When a person becomes viral, internet users often presume that this sensation has something that can easily catch the attention of the public. This is when a person has the charisma of stimulating the humor of the public, it is guaranteed that they are able to gain attention. On the internet, famous online celebrities possess this one important quality of stimulating attention online. The attitude of gaining charismatic attention is one of the most significant characteristics of online users becoming internet sensations for a given duration of time. This is why many internet sensations are supported by hundreds of thousands of online followers as manifested from their social media account.

This is in the case of Mother Sitang, a 59-year-old online sensation from Thailand. She made waves online by her hair-swaying moves that captivated the hearts of online fans. In Thailand, she is famously known as Staah. In the Philippines, Pinoy fans recognize her as Mother Sitang and allocate their respect to her as their elder social media influencer. Staah often uploads her video clips frequently online, which makes her prominent online. Sometimes, this gorgeous social media influencer posts different varieties of photos to give recent updates of her recent activities.
Sitagsu Bao or Staah (Mother Sitang)
Staah is expected to visit again the Philippines. She is now monitored by several media consultants, presenters, and personalities. This is due to her influential impact on online users through her bubbly video clips online.  Many are now excited to watch her Philippine debut as she is slowly gaining more fans from the Philippines.

Despite her fame, there are superficial fans who regard Staah as a wannabe online sensation. There are a few online users who are taking her physical appearance to be a disturbance. These are individuals who only see the true nature of beauty by just looking at the physical appearance of a person. However, this is somewhat true in the entertainment industry. You have to look appealing to the audience in order to gain attention at the snap of your fingers. This is the sad truth for individuals who want to become famous because there are corresponding standards for influencers.

For Staah or Mother Sitang in the Philippines, she does not even care what other people think about her physical appearance. There is one thing that she can think of is her ability to become a significant influencer to online users. This is especially that she has a heart of gold, which represents humility for those who are in need of help. Fans who know her really well are ecstatic on how she manages to become selfless whenever she wants to donate or provide a financial assistance to the needy. Through her humility, Staah manages to gain more followers from her social media accounts.

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7 Interesting Facts about Staah or mother Sitang

1. She is a celebrity from Thailand: By the words that she utters whenever she opens her mouth, you can tell that she is Thai. This is especially when you see the calligraphy indicated in her social media profile. Staah is one of the most successful celebrities in Thailand. When she is slowly gaining public attention, companies are becoming interested in making her as their brand endorser. Currently, there are numerous brands in Thailand that feature Staah. She currently has multiple television commercials and even films due to her influential prowess in the field of advertisement.

2. Staah is an internet sensation: At the present, Staah is gaining a phenomenal attention from social media users due to her famous hair sway dance moves. Staah started gaining online and public attention due to her hair swaying moves wherein she dances with young-looking muscular men while she sways her hair. Fans started to create a parody of her videos that similarly made a trending to various social media websites. Pages and groups start sharing several versions of Staah's original dance moves by her fans who want to show their support to their loving mother in social media.

3. A licensed attorney: She may look funny but there's something about Staah that is unique from other internet sensations. Behind that gorgeous face and trending dance moves is her real profession, which is a lawyer. Many fans are still not aware that Staah is a successful practicing lawyer in her country. At the age of 59, her extensive practice in law implementation earned her respect from her fellow colleagues in the executive branches of the country. This means that there is something interesting behind the mind of Staah, which is not your ordinary transgender.

4. Comedic sensation: Online sensations have different types of genre and styles. Some online celebrities are known for their expertise in makeup and design, there are professional practitioners such as doctors or lawyers who want to share their skill with their fans. However, Staah's approach is completely unique and entertaining because her style is under the category of comedy. This means that she always caught the attention of the public by using her humorous movements and verbal expressions to her fans. She even uses her unique aura to captivate her fans with her powerful physical aura.

5. Visited and donated Yolanda Victims in 2013: Apart from being a lawyer and an online sensation, a few fans only know that Staah visited the Philippines in 2013. She went to visit the affected communities ravaged by Supertyphoon Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda. The super typhoon is thought to be the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the land in the history of humanity with packed winds of 275 kph near the center with a gustiness of 305 kph. Mother Staah joined the humanitarian team from Thailand to donate food and cash for the affected households.

6. Will visit affected households of Supertyphoon Mangkhut: On the second week of September of 2018, another strong supertyphoon visited the Philippines. Supertyphoon Mangkhut brought supersonic winds reaching up to 240 kph with gustiness of 260 kph. It caused several landslides in the Cordillera region and in the island of Cebu, burying hundreds of individuals buried under the loose soil. Mother Stah is expected to visit these affected areas since she wants to return back the blessings that she has.

7. LGBT Advocate: Mother Staah is a 59-year-old transgender in Thailand. She became an active advocate since earning a law degree. She used her professional degree to help promote LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender) rights in Thailand, which is one of the most accepting nations in the world in terms of the third sex. As an advocate, she is also using her social media influence to promote a campaign against discrimination and segregation amongst LGBT members. This is why the LGBT community in Thailand loves Staah for her fearless advocacy to promote LGBT rights.

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