Fans become excited whenever pageant season is on, usually from August up to the first week of March. Pageant fans are always expecting the most positive outcome that their candidate can reach. Many believe that the support of fans is a factor to increase the sash factor and the popularity of their favorite candidate. The power of fans makes a candidate glitter with charm and presence to intimidate the staff of a certain pageant. However, expectations do not always fulfill the reality, which makes a fan to feel heartbroken after the announcement of semifinalists, finalists, and the winners.

The first scenario when Michelle Gumabao happily reached the semifinalists of Miss Globe 2018 beauty pageant. The only concern is that there are still fans that are not satisfied because they are aiming for her to win a crown. Fans became berserk when Eva Patalinjug failed to enter the semifinalists because they thought that she is one of the frontrunners of Miss Grand International 2018. The most shocking was when Ahtisa Manalo, the presumed as the girl to beat became the first runner-up to Venezuela in Miss International 2018. This is why some fans are disappointed to other pageant supremacists who reacted negatively when their favorite delegate fails their expectations.
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This article will discuss prominent fan behaviors that are already capable of affecting the chances of their candidate to win a crown. Pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss International, and even Miss Grand International beauty pageants seriously consider fan behaviors as a criterion that can affect a certain candidate's chances to enter semifinalist round or winning a crown. Recently, the Miss Globe is disturbed that there are fans that behave ruthlessly, especially during live streaming. So here are the 12 Fan behaviors that might affect a candidate's chance on a certain competition such as Miss Universe.

1. Not expecting the unexpected: As a pageant fan, surprises come in an unexpected way. Things happen when we least expect it. Ahtisa Manalo's fate is the exact opposite of what fans seriously expected during the coronation night of Miss International. During the awarding ceremony of Miss International winner, fans became dismayed when the Philippines was called as the first runner-up. The announcement broke all pageant fan's predictions about Maria Ahtisa. As they say, if this is your time to shine, you can claim it, but if not, it is not really destined for you. Fans should avoid too much expectation to their favorite candidates.

2. The issue of acceptance: Sometimes, a fan may not show their humility to accept defeat because they always want more. As a person, reaching an ambition takes patience and perseverance to make this happen. In the field of pageantry, the issue of contentment is sometimes an issue because there are some individuals who show their obsession and compulsion just to satisfy their self-greed. If a fan starts to feel disappointment, they start to show their negative behaviors towards other fans, candidates, and national directors. One perfect example was the fate of Ahtisa Manalo, many thought that it was not really her time to win a crown, which makes us realize that acceptance is the key to become happy.

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WATCH 12 Fan Behaviors that Affects a Candidate's Chance

3. Heavily relies on the hot picks: When you base the accuracy and probability, we cannot deny that there is at least an estimated 80 to 90% chance that predicted candidates enter the semifinalist spot. Fans are usually lured by these hot picks because they already think that it is actually an expected scenario that often results in a false positive result. However, it is not due to the percentage of uncertainty. When talking about the top 5 predicted winners, not all candidates who were presumed in the top 5 or even in top 3 always wins. Fans who heavily relies on pageant predictions become irate or disappointed.

4. The Pageant Teachers: During pageant season, we often see fanatics who suggests anything from head to toe that is way better than the actual pageant handlers, professional stylists, and beauty camp operators. The thought that this type of design for a costume is way better than the actual design made by the official designer. Fans comments on the type of makeup and the hairstyle of the candidate that they believe that is way much better for that candidate. The food and drinks are also the target of criticism, in which they do not realize that there is a team of handlers responsible for balancing all necessary activities for that particular contestant.

5. The Canal Attitude: This is a new term for pageant fans who spread dirty behaviors towards other fans such as overly using the word "powerhouse". These are fans who boast their favorite candidate to other pages, groups, profiles, and social media and spread the word of negativity. The canal attitude derives from a person who possesses a dirty character that is similar to a contaminated sewerage that contains billions of harmful microorganisms and parasites. Canal fans contaminate pageant and non-pageant pages and groups, which causes negative reactions to the followers and members. This attitude is the most concerning behaviors that usually caught the attention of pageant organizers to reconsider their candidate's chances.

6. The Great Pretender: This behavior is commonly known as the trolls on the internet. Fans create another social media account and start to pretend someone else and use artificial clicking tools. The purpose is to become a spy to fan page or groups of another country, just like the way the US and the Soviets did during the Cold War. After collecting interesting information, these spies start to create a photo comparison on the style, costumes, makeup, and dresses of their candidate with the delegates of other countries. No wonder pageant organizers do not consider the country with the highest number of votes in some pageant categories to be given an award.

7. Graphic artists: These are fans that are skilled in a photo and video editors. There are multiple free video and photo editors available online that anyone can use it to enhance the appearance of any photos. The only problem is that there are fans that intentionally distorts the original appearance of a certain candidate or even other fans. The purpose is to degrade their dignity and disrespecting their identity. This is one of the most concerning behaviors that pageant organizers consider, which might affect their candidate's chances. It is better to use your graphics skill appropriately to your profession or interest and not to do mockery.

8. Stalkers: This is a disturbing behavior for some pageant fans online. Once they become emotionally disturbed by the actions of the pageant directors or other candidates, they began to stalk the personal profiles of their targets. Some fans make a brave move to directly message pageant directors, candidates, or the staff. This results in a creepy experience when there is someone who is stalking you because they invade your privacy. Pageant fans should refrain from doing this because it could make an impression to the directors of their country.

9. Flooding fans: In social media, flooding is an activity wherein users repeatedly make one comment within the same threat, post, and topic. This is also known as spamming, in which every post have a similar comment. Fans with this behavior can easily irritate pageant handlers, international pages, and pageant groups. A fan with this behavior usually makes a negative impression to foreign countries, especially to pageant organizers of the pageant.

10. Crab Mentality: A fan with a crab mentality attitude always use all the powers of negativity to degrade others. As the quote says, "if I can't have you or your achievements, no one else will", it shows how a jealous fan is capable of shuttering anyone's dream just because they fail to achieve their own goals. One classic sign of a person with a crab mentality attitude is to create a negative propaganda against a certain individual for the purpose of degrading them down.

11. Histrionic Fan: This is a fan who wants to gain attention from other fans. They have that narcissistic attitude that always sees themselves as a superior to other individuals. A histrionic fan is obsessed with generating an attention-seeking photo of themselves, portraying the candidate that they love. However, the real score is that they want to show that they love their own selves in an overly way. Another histrionic fan is when they feel that they know everything about pageants and start boasting their self-proclaimed intellectual knowledge about pageants.

12. Lack of respect to the real winner: Just right after the coronation night, expect a wave of backlash from raging fans. These are fans who have the audacity to contest the result of the pageant. This is simply because their favorite candidate failed to win. One example is the recent triumph of Venezuela for their 8th crown in Miss International 2018. This country already proved itself as the authentic powerhouse of beauty pageants with the most number of crowns won and still counting.

NOTE: These days, Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Globe, and Miss Grand International seriously consider fan behaviors. If your candidate did not manage to win a crown or even penetrate the semifinalist, then fan behavior is one factor. Possessing the best discipline is the best key to win the hearts of pageant organizers.

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