Holy Thursday is supposed to be a day where we commemorate the passing and the ascension of Jesus Christ. People during this day are busy attending the penitentiary events as a way to wash away their sins. The Roman Catholic Church is currently busy offering holy masses to all Christians all over the world. Most Christian practitioners believe that this is the time for them to take away their soul's dirtiness accumulated since the last Lenten Season. For others, this Holy week is the time for all workers and students to spend their leisure time outdoors. This means that they are given the chance to spend their holidays along with their friends and loved ones.

The case of Bianca Manalo is different. This holy week is considered as one of the most traumatic for her. She was with Ehra Madrigal and Pandan Mayor Jonathan Tan when an unexpected incident happened beyond their control. They were on a group of four traveling from the Panay mainland via Antique province on their way to Marariro Island. Pandan Mayor's initial plan was to bring Bianca and Ehra to one of the most spectacular hotspots in Antique, the Mararison Island. They departed at around 10 in the morning on March 29, 2018, which was on Thursday. While traversing the open sea going to the island, the group encountered an unexpected weather phenomenon that capsized their boat.
Bianca Manalo, Ehra Madrigal, and Mayor Jonathan Tan
The group of four wasn't expecting that the trip ended up in a full disaster. The speedboat encountered a series of sudden horizontal wind drafts that created a shear force along the path of the vehicle. The wind shear caused the water surface to produce rough waves threatening the balance of the speedboat. The driver of the speedboat could no longer control the vehicle due to the continuous impact of rough waves and strong wind gusts. As a result, the speedboat capsized in the open seas. The boat capsized at around 10:50 in the morning of March 29, 2018.

All passengers were then forced to splashed into the open sea. Aside from Mayor Tan, Bianca Manalo and Ehra Madrigal, there were other passengers who were also on board the boat. They are Majel Tresche, Tom Yeung (Madrigal's husband), Torebeo Barrentos, one adult female, and two other minors. Mayor Tan and Torebeo Barrentos decided to swim for two hours from the area of the incident towards the pool. The bodyguard of Mayor Tan, Bennie Dable was unconscious at the time of the incident. When the duo reached the nearby coastline, they quickly sought help from the local fishermen in the area.

Mayor Tan and Barrentos borrowed a pump boat to rescue their friends who were patiently waiting for them in the middle of the sea. The duo managed to save all remaining companions who were wearing life vests in the area. However, Bennie Dable still remained unconscious and then rushed to the nearby hospital after the retrieval operations. Bernie was then immediately undergoing an immediate first aid and chest compression upon arriving at the nearby hospital. However, he was then pronounced lifeless by the attending physician in the emergency room of the healthcare institution following his rescue from the site of the incident.

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The trip to Mararison Island should have been one of the most memorable leisure experience for the group. However, after they never expected this tragic thing to happen in the other way around. From a leisure experience, it became a tragic one when one of the group passed away following the accident. The fatality was a native of Pandan, Antique and served as the bodyguard of Mayor Jonathan Tan.

The local government unit of Pandan is currently conducting the incident. The mayor is willing to cooperate with the investigation since he is one of the victims of the unfortunate incident in his own hometown. The Pandan Police District is now conducting a forensic examination on the body of the former bodyguard of the town Mayor. The medico-legal reports indicate that the most likely cause of Dable's demise is severe pulmonary aspiration secondary to drowning.

Mararison Island is one of the untapped tourist destinations in the province of Antique. Internationa travelersrs and backpackers from around the world are still yet to discover this beautiful island in Antique that is waiting to be discovered and explored. This is a popular island resort that is a familiar leisure resort for the people of Antique and nearby provinces in the area. It is an island resort that is isolated from mainland Antique province and the whole of Panay Island. The small island is packed with small folded mountain, a mini-valley at the middle of the small, and white sand beaches surrounding the whole island.

Bianca Manalo is a Filipina beauty queen who won Binibining Pilipinas Universe title in 2009 along with the late Melody Gersbach as Binibining Pilipinas International 2009 and Marie-ann Umali as Binibining Pilipinas World 2009. Bianca represented the Philippines for Miss Universe 2009 in Nassau, Bahamas. She was one of the expected Asians to penetrate the top 15 semifinals round. However, she failed to enter the semis. The main reason was her evening gown design, which is a blue see-through design with a visible big ribbon in front of the dress.

Ehra Madrigal is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She is the sister of Michelle Madrigal and Micaella Madrigal who are also local celebrities in the Philippines. The Madrigal sisters are under GMA Talent management. Ehra married her businessman partner Tom Yeung in 2017 at a local church in Boracay Island, which is just a few kilometers where the incident happened. She is the daughter of veteran actress Karla Kalua or known as Katherine Madrigal

 Authorities warn all passengers to check all their vehicles whenever they plan to travel elsewhere in the country or abroad. Always check all angles of their vehicles to ensure that accidents will not cause any harm to any members of the traveling team in their desired destination. Before heading towards their desired area, it is important to check the local weather.

As a safety precaution, it is better to postpone if the weather becomes unpredictable rough. Postpone any sea travel if the waves become rough or there is an ongoing local thunderstorm. This is because we only live once and we should treasure our single life by means of ensuring safety at all times.

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