Catriona Gray is now carrying the pressure to become the 4th Filipina to win Miss Universe that will take place in Thailand on December 17, 2018. She is the 9th woman who is now aiming for another consecutive placement after Rachel Peters in Miss Universe 2017. After Thailand and Miss Universe Organization officially announced that the pageant will be held in Thailand, Catriona released her video, showing the sights and sound in Thailand. She is now continuing her training regimen to fully prepare herself to dominate this upcoming edition of Miss Universe. Catriona Gray is aware that keeping up with the pressure is a challenge because she will be the 9th girl who will continue the placement or triumphant streaks of Philippines for the Miss Universe beauty pageant. The question, will she keep up the pace to dominate the universe pageant?

Since Catriona Gray filed her application as a candidate for Binibining Pilipinas 2018, a sea of supporters surrounded the headquarters of BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated). The BPCI already knew that this woman is not an ordinary candidate as she already made an impressive appearance with hundreds of supporters who went in front of the headquarters to support her. Catriona continues to generate millions of support from both local and international pageant fans and analysts around the world. She maintained her composure until the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. As expected, she was then crowned by outgoing winner Rachel Peters as the Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2018.
Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray
Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is a beauty queen in the Philippines. She is now the official representative of the Philippines for the Miss Universe beauty pageant this 2018. Catriona is expected to retain her impressive comeback to Miss Universe after participating in Miss World beauty pageant. She will collide with other delegates from other parts of the world who are also vying to claim the Mikimoto crown this year in Thailand.

In 2014, Catriona Gray decided to participate in Miss World Philippines. The Philippine franchise of Miss World was then under the directorship of Cory Quirino. During that time, Catriona became an immediate favorite among pageant fans. Her participation became a phenomenal hit among local pageant fans and supporters. Catriona Gray bagged almost major awards during her stint in Miss World Philippines 2016. Pageant fans and analysts considered Cat as the darling of the crowd in all angles. She was the shining gem throughout the pageant. Catriona Gray was then crowned as Miss World Philippines 2016.

Catriona became the official representative for Miss World 2016 that was held in the United States of America. She was considered as the second woman from the Philippines who could win the title. Pageant bloggers always regard her as the main woman to beat in the pageant. If you are an ultimate pageant fan, you will remember that Catriona always topped the list of top picks for Miss World in 2016. During the coronation night, the placement of Catriona Gray was the shock of the decade as she fell short and just placed as the third princess or comparable to a 3rd runner-up. Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico won the title during that time.

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WATCH: What are the Chances of Catriona Gray for Miss Universe 2018?

Catriona Gray as Miss Universe 2018

Since she won the crown as Miss Universe Philippines (Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2018), Catriona is now topping all pageant lists for early favorites. Pageant bloggers and analysts predict that there is a good possibility that Catriona Gray will win Miss Universe 2018. She rehearsed well on how to answer the question and answer properly. With the help of Binibining Pilipinas alumni, they are willing to help Catriona Gray to ace all questions that could help Catriona to claim the 4th crown for the Philippines. Her winning answer regarding empowering the young women of Marawi city is just an example of how well she can deliver her answer.

Catriona Gray already learned her past issues while she joined Miss World in 2016. Pageant analysts, trainers, and bloggers already reached out to her regarding the right way of answering the question. This is because she might have fallen short during the final question and answer portion of Miss World in 2016. This is why Catriona should do more training when it comes to the question and answer portion in order to win the ultimate pageant in the universe. She is ready and now ready to prove all the hype that she is the woman to beat in this year's edition of Miss Universe.

Landing as a runner-up

There are two runner-up awards who will be given to the top 2 and top 3 candidates who reached the final three spots in Miss Universe. If Catriona Gray will still fall short on her answer, she might place under these two placements during the coronation night. Since she grew up in an English speaking nation, she can easily nail all the questions that are going to challenge her brain and logical functioning. However, if her answer cannot still impress the judges, then she will really end as one of the runners-up during the conclusion of the pageant in September.

Landing as Top 5

Winning Miss Universe is a rigorous challenge. You need to show your best in order to claim one of the top 5 spots during the coronation night. Usually, it is the performance of the candidate's evening gown competition who will determine if she could penetrate the top 5 spots. Catriona will definitely brush her way up to the top 5 spot. This is because she can slay the runway and the stage with her elegance, poise, and strong stage presence. Catriona already managed herself to nail the long gown competition during her recent stint in Binibining Pilipinas 2018. The only difference was way back in Miss World 2016 that she was forced to wear a certain gown that is against her choice during the final's night.

Reaching to Top 10

A candidate should show her impressive killer Pasarela performance in this segment of Miss Universe beauty pageant. Catriona Gray can quickly nail this round because she has the energetic vibe to nail the whole competition. She was trained for at least three years just to ensure that her Pasarela skills are always on precise. However, Catriona should know that Latin countries are not the only region in the world that is seriously training their candidates to win the competition. Neighboring countries of the Philippines, Europe, and South Africa are also stepping up to ace the competition.

Qualifying the top 16 round

Catriona's Road to Miss Universe must have to start with a bang. During the first part of the competition, all ladies are expected to undergo at least three screening procedures in order to penetrate the top 16 round. The interview accounts 60% of the total weighted score. This means that Catriona will use her advocacies, deliver her answers well, and to show the world that she is ready to become the ambassadress of Miss Universe. During the preliminary competition, Catriona is expected to slay both swimsuit and the gown competition. If she nails all these three screening challenges, she will surely penetrate the top 16 spot.

Other than the three screening procedure, Catriona Gray must know that character is one of the most important things to consider for Miss Universe. The personality of a person is important that every candidate must know. This is a proven fact that past editions of Miss Universe already eliminated candidates who had strong chances but failed when they presented their strong personalities and uncomfortable characters. If a candidate shows arrogance to other candidates, staff, and pageant fans, their chances could be ignored.

The other option for Catriona Gray to penetrate the top 16 spot is the text vote. The Philippines could help her win the competition through the fan vote. A contestant can have the chance to penetrate the semifinal round if she gained the largest votes from pageant fans or supporters. However, if the scores of Catriona Gray is high enough to let her through the top 16, the slot will be given to another candidate who garnered the second highest vote.

QUESTION: We all know that Catriona Gray is now preparing for her second international battle. What are the chances of Catriona Gray for Miss Universe 2018? Winner? Runner-up? Top 5? Top 10, or Top 16?

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