An OFW mother cries foul after watching her girl who got physically assaulted by a group of girls. The emotions of this mother further escalated upon discovering that the incident happened on the school campus. For a mother, it is heartbreaking to see your daughter who is suffering from the wrath of a violent group of girls. The mother became outraged after seeing her daughter in the video who appears to be alone that no one could help her during that day. The matriarch couldn't do anything but to helplessly see her daughter suffering from an unfortunate incident.

A video posted by Michael Alfredo Familial, showing a group of girls who were having a disturbing scene on the video. The media clip contains a graphic scene that shows a dominant alpha girl, physically assaulting the other girl who was seated on the right. The alpha girl is will be identified under the name of Samba Girl of Lucena City. The video shows Zydney who was responsible for causing at least three markings on the other girl. The victim is identified as Tasha who was wearing a uniform while the camera was rolling to capture the whole scene. Her mother, Honey Ethel is still worried that the incident will still continue while she is still away from the country.
Zydney Merrell or the Samba girl
The uploader gained at least more than eight million views on Facebook. Shares escalated to more than 22,000 shares while there are at least more than tens of thousands until hundreds of thousands of reactions generated on the video. Up to this hour, the number continues to rise. The photos were blurred for confidentiality purposes. Both involved students in the video are now generating more attention not only to their school but also to Lucena City. So here are the 5 Facts about Zydney Merell tagged as the Samba Girl of Lucena City.

1. She is the viral girl in the video. Zydney is now an instant celebrity after being seen in the video who is mocking three times towards another student. Thanks to the 8 million viewers, Zydney is now familiar to at least 6% of the total population of the entire Philippines. The video will be used as an evidence of her actions towards the poor girl who received her intense emotional rage. As expected, the girl's popularity will further escalate as there are more curious netizens who will be asking for the video and then watch the whole story. Even if the alpha girl deactivated her social media accounts, the video still remains to be seen online by any individuals who want to know about the whole story.

2. The girl will be identified under the name of Zydney Merrell. If you are familiar with the Merrell rugged shoe brand, you will remember this girl. The ruggedness of the product by Merrell is compared with the actions made by Zydney. The reason why she was upset and became physically aggressive towards the victim was due to a product of jealousy. This is similar to other cases wherein jealousy can escalate into a crime of passion to other couples involved in malicious speculation. Zydney became upset when she discovered something about Tasha that made her physically aggressive towards her in full force.

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WATCH: 5 Facts who is Zydney Merrell Tagged as the Samba Girl of Lucena City

3. The incident is believed to have had happened inside the school's premises. One thing about the video is that many allegedly claim that it happened within the premises of the school. Basically, the school's administration was not aware that there is something that can generate a national or even an international attention due to the aggressive behavior of Zydney towards Tasha. The school is expected to receive numerous inquiries by numerous media companies as well as concerned citizens regarding the incident. The Local Government Units might conduct a fact-finding activity towards the school's implementation of their firm policies.

4. All involved individuals are minors. The aggressor, the victim, the accomplice, accessories, and other individuals in the video are believed to be minors. This is the reason why the faces are all blurred with pixelated resolution. Since they are not yet in their legal age, the school is responsible for conducting a series of counseling to these involved individuals. However, the aggression caused by Zydney will end up to a different story. She can be recommended under the jurisdiction of the Department of Social Welfare in Lucena City. The main purpose is to pacify her aggressive behavior that is potentially a threat or a risk to other individuals.

5. The mother of the victim is decided to file the case. As an OFW who is working abroad to support the needs of your family, it is hurtful that you will discover something gruesome. Honey Ethel Retuita wants to escalate the case to the municipal court. Even if Ethel is still thankful that Tasha did not sustain life-threatening injuries, her emotional well-being is heavily affected. Ethel is very disappointed to the case because it affected her daughter's psychological integrity. Tasha has been suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder because she was a victim of a bullying incident in the school.

Will you support Tasha's case after the incident?

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