The relatives of the slain OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) is now seeking for justice after their family member was found stuffed in the freezer. The most disturbing part is that the family was informed that the body was in the freezer for at least more than a year. This is the most heart-breaking reaction observed to a loved one after discovering that their family member has been stuffed in a freezer. The incident in Kuwait escalated precautionary measure to the Philippine government as the president is now calling for a total ban for OFW's in Kuwait after that incident.

Kuwaiti authorities recovered the remains of Joanna Demafelis after the Philippine government coordinated with the whereabouts of the victim. After a thorough investigation, Kuwaiti police and the Interpol conducted an investigation into an apartment in Kuwait. They found the remains of Joanna that was stuffed in the freezer, which is believed to be more than a year. Authorities recovered and proceeded the remains to Al Shabah Hospital's Mortuary in Kuwait. The Philippine repatriated the body of the slain OFW back to her hometown in Iloilo in the Philippines after legal documents were processed by the Department of Foreign Affairs department.
Muna Hasoun and Husband Nader Essam Assaf
Joanna Demafelis is the latest OFW who was slain in a disturbing manner. Her legal case prompted the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to announce a total ban for Filipinos who want to work in Kuwait. OFWs who are planning to work and live in Kuwait are believed to be no longer allowed due to the spree of abuse by employers. Filipinos who are still working in Kuwait will have their working visas automatically revoked once they will return to the Philippines.

The Kuwaiti government reacted to Rodrigo Duterte's latest comment to ban OFW's. The Kuwaiti authorities indicate that this latest announcement by the president of the Philippines can significantly impact the labor system of Kuwait. The main reason is that Kuwaitis heavily relies on Filipinos due to their hardworking personalities. Filipinos are known for their patience and perseverance as they sacrifice their time and effort to sustain their family's livelihood while working away from home. This reason alone made Kuwaitis proud of their Filipino employees due to their dedication to exchange their time and effort just to make their family have a better life.

Prior to the incident, Rodrigo Duterte already made several warnings to Kuwait to monitor all similar legal cases involving OFW's working in Kuwait. He vows that one more similar incident will prompt him to announce a total ban for all OFWs going to Kuwait. The president does not want his countrymen to suffer under the hands of an employer with an intent to cause harm to their health and welfare while working in Kuwait. This is because Filipinos want to uplift their life by sacrificing their member of the family to live and work in another country just to work abroad.

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WATCH: 5 Interesting Facts about Muna Hasoun linked to Joanna Demafelis Case in Kuwait

1. Muna Hasoun is the suspect of Joanna Demafelis case. Authorities are now linking Muna Hasoun as the main suspect in the execution of Joanna Demafelis in Kuwait. She is blamed for being the master planner of the incident that prompted her husband to participate in the case. The couple and their children then registered Joanna Demafelis as one of the lists of missing persons in Kuwait. They even issued a fake cheque as her monthly salary to cover up the real scenario of her case. The couple is now believed hiding outside Kuwait.

2. She is from Syria married to a Lebanese Nader Essam Assaf. Muna Hasoun is believed to be from Syria while her husband is from Lebanon. The couple fled to Lebanon and stayed for a couple of days before proceeding to other parts of the world. The couple is both the main persons of interests for the demise of OFW Joanna Demafelis who was their former employee. The couple is believed to be responsible for stuffing the body of their fellow Filipina employee inside the freezer in 2016. The body of Joanna was only discovered by the authorities more than one year.

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3. Muna kicked out Nader's mother outside their Kuwaiti apartment. Nader's mother visited him in Kuwait after she underwent a cardiac operation. However, it was discovered that Muna kicked out her husband's mother from their apartment in Kuwait. Nader's mother told the incident to Nader's family and relatives back in Lebanon. It is when they discovered that Muna has a controlling and an aggressive behavior. Nader has been known to be manipulated by Muna, especially after the marriage. The relatives of Nader couldn't establish a formal contact due to Muna's disturbing behavior.

4. Muna's behavior is already enough as an evidence to consider her as the mastermind. Journalists from the Middle East went to the hometown of Nader. They believed that this was the place where the couple was hiding but failed to reach them personally. Upon a series of interview with Nader's relatives, they claim that Nader couldn't commit such crimes. However, they believe that Muna is responsible for the demise of their former employee. The relatives of Nader claims that she is possessive, aggressive, and manipulative. Muna doesn't even grant Nader's any little freedom to be with his friends or family.

5. Joanna Demafelis is now seeking justice against Muna. The relatives and family members of Joanna Demafelis in Iloilo are crying for help to the Philippine government. They were shocked to find out that their family member was stuffed inside a freezer for more than a year without their knowledge. The family cannot accept that their breadwinner is no longer there to support their basic needs. The Philippine government continues to coordinate with the Interpol as well as with the Kuwaiti government to apprehend the suspects. The husband is expected to face at least 14 years in jail while Muna is expected to face a heavier set of sanctions.

UPDATE: The suspects were then convicted by the Kuwaiti's presiding judiciary. The issue caused a concern to the Kuwaiti's law enforcement, prompting the government not to condone similar incidents in the future. The court then imposed a capital punishment for the couple who executed Joana Demafelis in Kuwait.

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