Filipino pageant fans are celebrating another victory for their country on this day. This is because there is another Pinay queen who clinched a new international beauty pageant. The Philippines maintains its position as one of the most competitive countries in the world in the field of beauty pageantry. There are numerous Filipinas who are now gaining their stardom even before the coronation night of their respective pageants. This month of February, the Philippine sash managed to win an international competition under the name of Sophia Senoron.

The lucky Pinay is no other than Sophia Senoron, who managed to win the bacon on her first attempt to win Miss Multinational beauty pageant. She is the first Pinay who managed to win another crown for the country this year. Sophia is the second woman from the Miss World Philippines Organization to win a title. The first in their batch to win an international crown is Teresita Ssen Marquez who represented the country for Reina Hispano Americana on November 4, 2017. Teresita is the first ever Pinay who participated in Miss Reina Hispano Americana beauty pageant and won the title for the country.
Miss Multinational 2018 Sophia Senoron
On February 25, 2018, the first-ever Multinational beauty pageant was held in India that has just been won by Sophia Sordan Senoron from the Philippines. The crowning moment of Sophia Senoron was crowned by her national director Arnold Vegafria. Sophia's first runner-up is from Germany while the second runner-up is from India. This is a historic moment for the national director of Miss World Philippines Organization to have two national queens that won international crowns. So here are the 5 Facts why Sophia won Miss Multinational 2018.

1. Sophia's answer made a significant impact on his ranking. India is known as a country that always honors a person's wit and personality. Sophia was asked why she will become Miss Multinational 2018. Sophia answered that back in her country, she is already a co-founder of "Ang Pagbabagong Mithi" or the Idea of Change Organization. She advocates the right of children and women because she believes that the children are the future of the world. She believes that women deserve more than what they have. Sophia wants to build a social capital wherein if she will be given more chance, she is able to extend her advocacy to the entire world, which makes her a multinational.

2. Confidence is another key that made her win. The confidence factor is one of the most important qualities that this woman showed throughout the competition. She just went on the flow without hesitations along with other candidates from different countries. Sophia Senoron is very proud and happy for what she has. She is aware that winning the title at a such a young age, she does not mind criticisms of others. Sophia knew what to do while representing her country on an international stage. Her confidence made her a standout everytime that she is displaying the sash of the Philippines to the judges and international spectators.

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3. Strong Sash Factor. Sophia Seneron is representing a country that has already proven its worth to become a powerhouse in beauty pageants. For every pageant around the world, the Philippines always stands out because they are already trained to compete for the crown. Whenever pageant spectators watch a beauty pageant, they are always excited to see the representatives of the Philippines. Sophia Senoron is not just an ordinary candidate, she is from a country where they prepare their national beauty queens in an international scene.

4. Rigorous beauty pageant training. The Philippines takes beauty pageants seriously. They always train candidates very rigorously with a comprehensive beauty pageant training curriculum. Even prior to joining Miss World Philippines, Sophia Senoron already made previous beauty pageant training. She underwent a more competitive training when she won Miss Multinational Philippines title. Sophia underwent hair and makeup training, catwalk skills improvement, promoting communication skills, and attended political-related seminars. Sophia maintained a healthy lifestyle by training and a strict diet to maintain her shape.

5. A top caliber debater. Sophia Senoron is known as one of the top debaters in her school. This woman won several debating contests as well as oratorical presentations from various local and national competitions. These achievements are considered an important factor for her to win Miss Multinational. She impressed the judges by the way she delivered her answer. She made a very concise answer with no going around the bush explanation of her main argument during the competition. Plus, her pageant training further improved her style of answering questions because she was taught by her handlers how to better approach the question.

The question is, are you proud of Sophia's performance?

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