Life is always full of surprises, especially when you least expect something that will come into your senses. On this day, one of the most followed social media influencers has been storming the news due to her resignation without any second thoughts. Mocha Uson, one of the most important influencers of the Duterte administration stepped down as an undersecretary of the Department of Communications. Her resignation is one of the few surprises in this year that made her fans and supporters to become dismayed and saddened because they could no longer seek her assistance.

Mocha Uson tendered her resignation under the Department of Communications on the 3rd day of October 2018. The former government employee's resignation causes a shock to the public as they were not expecting that a prominent person in the Duterte's administration suddenly cut her ties with the government. Mocha apologized for her decision as it was upon the decision of her legal team and advisers. She hopes for an understanding of the recent decision to her supporters. However, Mocha expects that there are disappointments to her recent decisions for not continuing her responsibility as one of the important persons in the agency that she once worked for.
Mocha Uson
Margaux "Mocha" Justiniano Uson is a well-known personality in the Philippines. She is one of the co-founders of Mocha Girls dance group in the country. She was born in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines. Her mother is a pediatrician while her father was a Regional Trial Court Judge in Dagupan City. Mocha obtained a degree in Medical Technology in the University of Santo Tomas in 1998. She pursued her medical degree but left the school to pursue her entertainment career.

The opposition groups were delighted to know that one of the most prominent social media influencers of Rodrigo Duterte left her position. This is to allow another individual who will follow the path and the life lessons that Mocha left for the future undersecretary. Leftists are now celebrating for Mocha's resignation as they are no longer the subject of her discussion throughout their blogs. Opposition groups believe that Mocha will either minimize or stop her brave statements against anyone who are criticizing the Philippine president.

Supporters of Mocha Uson still respects her decision as they understand her sentiments why she made a very difficult decision. Fans still vow to defend Mocha from her detractors as there will be a new wave of squeamish setbacks towards the former government employee. Among these are the 16 million supporters who cast their votes to the president during the 2016 Philippine National Elections. Despite drawbacks that Mocha made as she is now detached from the government, she is still one of the most beloved personalities due to her social media influence.

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6 Interesting Facts about Celebrity Mocha Uson

1. Mocha Uson is a celebrity in the Philippines: Before she was appointed as a cabinet undersecretary, Mocha Uson is already making a name for herself in the Philippine entertainment industry. She already appeared in several films since she left her educational career way back in the 1990's. Her stunning appeal attracted several talent managers to feature her in several commercial promotions. She modeled several brand names, endorsing several products on the local market. This is why she is already famous even before she became a government employee.

2. A Social Media Influencer: Mocha Uson is one of the most influential social media personalities in the Philippines. Her Facebook page, Mocha Uson Blog has a whopping 5.7 million likes and followers. Her other social media accounts on Twitter and Youtube also gained a significant amount of followers, making her one of the most successful social media artists. Since her resignation, companies are rushing to make her as their brand's endorser due to her immense number of social media followers, which could further give an opportunity to earn.

3. Appointed as an undersecretary: Mocha Uson's participation during the campaign of Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 National elections made her as the undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Group. As an undersecretary, she is responsible for handling the social media department of mass media agencies. She used her blog, Mocha Uson Blog as the main platform to relay all government-related affairs that seek to fulfill the interest of the general public. With this regard, Mocha Uson may or may not approve applications by any third parties who may want to use their own social media accounts to broadcast government affairs.

4. Resigned as an undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Group: On the 3rd day of October in 2018, Mocha filed her resignation to the President. Mocha Uson cited her resignation due to a conflict of interest in her future personal endeavors. This was advised by her panel of legal representatives to prevent any risk of violating laws of the community. Mocha Uson is now waiting for the approval of President Rodrigo Duterte to finalize her resignation that sparked mass media attention nationwide.

5. For Senator: One of the most anticipated issues is that Mocha Uson has been appearing in several senatorial slates under the PDP-LABAN (Partido-Demokratiko-Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan). It seems that Mocha will be one of the running mates of Harry Roque, Ronald Dela Rosa, Bong Go, Imee Marcos, Bong Bong Marcos, and Greco Belgica. This will be the first time that Margaux Uson will fully pledge herself to become a future politician of the Philippine Political industry sometime in the future.

Many are hopeful for her win as the next members of the Senate of the Philippines this coming 2019 National Elections. It will not be a surprise if Mocha Uson will tender her candidacy as a senatorial candidate during the filing of candidacy sometime this October or November of 2018. For Mocha, it will be a big hit if she will be the future lady senator who will be serving the Republic of the Philippines.

Will you support Mocha Uson by voting her this incoming election? or what?

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