In the world of journalism, presenting the latest news and current events is one of the most important practices that a journalist apply. Public information plays an essential role to increase public awareness regarding news and currents events that happen in our community. Journalists conduct information and dissemination campaign as part of their responsibility to ensure that the public becomes aware of our community's latest events. The public usually scoops news and current events from mass media and social media. The public will get the chance to know more about the reporter who they always see on television.

This is the case of Pia Ranada, who has been storming both the internet through social media websites and in mass media networks. Every time you scroll down your newsfeed, you will always see articles, photos, and videos that feature her. Aside from logging in to your personal social media, you can also observe that she is always featured in mass media networks. Upon opening your television, you will always see her being interviewed by other journalists from different television networks. There are foreign news agencies and other mass media networks who are also reporting about Pia Ranada.
Pia Ranada - Robles
There is a significant number of audiences and netizens who are wondering who is Pia Ranada? Each week, her name erupts to different social media websites. For those who are not aware of the latest events in the Philippines, they might take her for granted whenever they see her in their online newsfeeds. Home viewers will just change the channel because they presume that this woman is similar to regular news. Here are the 5 Interesting Facts about Pia Ranada

1. Pia Ranada-Robles is a Filipino Journalist. Obviously, she is a professional journalist who is responsible for reporting latest events and current issues of our community. As a journalist, Pia is tasked to physically visit target areas to scoop latest events that are relevant to the society. This is why the public will notice her presence whenever she covers reports when they watch television. Netizens will be more likely to see her visibility online because social media is now more active than regular television programming of news.

2. Pia works for Rappler. As a journalist, Pia Ranada plays a critical role for Rappler. Pia is commonly seen in Rappler's news coverage online. This is because Rappler operates as an online news agency until its license to broadcast was revoked by the Philippine government. Rappler is now escalating its legal case to reinstate its status back as a news agency in the Philippines. Rappler operates both in the Philippines and in Indonesia. This online network is highly active on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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3. Highly critical of Rodrigo Duterte. Since Rodrigo Duterte took over as the President of the Philippines, Pia slowly became a critic of the incumbent head of state. There are several posts targeting against the campaign of Rodrigo Duterte and other government officials. Her posts were usually against the decisions and implementations of the government relating mostly to political issues. Pia is considered one of the best assets of Rappler for divulging criticisms against the current Philippine political administration until today. This is why netizens will expect more of her criticisms in the future.

4. She is the most famous journalist today. Netizens observe that their newsfeeds are mostly populated by posts about Pia Ranada. Whenever they open their social media website, they often see Pia's face in posts that include images, videos, and articles. Even when they go to search engines, they always see articles relating to Pia Ranada. Her name always appears on the trending lists of issues and topics displayed in social media. She consistently garners hundreds of thousands to millions of discussion counts, making her as the sensational journalist in the Philippines.

5. Pia Ranada-Robles is now barred from entering the Malacanang. The ban is the first in the history of Malacanang that they barred a certain journalist from entering the compound. Pia is the only journalist who is no longer allowed to enter the palace. President Rodrigo Duterte prevents her from entering the compound since they expect that her question is always related to her criticisms against the Duterte administration. As a journalist, this is one of the most saddening scenarios because she is no longer allowed to enter the palace or else she will be escorted outside the vicinity.

Mocha Uson recommends bloggers to seek an accreditation under her office. As the assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, she is willing to help bloggers who seek accreditation before they are allowed to cover live press conferences of the Malacanang.

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