizens who were offended by the way Herald delivered his job story. Mister 62 stands for 62,000 that makes other online users uncomfortable. Viewers regard the video to be offensive in such a way that they consider that Herald is so full of himself. Netizens used social media to share Herald's video on their personal profile, pages, and groups that made him gone viral. After his video became viral, multiple videos from other OFWs abroad refuted his statements through their own personal videos.

5. He is just a human being. After realizing that he became viral over some of his videos on social media made numerous viewers uncomfortable due to his choice of words, he made another media clip. This time, the Herald deeply regrets his choice of words that generated a misunderstanding to his viewers who then became his critics. He understands that there are already viewers who no longer follow him due to the verbal content of his words. However, he wants to make a closure to the matter by issuing an online apology. This apologetic statement will help him relieve all the stress and anxious consequences of all misunderstandings from that video.

As a lesson from the video, it is important to create a scrap note to detail all the words that will be expressed in a certain clip. This is to have time to review all the statements to determine if the choice of words is appropriate. If creating an impromptu video, controlling behavior is one of the best practice to prevent inappropriate expressions to the audience.

After issuing an apology, will you forgive Herald Ponteras?

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