Former Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Mariel De Leon snaps another social media attention. As a former beauty queen, she made a comment about the way people will call her from now on. She wants to let the public know that she no longer want other people to call her a beauty queen. Pageant fans all over the internet are now wondering why she mentions this thing online since she is a former representative of the Philippines to an international beauty queen.

Mariel's statement made another instant attention online. Her latest comment regarding beauty queen issues draws flak to the supporters of beauty pageants. As for the fans, they are curious what made Mariel expresses that way towards being a beauty queen. This is very unusual for a beauty queen or a former representative of the Philippines to international pageants to verbalize such issues. Her latest comment generated an online attention, especially to the pageant fans who are not busy following their favorite contestants for the upcoming international beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss World, and Miss Intercontinental beauty pageants.
Mariel De Leon
Maria Angelica "Mariel" De Leon is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She is the daughter of Veteran actors Christopher De Leon and Sandy Andolong. She is seen in several commercials in the Philippines as a model. Right after winning Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 title, she made numerous local television projects and brand endorsements.

As a former beauty queen, Mariel is very thankful as a former representative of the Philippines for Miss International beauty pageant in 2017. Since winning the title, there are numerous blessings that made changes into her life. She is blessed to become an inspiration to other young individuals who are aspiring to become a future beauty queen. As a role model to others, she made instrumental convictions to the youth on how to become a good ambassador of a certain brand and advocacies in life.

Mariel believes that women do not deserve to have labels. This means that it is unnecessary for every women to have names or titles under their names. Each woman has their own identity and not by giving names or labels to them.  If a person calls name towards a woman, this means that there is a label that presses against the will of that particular individual. This particular scenario can greatly affect the behavior and the personal well-being of a person. It makes her uncomfortable to be called as a beauty queen because she feels uncomfortable with this particular labels.

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Why Mariel De Leon does not want to be called as a beauty queen?

For Mariel, she believes that there is more important other than beauty pageants that is why she regards that beauty pageant is nothing to her. This is her family, her dogs, art, and performing or listening to classical music who are always there to provide her the support that she needs other than being called as a beauty queen. These are the four things that always makes her happy and comfortable in life that is capable of dissipating the sorrow that she feels in life.

Mariel is also moving away from toxic individuals or groups who are always giving her uncomfortable. She believes that being positive makes her always relaxed. Eliminating negativity keeps a person away from any risk and disturbances that may cause a psychological impact on her well-being. This means that she is now closing another chapter in her life, which is by making her experience as a beauty queen label a thing of the past. She is now moving on and ready to face another chapter in her life.

Mariel De Leon joined the Binibinnig Pilipinas pageant twice. On her second attempt, she managed to bag the Binibining Pilipinas-International 2017 title. She then successfully gained a license to represent the Philippines in Miss International beauty pageant that was held in Tokyo, Japan. However, she failed to penetrate the top 15 semifinalist round that was won by Kevin Liliana of Indonesia.

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