Two days after the crowning of Miss Globe 2016, the organizers made another good news to pageant fanatics and enthusiasts. This is because The DeliArt Association, which is the official organizer of Miss Globe Beauty Pageant Ltd decided to generate a positive vibe to pageant fans and supporters from around the world. DeliArt Association is the official pageant organizer of Miss Globe beauty pageant that is annually held around the world.

Nichole Manalo from the Philippines was announced as the third runner-up in the conclusion of Miss Globe 2016. Natasha Joubert was declared as the fourth runner-up of Miss Globe 2016. The announcement was made after the organizers awarded the placements to the rightful candidates who ranked next to Miss Albania as the second runner-up. Each candidate was given a tiara, a sash, a recognition paper, and a prize money for reaching this far for Miss Globe 2016 in the capital city of Tirana, Albania. The latest announcement just made the two delegates to be very happy because they are given each a major award.
Nichole Manalo from the Philippines is third runner-up while South Africa is fourth runner-up
During the coronation night of Miss Globe, Miss India was proclaimed as the rightful winner of the pageant out of 60 delegates from around the world. Colombia was declared as the first runner-up, and Albania was announced as the second runner-up. This time, the organizers initially announced that there were no third runner-up and fourth runner-up for this year's edition of Miss Globe 2016.

Last year, Miss Globe beauty pageant was held in the second largest country in the world by land area, which is Canada. Ann Loraine Colis from the Philippines was declared as the winner of Miss Globe 2015 who passed the crown to her successor, Dimple Patel from India. Dimple is the first woman from India to win Miss Globe 2016 and perhaps gunning for another back-to-back win for her country for the next year's edition of Miss Globe 2017.

As the saying goes, "it is better to be late than never to do anything at all", which will regard the announcement to bring positivity to other participants and their home countries about the chance to make a placement in the competition. As one of the top five finalists of Miss Globe 2016, they will have the opportunity to be given the responsibility to tour around the world along with the reigning winner of the international beauty pageant. Past winners will also have the chance to be with the current top 5 delegates to fulfill the advocacy of DeliArt Association. This is provided that the ladies will not have any conflict of schedules against their professional or personal affairs from their home country.

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5 Reasons why Miss Globe made a late announcement

1. Change of Pageant Program format: Miss Globe always ensure that the pageant will always provide the best interest of pageant fanatics from all over the world. This is with regards to the quality of the production that would enable candidates to take an equal opportunity to represent their culture and empower the society. Any format changes in the program of the current edition of Miss Globe shows that the organizers are serious about making every annual pageant to be creative and surprising.

2. Wants to make a surprise: The organizers of Miss Globe 2016 wants to make a new surprise to all pageant fanatics from all over the world. By announcing the third runner-up and fourth runner-up, supporters and followers of Miss Globe will even love the pageant more. As a good surprise, pageant fans from the Philippines and South Africa will have a reason to celebrate because their delegate made it to top 5 after the conclusion of Miss Globe 2016.

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3. Time issues during the coronation night: There were numerous unavoidable comments that haunted Miss Globe 2016's production issues. Pageant fanatics and enthusiasts are questioning about the time of the pageant event on November 25, 2016. There were complaints of pageant fanatics regarding the lateness of the pageant, which caused a concern towards the production of the event. Viewers can say that there is an issue with the time that the pageant started because they waited for at least an hour before the pageant began.

4. No Question and Answer portion: Viewers are questioning the issue with the absence of question and answer portion of Miss Globe 2016. This is because, in a pageant, a woman can have the opportunity to open their window to allow the audiences to discover what they have in mind. In this reason, the organizers thought that having a no question and answer portion will be a different scenario for a beauty pageant contest, especially for Miss Globe 2016. Critics say that the organizers must have to immediately create something that would compliment the production of the beauty pageant to generate a positive impression.

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5. Improve the image of Miss Globe 2016: This year is regarded as the most interesting edition of Miss Globe 2016 beauty pageant. Numerous parts of the production have been questioned by the audiences due to the time and the pace of the event throughout the competition proper. The inclusion of third and fourth runners-up will elevate optimism among pageant fanatics, followers, enthusiasts, and critics of the annual beauty pageant. Each year, Miss Globe wants to show to the world that they provide a competitive pageant format as part of television amusement to pageant fanatics.

Age issue of Miss Globe 2016 Dimple Patel

There are speculations that the reigning Miss Globe 2016 is over-aged. When she joined Femina Miss India in 2009, Dimple was already 22-years-old during that time. Now that it is already 2016, Dimple is already 29 years old. It is not clear on what is the maximum age requirement for a delegate for Miss Globe annual beauty pageant. But most beauty pageants require at least a maximum of 26 years old. Miss Universe extended their age requirement to 28 years-old for any delegate who will represent their country in the annual beauty pageant. Nevertheless, congratulations to Dimple Patel for winning Miss Globe 2016.

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