Once in a while, there is a super typhoon that can unleash its extraordinary force to its path. When this happens, it can generate an immense rate of attention that could wreath havoc across multimedia platforms. This is similar in beauty pageants wherein there is a candidate that stood out since it participated in their respective national pageants. There is that one candidate that you consider to have the highest chance to win a crown and will repeat it on international pageants. One example is Catriona Gray who took all fashion and pageant media by a storm.

Catriona Gray's sentimental presence generated an unusual media attention from the fans around the world. When she made a decision to participate as a candidate for the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) 2019 beauty pageant, she made an instant sensation among pageant fans. As soon as she files her application, Catriona is the only candidate that has hundreds of fans cheering for her outside the headquarters of BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated). She successfully won the Miss Universe Philippines 2019 title and then represented her country for Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand. As expected, she won the fourth crown for the Philippines.
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is was born on January 6, 1994, and now enjoying the age of 24 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia to Ian Gray and Normita Magnayon. She is a professional fashion model, television host, and brand endorser. Catriona is probably the most admired beauty queen in the world. So here are the top 10 reasons why she won Miss Universe 2018.

1. A pageant veteran: Catriona Gray participated in Miss World 2016 that was held in the United States of America. She was one of the favorites during her stint in the second most popular international beauty pageant in the word and made it to a frustrating top 5 finish to Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico. Her experience in Miss World made her more resilient in Miss Universe that made her popularity skyrocketed to millions of fans around the globe.

2. Strong Sash Factor: Catriona is representing the Philippines, which has the largest pageantry fans than any other country in the world. Since 2010, the Philippines makes a consistent placement in international beauty pageants, earning a strong sash in each competition. Foreign pageant bloggers and enthusiasts never fail to monitor all Philippine delegates whenever an international beauty event takes place at any country. They keep on monitoring the candidates of the Philippines, increasing the popularity of the sash that makes it as an advantage for Catriona Gray.

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Full Performance of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

3. Exceptional Advocacy: Prior to her popularity as a beauty queen, Catriona has existing causes for the unfortunate individuals. One major cause is her campaign to control the spread of HIV that leads to AIDS in the Philippines. She established a learning center for tutoring underprivileged children to receive a free formal education. Catriona makes recyclable materials to make a fashionable item made by a group of females in an impoverished area to generate livelihood projects.

4. Rigorous training: For over two and a half years, Catriona Gray underwent a long-term beauty pageant training. This woman enrolled herself to beauty pageant camps to improve her Pasarela skills, communication development, modeling, and health management. As a good communicator, Catriona became a host for numerous local events to further improve her public speaking capabilities. To maintain her physique, this woman constantly tones her body in a gym for at least as often as possible to have a body that most individuals envy.

5. Super humble: One major interesting character of Catriona's triumphant win is her character. She exudes the real essence of humility despite the strong perceptions from fans, business operators, and celebrities to her real fate as Miss Universe 2018. As her answer says, we can always apply silver lining to underprivileged children with positivity to outshine the negativity in our lives. As a Miss Universe, she wants to use her object of optimism to spread pleasant vibes to everyone.

6. Rare Gem in a century: Catriona Gray is one of the few women that comes once in a century. The Philippines is very lucky to have Catriona as their flag bearer to win Miss Universe 2018. Since the day she tenders her application as a candidate for BPCI, people already knew that she will be the winner of Binibining Pilipinas 2018 and then Miss Universe 2018 without a doubt. After winning Miss Universe, it will take another year for the Philippines to have a girl that can replicate Catriona's win. However, there is always an exception to this urban legend if there is another girl who can further outshine Catriona's performance next year.

7. The Goal is to Win the Competition: This woman has an unfinished business in the world of beauty pageantry. Catriona's main mission is to win the competition. Two year's ago, Catriona's fate during her participation in Miss World became a controversial as the underdog became the winner. This means that the stars did not align well for her to win the Miss World 2016 title. She knew that everybody deserves a second chance to do well in an international competition. Everybody knows that her mission is not to participate to gain experience. Catriona represented the Philippines to win another crown for the country.

8. Lava Walk Signature: Since the preliminaries, Catriona unleashes her signature Pasarela walk that made an international attention. The most distinguishable part is her slow-motion twirl and then a fast snap of her head to sway her hair. Every time that Catriona Gray goes out to the stage, the crowd always cheers for her. This woman carries a strong invisible aura while flaunting her presence in the stage that captivates the audiences and her fans. Her lava walk signature continues to make her presence felt during the finals night that made her reach top 5.

9. Her winning answer: Catriona's speech during the top 20 concentrates to the underprivileged children who need proper guidance and not due to poverty. During her top 5 answers, she indicates that medical marijuana is a good choice than the recreational use of cannabis. On her final 3 answers, Catriona consistently stands for her advocacy that made a major impact on the crowd and the judges. Her answer has more substance and dedication to become a role model as a Miss Universe who aims to become a resource person to many causes.

10. She is the Chosen One: It is a rare sight that a person can foresee her ultimate goal to come true. This dream became a reality under the persona of Catriona Gray. Her father always tells the media in every interview that she is the chosen one to become the 4th Miss Universe winner from the Philippines. She is the chosen one to continue the advocacy of Demi Leigh-Nel Peters who will shine brightly across the Universe until crowning her successor in 2019 or perhaps in 2020.

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