One sad news broke the heart of pageant fans in this time of the year. One of our beloved queens, Rachel Smith peacefully passed away at her home. Pageant fans were shocked for the passing of former Miss Universe titleholder Chelsi Smith. This was after she gradually became silent in her public stints as a celebrity. Many pageant supporters and fans of Chelsi Smith are now grieving to the death of their beloved former queen as she left so many memories in their heart. For many, Chelsi was a great beauty pageant influencer as her demographical profile made a significant breakthrough for diversifying Miss Universe.

Mary Trimble, the mother of Rachel Smith posted in her social media account that Chelsi Smith indeed joined our creator on September 8, 2018. The matriarch is now deeply heartbroken and saddened to announce that her daughter is already gone. Mary indicated that Chelsi had always been a brilliant light to the whole family and served as a beacon of inspiration for those who knew and loved her as much as Chelsi loves them. The mother wishes her deceased daughter farewell and may her journey to start in a different direction to join our creator in heaven.
Miss Universe 1995 Chelsi Smith and her runners-up 
Chelsi Smith was a former beauty queen titleholder from the United States of America. She won Miss Universe in 1995. Her runners-up were the late Manpreet Brar from India as the 1st runner-up while Lana Buchberger from Canada was the 2nd runner-up. The 44th edition of Miss Universe was held in Windhoek Sports Club Resort in Windhoek, Namibia.

Chelsi Smith initially joined Miss USA beauty pageant in 1994 where she reached the semifinalist round during that national pageant. However, she failed to clinch the most coveted crown, which was won by Lu Parker who became one of the top 6 finalists during the 43rd edition of Miss Universe that was held in Manila, Philippines. On her second attempt in 1995, Chelsi Smith finally won the license to represent her country for Miss Universe 1995. Aside from winning Miss USA, Chelsi also managed to win Miss Congeniality award during that year.

Among other 81 contestants in Miss Universe 1995, Chelsi Smith got the highest preliminary scores, making her the first girl to be called as one of the top 10 semifinalists. During the swimsuit round, Chelsi is one of the contestants for Miss Universe who got the total average highest score, which is 9.9. Even in the gown competition, Chelsi is the clear score bearer against other contestants, making it easier for her to reach the final top 3. As a well-prepared contestant, Chelsi managed to answer the final question concisely with confidence, trailing just a few points above India's answer.

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5 Interesting Facts about Former Miss Universe 1995 Chelsi Smith

1. Chelsi Smith is the 6th American to win Miss Universe: In 1995, the United States was already known as the formidable powerhouse of beauty. The country had already won at least 5 Miss Universe crowns before Chelsi won the country's 6th crown. These were in the years 1954, 1956, 1960, 1967, and in 1980. With the new inclusion of Chelsi's win in 1995, the United States already made 6 crowns all in all. The second country with the most number of Miss Universe winner was Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Sweden with 3 titles each in 1995.

2. Multiracial candidate and advocate: Chelsi Smith is the first American candidate with a multiracial ethnicity. Her father is African American with other native ethnic identities while her mother is a European-American, which makes her multi-racial.  This is the first time that the United States sent a candidate in color unlike past contestants of previous Miss Universe beauty pageant editions. The victory of Chelsi Smith inspired people of color in the United States to participate in beauty pageants. Chelsi was proud to represent the ethnic minorities of her community while representing the most diverse country in the world.

3. Joined the national pageant twice: If they say that third time is a charm, a second time is exceptional. Chelsi Smith participated in Miss USA twice. In 1994, Chelsi successfully penetrated the semifinalist round out of 51 states during Miss USA 1994. However, she failed to reach the final 3, making her think about her strengths and weakness during that particular pageant that was won by Lu Parker. She was then further motivated by friends, pageant mentors, and family to participate for the second time. Chelsi then successfully became Miss USA 1995 that gained the license to participate Miss Universe in that same year.

4. As a celebrity: It is normal for beauty queens to receive numerous proposals to become a talent in certain entertainment industries. As a new talent, Chelsi was offered numerous hosting jobs in local pageants, special occasions, and important events. As a celebrity, Chelsi became one of the main casts of several movies such as "Playas Bali", "The Sweetest Thing", and "One Fight Stand". The beauty queen also made some hit singles such as "Dom Da Da" song that was released in the later years of 90's decade. Her life totally changed after winning Miss Universe in 1995 that made her one of the hot magnets for entertainment projects.

5. Succumbed to liver cancer: On September 8, 2018, Chelsi Smith silently succumbed to liver cancer. She joined our creator peacefully at her undisclosed home. This is one of the most devastating conditions that can happen to anyone since cancer is still yet to find its cure. Chelsi is considered one of the few unlucky individuals affected by this life-threatening disease. Many pageant fanatics were saddened by the loss of another inspirational beauty queen who became a multiracial advocate for many pageant contestant hopefuls belonging to the minority.

As for the condition of Chelsi Smith, liver cancer is a medical condition wherein it is characterized by the presence of either benign or malignant cancer cells in the liver. These cancer cells in the liver metastasize or spread easily due to a rapid replication process. While cancer cells replicate, it creates a pressure on the normal cells and tissues in the liver. These cells can spread through nearby organs such as the small and large intestines, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, and lungs. If left untreated, it can cause death.

Liver cancer is thought to be associated with excessive medication or alcoholism, which significantly affects the function of the liver. Existing hepatitis viruses can also aid with the mutation of hepatic cells to develop into cancer cells. In addition, excessive fat intake can induce liver cirrhosis that could prompt cell mutation and then becoming cancer cells.

Condolence to the bereaved family of Chelsi Smith.

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