Every beauty pageant is a creative event where the crown can witness different kinds of production activities. The pageant organizers are thinking a new type of strategies to make their events more entertaining. For a local community who have watched beauty pageant events with different flavors, they are aware that organizers and production managers will not fail to satisfy their presence during the coronation night. The element of surprise is always an important strategy for the production managers so that they can guarantee excitement during the pageant night. This is especially when there are favorite candidates that are projected to win.

One of the few surprises is when the candidates are required to write an essay as an answer to their question. There are local or even regional beauty pageants who already made this particular activity to a certain segment of the pageant. This is the opposite of the traditional way of answering the question. A candidate is usually required to answer the question immediately right after it was asked. The question is usually asked by the host, the judges, or other candidates. Final questions are usually done during the final night of the pageant. The selected finalists will then use their critical thinking skills to answer the question in a concise manner. The question is, will we witness this way of answering a final question for Binibining Pilipinas?
Final question and answer in essay format 
Binibining Pilipinas is the largest national beauty pageant in the Philippines. The pageant is managed by BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated). It currently crowns at least six candidates who will be representing the country in international beauty pageants. The largest Philippine pageant usually holds its annual event during the first quarter of the year. The crowned six winners are usually sent to Misses Universe, International, Intercontinental, Grand International, Supranational, and Globe beauty pageants.

The mechanics of this activity is to require the finalists to write their answer in an essay format. The organizers will place 15 chairs and tables on the stage. This makes the pageant to look like a classroom setting in front of the audience. Each finalist will be given a pair of pen and a paper to write their golden answers that increase their chances of winning the pageant. The host will act as the facilitator during the question and answer essay portion. The host will verbalize the final question to all the finalist. The candidates are given at least 5 minutes to answer the question in an essay format.

If Binibining Pilipinas will use this strategy during the finals night, this will be the first time for a national pageant. The BPCI will gain a historical way of allowing their candidates to crown a winner who will represent the country in major beauty pageants. Local pageant fanatics will be surprised due to the fact that the organizers decided an unconventional way of choosing the best representative. Past Binibining Pilipinas winners will likely be surprised due to this changes made by the BPCI if ever this will be applied in this edition.


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Do you want an essay style to answer the final question for beauty pageants?

If BPCI will indeed apply an essay style for the candidates to answer the question, it will generate a historical news around the world. Pageant organizers from other parts of the world will soon adopt this essay type of answering the questions. Believe or not, international pageant organizers are impressed with how the Philippines has been managing its pageantry production. The creative minds of the Philippine pageantry provide new flavors in the world of beauty pageant activities or events.

One major advantage of using an essay style in answering questions is to allow candidates who have a low self-esteem to freely express their thoughts. There are candidates that suffer from mental block whenever it will be their time to speak their minds in front of millions of watchers in live television. The finalists do not need to worry about speaking their minds in a verbal manner. Writing enables the finalists to speak what they have in mind about the questions being asked.

On the other hand, critics claim that the audiences are not used to this particular style of viewing candidates answering the questions in an essay form. Even if the candidates will read their answers after the question, the element of an in prompt answer no longer satisfies the excitement of the viewers. However, it is still worth a try when pageant organizers from various places will still decide to use the essay type for the candidates to answer the question.

Do you still want the Binibining Pilipinas to use essay type of answering the final question?

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