The BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated) is the premier national beauty pageant organization in the Philippines. This is in comparison with NFL (National Football League) or NBA (National Basketball Association) of beauty pageants in the Philippines. The current chairperson is Stella Marquez-Araneta who is the brain of the entire organization. Stella is a Colombian beauty queen who won Miss International in 1959. As a former beauty queen, she knows the four corners of beauty pageantry business, making her as one of the oldest running chairwomen in the beauty pageant industry.

 Stella Araneta has been generously providing a complete package to all newly crowned queens who won a title. She and her team choose the designers, beauty pageant camps, make-up artists, and financial handlers to take care of her newly crowned queens. In the past years, Stella was heavily bashed by beauty pageant analysts and supporters for hiring foreign designers to create national costumes and the gowns of beauty queens. One major comment is the dress recycling issue with the queens when attending events in their international stints. The board members of BPCI eventually held a deliberation to determine if they still continue to hire foreign designers for the newly crowned queens and finally decided to hire world-class Filipino fashion designers.
8 Possible National Directors for Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated
During the chairpersonship of Stella Araneta, She produced several beauty queens. BPCI produced three Miss Universe winners in 1969, 1973, and 2015. The organization produced at least five Miss International queens in 1970, 1979, 2005, 2013, and 2016 (except 1964). BPCI also produced other international crowns such as Miss Globe in 2001 and 2015 and Miss Supranational in 2013. However, Stella Marquez is getting older. Her age plays a major factor why she can easily get tired and stressed. Here are the 8 Possible successors of Stella Marquez Araneta.

1. Rodgil Flores. He is currently the head of "Kagandahang Flores" beauty pageant camp. He has been running his camp for several decades, producing international beauty queens from all over the world. He produced at least four Miss Earth winners from the Philippines. The camp also produced two Pinay Miss International queens. His beauty pageant camp also produced one Indonesian candidate to win Miss International. Delegates from Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Guyana, and other countries are also regularly handled by this camp. Through his experience as a beauty pageant mentor, he is likely a potential candidate who can replace Madame Stella Araneta if she resigns in the future as the chairman of the BPCI.

2. Jonas Gaffud. This person is the head of Mercator Artists management, which is a talent agency for professional fashion and commercial models in Southeast Asia. Jonas is also the head of Aces & Queens beauty pageant camps. He became successful in producing at least One Miss World in 2013, one Miss Universe in 2015, and one Miss International in 2016. He is a multi-talented manager who can transform a plain Jane into a superstar queen. If this person will seat as the new chairperson of BPCI, a new era of Binibining Pilipinas will be born. Jonas is already aware how to mock special strategies to make the highest possible placements for any local candidate competing for an international crown.

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3. Kris Aquino. Let's forget about politics. We all know that Kris Aquino is one of the most influential celebrities in the entertainment and the business industry. She is well-connected with several business tycoons and media moguls in the Philippines. Her wit is considered unique and is willing to adjust to any trends going on in the Beauty pageant industry. She can use her influence to transform events into an extravagant affair. Since she belongs to the elite society, she can easily elevate the pace of BPCI events to become more noticeable to foreign beauty pageant fans and supporters. She has the brain, the power, the beauty, and the charm to effectively lead BPCI.

4. Ruffa Gutierrez. Sharmaine Gutierrez is an alumnus of Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. She represented the country for Miss World in 1993 where she landed as the second runner-up. Her achievements in the entertainment industry as a veteran actress and as a former beauty queen makes her as one of the most respected celebrities in the industry. Her elegance and trendy lifestyle make it perfect to lead BPCI as the next successor of Stella Araneta. Ruffa is still young and is still able to make an on-hands training with the ladies in terms of answering questions, honing their Pasarela, and training them how to become the epitome of elegance.

5. Maria Venus Raj. In 2010, Maria Venus Raj's controversy made her as one of the darlings of Miss Universe Organization. She successfully reversed the previous decision of BPCI on revoking her crown. With this inspirational achievement, she is one of the chosen few who can lead and manage the organization well. She is the groundbreaking candidate who started the placement streaks of Philippines to international beauty pageants. She can personally train all newly crowned queens while influencing her rice paddy walk style, stage projection, modeling aura, and to have a "major-major" impact during the question and answer portion.

6. Shamcey Supsup. Another former queen is suitable for becoming the next BPCI chairwoman when Stella Araneta resigns. Shamcey Supsup is a hands-on leader who wants to lead her subordinates how to follow the similar path that she passed when she was competing for Miss Universe. Shamcey can integrate her Pasarela strategy to ace the swimsuit and the evening gown competition. Her intelligence quotient is very beneficial to the next queens because she can share her knowledge and strategies on how to ace the competition. She is an architect, who can always design the most unique and creative stage in every pageant edition.

7. Nicole Cordoves. This is a promising woman who can become a future leader or even a business mogul someday. Her leadership is phenomenal because she knows how to handle her successors by sharing the most credible strategies to ace their answers and to project very well in front of the crowd. Her multitasking skills motivate other queens to become more versatile to any project or responsibility that they are going to be assigned. Her decision-making skills are always accurate and credible to every event and open to all suggestions that are necessary to make each occasion successful. No wonder she is always hired as a host to international events or a coordinator of luxurious events.

8. Arnold Vegafria. His first year as the national director of Miss World Philippines is a success with one crown left along the way. He produced one winner of Reina Hispano Americana last 2017 and Miss Multinational 2017 in India. It is no longer an issue if the national director is the handler of two separate beauty pageant franchise. After all, there are other countries who have one director of several international beauty pageant franchises. These are Venezuela, Russia, and South Africa. There will be no issue if he will be appointed as one of the most promising national directors for BPCI if Stella Araneta decides to retire.

QUESTION: We all know that Stella Araneta will follow the footsteps of Osmel in Venezuela when he resigned. If Madame Stella Marquez will retire soon, who do you think will be the right person to replace her as the new national director of BPCI?

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