It is a rare sight for the outspoken president of the Philippines to speak with the leader of the United States of America. Rodrigo Duterte and the US President-elect Donald Trump spoke on the phone on December 2, 2016, which was Friday evening. The conversation generated an optimism by the two head of states, marking a promising relationship between the two countries. The conversation spanned between the periods of 10:30 and 10:37 in Friday evening in Davao City, which is a rare case scenario for the Philippine president to talk with the head of state of the United States.

After the conversation through the phone that spanned for about seven minutes, the Philippine President revealed that he is looking forward to the new president of the United States. This means that Rodrigo Duterte sees a promising new relationship with the United States when Donald Trump rose to power as the new President of the United States. This is in contrast with the Philippine President's attitude towards the outgoing US President Barack Obama. For this point in time, Rodrigo Duterte is aiming to more phone conversation with the most powerful leader in the world, Donald Trump.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on the left and US President Donald Trump on the right
Donald Trump recently won the US presidential election, beating its arch rival Hilary Clinton. The conclusion of the election was just hours after US residents cast their ballots on November 8, 2016. As a representative of the Republican Political Party, Donald Trump is happy to made history as the first business mogul to win the US Presidential elections.

The optimism generated after the phone conversation between the two leaders was the opposite of Rodrigo Duterte's behavior towards the United States a few months back. Rodrigo Duterte consecutively lamented the United States for criticizing its campaign against the war on illegal narcotics. The Philippine president requested the western countries not to meddle with the national interest of the country to concentrate on decreasing the number of criminal activities across the nation. However, western allies continue to extend their negative impression towards Rodrigo Duterte's action towards the war on illegal narcotics due to the issue of extrajudicial executions.

Out of dismay, Rodrigo Duterte threatens to cut ties with the western forces, which is the best solution to stop foreign countries from questioning his credibility regarding the implementation of good governance. This is the reason why he intended to shift his support towards the second-world countries such as China and Russia. The Philippine President recently visited Beijing to start rehabilitating bilateral relationship with the Chinese government, which has long been strained by the past administrations due to political differences.

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5 Beneficial Facts after Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte made a phone conversation

1. Supports drive against illegal narcotics: Finally, Rodrigo Duterte has a new supporter from the strongest country in the world, which is a promising sign that the Philippines and the United States will develop an optimistic relationship. Donald Trump fully supports Duterte's campaign to drive away offenders responsible for using, distributing, and trafficking illegal narcotics. President Trump is proud for Duterte because he is doing the right thing that aims to fulfill the best interest of the Republic of the Philippines.

2. Rekindling ties with the United States: Donald Trump is obviously the opposite of Barack Obama. This means that it is a positive sign for Rodrigo Duterte and the head of the United States to promote their bilateral relationships. This will be a promising relationship until Donald Trump will end his term as the president of the United States after 4 years. Donald Trump indicated that the United States will be the last to intervene with the national interest of the Philippines. However, the United States is willing to offer any assistance if the Philippines seeks for it in the future.

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3. Invited Rodrigo Duterte to the White House: US President Donald Trump invited Rodrigo Duterte to visit him in the White House sometime in the future. Since the new administration of the United States supports the advocacy of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is excited to hear about Trump's invitation to go to the United States. This is to reestablish bilateral relationships between the two countries. Rodrigo Duterte might replicate his past achievements with the United States when he made a whopping $24 billion worth of investments from China.

4. Meeting during the ASEAN: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations will be hosted by the Philippines next year. Delegates from the ASEAN member teams will gather to the Philippines as part of its regional multilateral relations. Aside from ASEAN, delegates from Australia, New Zealand, United States, European Union, Russia, Japan, and China will also attend the event, which includes US President Donald Trump. The US president will try his best to set his schedule and then attend ASEAN meet in the Philippines.

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5. Can be best buddies: Even before elections, Rodrigo Duterte was already dubbed as the "Donald Trump" of Asia due to his very outspoken behavior. In a similar manner, Donald Trump has a similar personality every time that he will face the media in every press conference. After the two made a recent conversation through telephone, both sensed that there is something very common between the two individuals. This makes Rodrigo Duterte thinks of it as an interesting manner because there will be something positive that will likely to develop in the near future.

After the conversation with Donald Trump, the Duterte administration is now hoping that there is a promising future for the relationship between the Philippines and the United States. Recently, the United States appointed a new US ambassador to the Philippines, which is another milestone with the Filipino community. The recent leadership transition initiated by the leaders of United States that can further allow the Philippine government to balance the powers between the first world countries and the second world nations.

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