It is a shocking way to know that for the first time since 2010, the Philippines lost its steam to penetrate the semifinalist round of Miss World. Many fans were in shock to know that Katarina Rodriguez fails to continue the placement streaks of the Philippines in this year's edition of Miss World 2018. Although there are still many pageant fans who are hoping for her placement streak, their hopes vanished as Martinique was the 13th and the last country to penetrate the top 13 finals.

As soon as the Philippines did not make it to the official top 30 of Miss World 2018, pageant fans became disappointed. Seeing Katarina unable to advance to the first cut made their hearts broken into pieces. They couldn't bear the burden of looking her in front of the stage standing alone while other candidates besides her went in front as they are part of the top 30 semifinalists. Many consider the event as one of the most painful as they see through the eyes of Katarina the sacrifices and efforts just to continue the winning streak of Miss World.
Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez
Katarina Rodriguez is the second Miss World Philippines delegate this 2018 under the leadership of Arnold Vegafria who took over when Cory Quirino vacated the position. Arnold Vegafria is currently the chairman of Miss World Philippines Organization. He is also the judge for Miss World 2018 finals in Sanya, China. He sat beside the chairwoman of Miss World Organization, Julia Morley.

The winner of Miss World 2018 is Vanesa Ponce from Mexico, which made history as the first Mexican to win the title. The first runner-up is Nicolene Limsnukan from Thailand. Finishing as the second runner-up is Maria Vasilevich from Belarus. Kadijah Robinson from Jamaica ranks as the third runner-up and Quiin Abenakyo from Uganda made the first highest placement for her country as the fourth runner-up. Rounding the top 12 are France, Martinique, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, and Scotland.

Pageant experts are now starting to review what went wrong for Katarina Rodrigues as she is the second woman in the pageant season on failing to clinch a placement. Handlers and experts will try to evaluate the drawbacks on the part of Katarina Rodriguez on how she was unable to penetrate the top 30 semifinalists. Katarina broke the seven placement streaks for the Philippines in Miss World from 2011 to 2017. This is by far the longest placement streaks for the country, which previously consider the pageant as an urban legend from the past.

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5 Reasons why Katarina Rodriguez failed to reach top 30 for Miss World 2018?

Lack of preparation is one of the key issues why Katarina fails to manage all her media preparations. She is extremely confident with her Pasarela, styling, and glam shots. The only problem is the lack of scrutiny on her media preparations. It was found out that the content of her media presentations did not comply with what Miss World is looking for. The staff decided to reject Katarina's Beauty With a Purpose and Multimedia presentation because it does not comply with the standards of the Miss World Organization's requirements.

Speaking of astrology, we couldn't agree more that the stars did not align for Katarina that made her fail to reach her luck. Pageant fans were not that active in following the Miss World pageant due to a series of downfalls, especially when Catriona Gray did not win the competition in 2016. However, there are rumors that pageant fan behavior is a significant consideration for the staff to affect the chances of Katarina Rodriguez. Other pageants seriously consider fan behavior as one of the criterion for selecting candidates for the semifinalist positions.

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