In Southeast Asia, there is one country that is silently gaining fame in the world of beauty pageantry. This is a country in the eastern-most part of the Indochinese peninsula who is now slowly taking pageant fans an opportunity to slowly dominate the world of pageantry. For many, Vietnam is still new to the pageantry world that they still have a long road to cross to start winning major and minor international crowns. Nowadays, the country is slowly gaining its momentum as a rising star in the world of pageantry as a form of entertainment and cultural integration with other countries.

For the first time in history, Vietnam managed to win their first-ever major beauty pageant crown. The quest to the crown is now finally accomplished by Nguyen Phuong Khanh. She made history as the first woman from Vietnam to win a major title in honor of her beloved country. Vietnamese fans are proud of her win as the newly crowned Miss Earth 2018. Phuong Khanh is expected to extend her stay in the Philippines to attend several media appearances and promotions across the country. Within her reign as Miss Earth 2018, this Vietnamese queen is expected to travel around the world to promote environmental awareness and preservation.
Miss Earth 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh
Nguyen Phuong Khanh is a beauty queen from Vietnam who is crowned as Miss Earth 2018 and succeeding Karen Ibasco. She is a famous model in Vietnam, featured in commercial advertisements, clothing brands, and cosmetics endorser. Now that she won Miss Earth 2018, Nguyen is now an instant celebrity in her country, especially upon returning to her homeland.

What's interesting about her is the way she answered each time a question is given to her. She is the first major beauty queen who preferred to speak in English. There were no translators present during her interviews, the final questions, and media presentation. Why? she managed to improve her English language proficiency when she studied at a University in Singapore with a degree in Marketing. That was the time she is able to answer any questions in English. In her winning answer as a millennial, the most important issue is not to overspend ourselves in social media, but to start caring for our environment. If we start to pour our attention to our environment, then we can transform our planet into a better place.

In the future, Nguyen hopes to continue her passion to become a successful marketing advertiser. Her initial goal is to start creating a clothing brand under her name and start to build a new fashion industry. At the moment, Phuong Khanh is set to concentrate on her responsibilities as the reigning Miss Earth as she is now the face of the organization's campaign to preserve our environment. One of her advocacies is the eradication of plastic waste in our environment. Phuong Khanh is certain that the single use of disposable plastic is responsible for polluting our environment, which is evident in rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, and on land.

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5 Reasons why Nguyen Phuong Khanh of Vietnam won Miss Earth 2018

1. Destiny is the word: They always say that if it is your time, this is will be really your moment to shine. From the beginning, there is something about Nguyen Phuong Khanh that made her really stands out from the crowd. One is her perfectly carved body that mesmerized pageant fans, highlighting her discreet presence in Miss Earth 2018. During the start of the competition, she was standing in front of the stage along with other candidates. There was nobody standing in front of her that makes something waiting for her to happen, just a few hours during that coronation night.

2. Better formula from her predecessor: The stylists and beauty pageant handlers of Phuong Khanh rigorously studied the better formula in order to make a perfect strategy to win the crown. This time, their formula combination produced a new winner in the name of Nguyen Phuong Khanh. Vietnam reached their highest placement last year all the way to top 8. This was the time that they took the opportunity to further combine other skills and strategies to allow Phuong Khanh to win the crown. For sure, they will do a similar strategy next year in an attempt to make a back-to-back win next year.

3. Family support system: Nguyen Phuong Khanh is very blessed to have a family who poured their full support until clinching the Miss Earth 2018. For Khanh's family, this is the best gift that they receive that made her family so proud of her. Her family is also lucky to have a member who made history as the first Vietnamese woman to win a major title, which is Miss Earth. As expected, her family will continue rejoicing until they will return back to Vietnam with a warm welcome from the Vietnamese government, sponsors, and pageant enthusiasts.

4. Blessing of Kagandahang Flores (KF): A decade ago, a team of beauty pageant handlers established their respective camps to produce a streak of international beauty queens. Today, The Kagandahang Flores (Beautiful Flowers) beauty camp is one of the highly respected institutions for producing numerous international beauty queens. The camp produced numerous title holders and runners-up placements of Miss International, Miss Earth, and Miss International. Nguyen Phuong Khanh is one of the lucky ladies who received a blessing from KF along with Miss Earth Air 2018 from Austria and Miss Earth Fire 2018 from Mexico.

5. The brightest gem during the coronation night: Nguyen Phuong gave her best shot during the finals night of Miss Earth 2018. Her confidence, poise, and personality became instrumental tools to clinch the crown. During the swimwear, her perfectly shaped body defined her graceful aura and charm in front of the audience. Her gown was exceptionally stunning, combined with her sophisticated stage presence while serenading the judges. The final question answer is simple but delivered a very powerful speech that made her the first ever Vietnamese queen to win a major crown.


  • VIETNAM - Miss Earth 2018 Winner
  • AUSTRIA - Miss Earth-Air 2018
  • COLOMBIA - Miss Earth-Water 2018
  • MEXICO - Miss Earth-Fire 2018
Top 8 Finalists
  • ITALY 
Top 12 Semifinalists
  • CHILE 
Top 18 Quarterfinalists
  • Brazil
  • Ghana
  • Japan
  • Montenegro
  • Nepal
  • Romania

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