When your registration in a social media network have already reached long enough for you to be included in a "year in review", you should be thankful. This is because your profile is qualified as part of Facebook's way of helping you to remember the activities that you have been able to apply during the course of the year. In this case, this social media values the commitments of its members by allowing them to further maximize their connection with Facebook, which makes them feel that they are attached.

Facebook's "A year in review" is a new type of social media platform that aims to provide value for all social media users that are either active or inactive. The purpose is to allow members to recall their past activities in this particular social media website within the one year period as a member of Facebook. Examples are uploading photos, connecting with other members as friends, creating pages, or groups that made a significant step to grow their social media profile's network. This is a compilation video that serves as a remembrance for every user to have a memorabilia in their social media profile.
A year in review in Facebook
A year in review is a new social media sensation provided by the Facebook website. It allows users to generate a series of memorabilia through a 1-minute video that shows their past activities within the one year period as a member. Each member will have the chance to recall some of the most important activities that might have changed their lives as a member of the social media website.

When a user will receive a notification regarding the availability of "A year in review" option in their newsfeed, they can already view it on the top center portion on their window. There is a preview button where the user can view the video that has already been made personally, which is associated with their profile's latest activity for the past year. The user will be asked if they want to publish the video containing their social media profile's "a year in review". Facebook will also provide a choice if the user wants to publish it to the newsfeed so that other connected friends can view your profile's latest activity by allowing them to view your personalized video on "A year in review".

This new feature of Facebook has just been released in this month of December, which is the last month of the year. Since it is only less than one month left before New Year starts, Facebook wants users to reminisce their past online activities during the course of a 2015-year period. For next year, it will not be a surprise if there will be similar features that will be revived by the social media website to its users. Other social media as well provide similar features to its loyal users during the whole year period.

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5 Interesting Facts about Facebook's A Year in Review

1. Enhances your memory: It is a rare scenario when a social media website makes an effort to allow their users to rekindle their past activities within a certain time period. As a user, this is one of the most important things for them to remember their past activities for the whole year. Having a customized video prepared by the website will ensure that the user can recall their past online activities using the social media platform as a way to allow their profile to grow  and to further enhance interpersonal relationships.

2. Improves your social media profile: One way to improve your profile is to have a reflection to guide your way on having a new platform, which helps to ensure that you will improve your future activities. Having your personal profile on Facebook can become more creative and appealing to other users because reviewing your past activities will help you to discover more ways on how to maintain your relationship with the social media platform. Facebook is glad that through the video, you will be able to learn more ways on how to be resourceful.

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3. Let others know your history: If you opt to publish the video that contains your past activity for one year, you are opening your hearts to other social media users who happen to be your friends. In this case, letting others know about you means that you are allowing other individuals to discover more about you, including your personality. Your friends will be able to know your interests, which will allow them to know things that you like and those that you are not interested with. This is to ensure that you are letting your friends to be informed about your preferences in life.

4. Learning: By viewing the video containing "A year in review", you will learn some desirable practices that you did for the past year. This is in relation with the aspect of experimenting a trial and error method. You will always try whatever things that interest you. However, if it turns out to be undesirable, there are alternative ways for you to become productive in a certain manner that will satisfy your interests. Learning will allow you to avoid things that would likely to cause failures in your personal practices.

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5. Correct mistakes: We are not all perfect because we commit mistakes all the time. Mistakes are undesirable events and practice that we associate ourselves. Even if these mistakes can cause several risks that could provoke an anxious experience affecting our routine. However, there are still more rooms for improvement because we always seek for solutions that enable challenges to diminish over time. Mistakes always create a challenging aspect in our life that will help to utilize our creativity and resourcefulness to discover several solutions to overcome barriers in our lives.

A year in review is a reminder that we should always look into our past for the reason that there several important actions that we should treasure before becoming who we are today. Since we are using social media platforms on a regular basis, it is important to ensure that privacy is one of the most important issues that we should always consider. There are many individuals who are trying to access confidential information, which could risk our personal details to be exploited by online criminals in the near future.

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