Is Miss World Philippines going to transfer to ABS-CBN after a long time partnership with GMA for several years? A photo is now circulating online, showing the national Director of Miss World Philippines Organization Arnold Vegafria with the executives of ABS-CBN Network. The chief director of Miss World Philippines was spotted having a special mealtime with the famous executives of a larger network, together with the producers of a talent agency. Their photos together are now going viral over the internet with numerous shares, likes, comments, and reuploads by online users throughout the social media.

There is a significant number of Miss World Philippines pageant followers who are now wondering if this national pageant franchise will indeed transfer to another network. In the photos, you can recognize Arnold Vegafria in the center along with the producer of Regal Films, mother Lily Monteverde, Charo Santos-Concio, Malou Santos. This indicates that this is not an ordinary photo that you see on social media. The photo implies a deeper meaning about the current situation of Miss World Philippines who is now allegedly going to venture to another media network. If this is true, Miss World Philippines will be aired by ABS-CBN Network.
Miss World Philippines director Arnold Vegafria with Charo Santos, Malou Santos, and Regal Films executives
Miss World Philippines is the franchise holder of Miss World beauty pageant. This is the second largest national pageant in the Philippines after the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. The winners of Miss World Philippines will represent the Philippines to Miss World. The other winners are sent to other international beauty pageants. These are Reina Hispano-Americana, Miss Multinational, and Miss Eco-Tourism.

Miss World Philippines Organization established its partnerships with GMA Network for media promotion as well as live telecasts. GMA is the second largest media network in the country operating both national and international telecasts. The organization also made previous partnerships with TV5, which is the third largest television network in the Philippines. So far, both media networks made successful responsibilities when it aired the previous editions of Miss World Philippines. Pageant fanatics were able to watch previous winners who represented the country to Miss World beauty pageant.

ABS-CBN is currently the largest media network in the Philippines. The media network is known to operate in different aspects of mass media. The network's most popular network operations are through televised operations where audiences can watch different programs in their televisions. The company expanded its media operations by venturing into cable network services to allow subscribers to watch a clearer view of its televised programs in both local and international setting. The most active media platform of ABS-CBN is its social media operations. The company can air live events through their social media profiles on their main website, Facebook profile, and Twitter profile.

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Benefits of transferring to ABS-CBN

If the rumors are true, this will be a promising move for Miss World Philippines Organization. The organization will likely to experience more exposures to the television network's media presentation of its brand. ABS-CBN network has the largest audience viewers and social media followers than any other networks in the Philippines. This means that Arnold Vegafria can further improve its brand's target marketing capacity. His franchise will experience a significant increase in followers, supporters, and even investors.

This was the case of BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated). They also managed to transfer from GMA network to ABS CBN. GMA last aired the live telecast of Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant in 2010. In 2011, BPCI and ABS-CBN signed a new contract, allowing the largest network as the next media presenter of Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. If Arnold Vegafria will do the same with BPCI, ABS-CBN will be its official media presenters. Pageant aficionados will start watching Miss World Philippines in Channel 2.

Miss Supranational is reportedly transferring to Miss World Philippines. However, there was no confirmation that the pageant will indeed transfer from the Binibining Pilipinas to Miss World Philippines. Miss World Philippines is still open to accommodate international beauty pageant for holding new franchises.

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