Congratulations to Ana Paula Cespedes of Paraguay for winning Miss Grand International 2018. As the newest winner of the grandest pageant in the world, this woman will now start her journey as the new face of Miss Grand International 2018 in Yangon, Myanmar. Ana Paula hopes to become an inspiration to other women and the younger generation as an influential icon in the field of beauty, poise, and the newest pageant icon. This new queen can now take a rest and start the day tomorrow as the grandest queen of the world throughout her annual reign with the staff and other queens.

However, one of the most shocking revelations is the exclusion of Miss Grand Philippines 2018 Eva Patalinjug. Many were unimpressed with her for not being able to make the final cut for Miss Grand International 2018. After the announcement of the top 20 semifinalists, Filipino fans went berzerk as they were astounded by the result from the preliminaries. The result was a total heartache for the fans of Eva Patalinjug as they were hurt when she did not make it to the top this year. Do you think she should have been one of the Top 20 semifinalists during the finals night?
Miss Grand Philippines 2018 Eva Psyche Patalinjug
The sixth edition of the Miss Grand International 2018 was held in Yangon, Myanmar. There are a total of 76 contestants who participated in the event hoping to clinch the golden crown. The pageant was hosted by Xian Lim, a well-known events presenter internationally, as well as a famous actor in the Philippines.

This is one of the saddest news for the Philippine pageant fans. However, many foreign pageant fanatics are arguing that Eva deserves the semifinalist spot for Miss Grand International 2018. Pinoy fans still attempted to try their last luck for the voting but Vietnam claimed the title and winning the most popular vote. The exclusion of Eva Patalinjug signals her current beauty pageant camp to start analyzing what went wrong for Eva not to be included in the semifinalist spot of the pageant.

The girls were thankful to explore the magnificent beauty of Myanmar, which is one of the least explored countries in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is dubbed as the land of the golden temples due to numerous Buddhist sites across the country. The delegates, staff, and pageant fans were able to visit the ancient city of Bagan where there are spectacular golden Buddhist temples. After which, the delegates proceeded to the island of Pulo in Kawthaung and then checked in at the Grand Andaman Hotel.

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Why Eva Patalinjug failed in Miss Grand International 2018?

1. Preliminary Gown Competition Slip incident: Miss Grand Philippines Eva Patalinjug apparently slipped in front of the stage. She attempted to control her balance and manage to recover from that particular incident. Many thought that her recovery during that tripping incident has no bearing because she kept her composure well during the competition. However, it may seem that the rules of the pageant do not accept any recovery as they seek perfection in every competition. Therefore, Eva made an unforced error or a mistake, which will be a lesson for the future queens.

2. Stagnant Styling: Throughout the competition, Eva mas seem to have a stagnant styling. One particular concern is her hairstyle. It appears that her hair looks quite messy, making her look like a woman that is fresh from the bed aura. Her styling during her stint in Binibinng Pilipinas was way better than the way they styled her for Miss Grand International 2018. Another thing is the gown, which is quite plain for her as compared to other candidates who made a very good design to complement the body structure of their body composition in front of the stage.

3. Safe Mode Performance:  Another issue is her "safe mode" performance, especially during the later stages of the entire competition. This means that she performs not to bad and not too good throughout the preliminaries. Pageant fans wanted to see more of her but were not that impressed during the prelims even though they were satisfied with the way she recovered during that gown tripping incident. The "X-factor" vibe was absent during the later stages of the competition. She somewhat appears to hold on as she strides herself on the stage during the preliminaries.

4. The weight issue: Pageant fans are confused if Eva gained a little bit of weight or it is a product of the one-piece illusion to the body proportion of this beautiful woman. She appears slightly bulkier in this pageant than her appearance when she joined Binibining Pilipinas 2018. Pageant fans are always aware that when a woman looks a bit bulky, it can cause a concern. This might be one of the secretive issues why she failed to enter the semis. Even with a perfect vital statistics of 36, 24, and 36, there is something in that particular proportion of hers that seems different.

5. She was the prototype of Miss Grand Philippines 2014: Some observers say that Eva is the prototype of Kimberly Karlsson, who represented the Philippines for Miss Grand International 2014. In short, she is Kimberly 2.0 during the sixth edition of Miss Grand International 2018. Sad to say, she failed to make it to the cut as the first woman from the Philippines to unplace. Both Kimberly and Eva has the same charm, aura, an element that the judges were not looking for. In addition, there are features that are similar between the two that the staff and the judges were not looking for.

Anyways, the winner of Miss Grand International 2018 is now the next face of the brand to promote their advocacy, which is the "Stop the War" campaign. The vision is to promote awareness regarding the negative impacts of conflicts that happen around the world. As a reigning queen, the campaign attempts to influence the society regarding the importance of education as a way to promote peace and harmony towards its citizens. Through awareness, the community will learn how to avoid getting involved in conflict areas by means of elevating their level of knowledge in order to become productive and competitive in their professional careers.

What's next for Miss Grand International 2018? The administrators and staff are yet to plan and announce their next itineraries along with the newly crowned winner. The newly crowned Miss Grand International 2018 will start visiting foreign countries to crown the new representatives for the next edition of the pageant. While the staff will visit other countries, the national directors and executives will now start to plan and organize the events and activities for the next edition of the pageant.

First Runner-up: INDIA
Second Runner-up: INDONESIA
Third Runner-up: PUERTO RICO
Fourth Runner-Up: JAPAN

Special Awards

Best in National Costume: PERU
Most Popular Vote: VIETNAM

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