Sometimes, we cannot deny the fact that the world is full of surprises. We really do not know if it will be our time at this moment that is why every person must have to treasure every moment in our lives by being patient at all times. Even if there are insensitive remarks made by other individuals that already tarnished our patience, it is still important to show humility and respect because, at the end of the day, we only live only once. Humbleness is always the key for everyone to overcome any challenges that can drive away hot-temperedness. This is the case of Leo Onate Laab during an incident in a shopping mall.

It was a fine day for Leo when a customer came to seek his service to repair an electronic gadget. After Leo finished servicing Geroldo, he required him to present the claim stab or the receipt before bringing away the electronic gadget. Out of nowhere, Geroldo became irate suddenly and began making remarks at Leo. As a staff of a service-oriented business, he attempted to stabilize the concerns of the customer. However, there was something that the customer mentioned that made Leo became unnoticeably emotional. A video surfaced online as retrieved from inspector Elmer Monsalve that was reuploaded on Philippine Trends and News Page on Facebook reveals a commotion of the incident.
Leo Onate Saab
The video is now reuploaded by every fan page and groups across Facebook and Twitter, partially showing the incident. As seen in the video, the customer was expressing his frustrating concern over the item. Querijero was complaining why he cannot claim the item and yet he was the owner of the electronic device. After a heated argument, the customer and the technician began engaging in a physical commotion over the scene.

Leo was seen fleeing the scene after the altercation, leaving behind other staff. The suspect was then followed by other staff who became terrified and immediately fled the scene. The victim was then one of the few persons in the area who initially walked through the exit. The patient went a few steps back to claim his personal belongings before proceeding the exit of the shop. As he approached the exit, he is observed to be getting more weaker. The fluids coming from the wounds are starting to drip to the floor of the establishment until the corridor of the mall. As the patient goes outside, you can see that he is already showing grimace over the affected area.

The most distressing scene was that the staff forgot to provide assistance to Geroldo. As he was grimacing in pain while his fluids were quickly dripping through the floor, most onlookers were only watching him. The medics, which are the guards who were trained to contain the scene was also panicking. This is because it seemed that it is their first time to experience such incident that will surely cause a scene to the public. The wife of Geroldo was in extreme despair when she saw the aftermath of the incident through the video. Geraldo should have been saved if he was immediately brought to the nearest hospital at the nearest possible time.

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WATCH: 5 Facts about Computer Technician Leo Onate Laab as seen on CCTV in a Mall

1. Responsible Computer Technician. Leo Laab was working as a technician in a shop of a mall. He is a trained computer technician expert with an advanced knowledge of hardware and software configuration of computers. These are desktops and laptop repairs to cater the needs of every customer whenever they want to continue their technical routines at work or at school. Leo also installs new software or hardware programs to a certain device, depending on the needs or wants of their consumers. Leo encountered different kinds of personalities while transacting and servicing consumers. However, this time was different when he encountered Geroldo Querijero.

2. Implementing no receipt-no claim policy. In every establishment, it is always important to maintain professionalism by means of stressing the importance of limits to every client. The establishment has the right to impose policies that they believe that it will help to protect their business operations. Everybody is aware that there are consumers who are attempting to take advantage when they claim that they are the consumers who want to claim a certain device. This is why Leo is strictly imposing this rule to protect the values of Geraldo while he requested him to present the receipt before claiming back the electronic device.

3. Leo's pride was affected by some insensitive remarks by Geroldo. No matter how you maintain your composure, no one cannot deny that a person's pride has limits. Leo became emotionally disturbed when there were words uttered by Geraldo that made him psychologically disturbed. Before Geraldo returned, Leo went to purchase something during their break. Leo was observed by his co-workers that he became emotionally unstable due to the rants made by Geroldo. The shop returned back to its normal working routine until Geroldo returned. The tension escalated for another round during the incident.

4. The tension went into physical. The two unexpectedly went into a disturbing scene during the incident. Leo was completely emotionally aggressive that he started to show a sharp object towards Geroldo. The customer then held a water bottle and then used it to defend himself. There was an extreme physical exchange between the two sides. A third guy attempted to pacify the situation between Leo and Geroldo. The pacifier suddenly distanced himself when he saw a sharp object that was visible in the hands of Leo. At a turn of events, Leo then initiated at least eight marks to several parts of Geroldo's body.

5. Geroldo then was declared demised on arrival. Geroldo was seen in a severe physical pain as he tries to walk through the exit of the establishment. The staff went outside and shouted for help to the medics and the guard. The commotion attracted attention to the rest of the crowd who were in front of the establishment. Onlookers and other shoppers quickly surrounded the area and saw several body fluids scattered and dripped through the floor. He was then surrounded by the crowd, just being looked upon until medics decided to send him to the nearest hospital. However, the victim was then declared lifeless upon arriving at the hospital after receiving chest compressions by the attending physician.

6. Authorities are now searching for Leo Laab. After the incident, Leo Laab fled the scene and never came back. Leo was then declared by the manager or the owner of the incident absent without official leave. Since the incident was caught on the establishment's closed-circuit television, Leo Laab might face employment termination. Establishment owners wouldn't want their employees to get caught in any serious misconduct, especially if it already involves police investigation and gruesome incidents. Leo is also facing legal charges filed by the wife of Geroldo who is now grieving for the loss of her husband after an intense altercation with Geraldo.

The issue of patience: As a service-based employee, the issue patience is always important. Dealing with costumers with different personalities is a norm. This is because it is always their right to state their concerns or express their frustrations to whatever issues they want to resolve with the help of the staff. However, there are customers with a very strong person who can easily hurt the feelings of the staff.

Authorities are currently conducting a manhunt operation of Leo Onate Laab who is now declared missing. There is a strong possibility that Laab will face serious sanctions by the authorities after the incident. The Philippine National Police is currently investigating the incident to recover additional pieces of evidence to seek justice for Geroldo Querijero.

QUESTION: Do you believe that customer is always right after this incident?

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