The Miss Universe Organization opened its doors to promote diversity in the second decade of the 21st century. In 2012. This was when Jenna Talackova successfully competed for Miss Canada in 2012 and was announced as one of the lucky 12 semifinalists during that time. Since then, the transgender community considers joining in traditional beauty pageants to gradually increase worldwide acceptance from the present society towards the members of the LGBT society when joining beauty pageants. LGBT community is proud to have a member from their group who is brave enough to challenge the modern society.

Angela Ponce received a warm welcome from the Spanish pageant community for winning Miss Universe Spain title. She is set to represent her country for the upcoming Miss Universe 2018 later this year. The most awaited pageant is expected to set place in the capital city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand. Angela is now currently undergoing a rigorous training and pageantry workshop in preparation for the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. Angela is expected to attend multiple rehearsals to improve her catwalk in front of the stage as well as improving the shades of her makeup since she will be applying her own when she will be in Thailand.
Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce
The upcoming edition of Miss Universe 2018 will be hosted by Thailand for the third time since 2005. Reigning Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh-Nel Peters is set to crown her successor in the land of smiles who will be continuing her reign as the next Miss Universe queen for the next whole year. There will be more than 90 expected entrants from all over the world who will be participating in the pageant to vye for the most elusive crown.

Ultra-conservative groups from all over the world are protesting Angela Ponce's win as Miss Universe Spain 2018. They claim that Miss Universe should be only accepting naturally born women to preserve its conservative tradition. Angela's inclusion to Miss Universe as an official entrant of Spain is totally unacceptable for the conservative groups because it generates a conflicting interest with their traditional values and beliefs. However, they cannot do anything if the Miss Universe Organization maintains their stand on accepting a transgender candidate to represent their country for the upcoming edition of the beauty pageant.

The Miss Universe Organization announced in its past editions that it is now trying to diversify the essentials Miss Universe beauty pageant. This means that they are now open to accepting transgenders from any country in the world to represent their country. The organization believes that diversity is the answer to promote equality and equity for everyone in the world belonging to the minority community. Aside from transgender, the pageant director is also accepting plus-sized candidates to participate in the Event. For the past years, there were plus-sized candidates who recently made it to the semifinals that truly embraced diversity for the Miss Universe.

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Interesting Facts about Angela Ponce for Miss Universe 2018

1. She is the first historic transgender contestant: Angela Ponce is the first transgender contestant to make history for Miss Universe beauty pageant this 2018. This means that there is nothing could stop her from representing her country. She is the only transgender that managed to win a national title to represent her country for a major international beauty pageant. Transgenders from other countries only landed in the semis when they joined a traditional national pageant. Many candidates from around the world showed their support and excitement to meet Angela during the course of the competition.

2. Angela is a Spanish beauty queen: Angela ponce was born on January 18, 1991, in Pilas Spain. She grew up in Cadiz, Spain and made a living in that particular area in Spain. Even if she is a transgender, Spain is very proud to have Angela Ponce as their representative for Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant in Thailand. The Spaniards are very pleased for Angela because she will be the face of Spain while bannering their flag during the course of the beauty pageant in Thailand.

3. Inspires other national beauty pageants: With Angela's triumph as Miss Universe Spain 2018, national beauty pageant directors from other countries gladly welcomed her and opened their doors to transgenders of their own countries. These are Venezuela and Puerto Rico that followed the footsteps of Spain to welcome diversity in the world of beauty pageants. In the near future, there will be more countries who will be included among the lists that accept transgender contestants to represent their country not only in Miss Universe but to other international pageants.

4. Professional model: Angela Ponce is a professional practicing model in Europe. She is one of the most sought models in fashion shows all over Europe. Many do not notice her as a transgender due to her modelesque features that blend with other female fashion models. Angela was featured in several magazines spreads all over Europe, making it one of the most accomplished transgender fashion models in the industry. Angela Ponce is even more productive as a fashion model than other traditional female models due to numerous modeling projects in runways and magazine shoots.

5. LGBT advocate: As an official representative of Spain for Miss Universe 2018, Angela is very thankful that Thailand is the host country. Angela wants to present herself as a role model to the LGBT community being the first in the world to compete for an international beauty pageant as a transgender. Thailand is known for their acceptance for LGBT community members, especially for transgenders. In this land of smiles, Kathoeys are called for ladyboys or simply known as transgenders all over the country. They make up more than one million scattered across the country, embodying diversity in the LGBT community.

Despite criticisms towards Angela Ponce, the LGBT is proud of who she is while representing her country. There are conservative LGBT who sees Angela as an inappropriate candidate due to her sexual orientation or gender status, Angela still believes that she could make history as the first transgender to participate and probably place in the pageant.

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