A new local male celebrity in the Philippines is now under the radar of mass media after he posted his experience with a fellow celebrity Baron Geisler. Ping Medina is now currently at the center of the spotlight by the mass media because he is the latest person linked to Baron Geisler's unpredictable behavior. Ping Medina seems to be very disappointed with his co-actor, Baron Geisler, who made a permanent strain in their professional relationship as celebrities who could no longer working with each other sometime in the future.

Ping Medina cries foul over Baron's alleged unethical behavior when they were having a taping scene. Baron Geisler was claimed by Ping Medina being directly poured with urine in his upper body. The incident was regarded intentional according to Ping Medina while the two was currently recording a scene together with the staff for a certain film. Ping Medina was shocked about Baron's ethical behavior while they were recording a scene during a set. However, Ping decided to control his behavior until the set was done.
Ping Medina on the left and Baron Geisler on the right
Baron Geisler is one of the most controversial local actors in the Philippine entertainment industry. He was blamed by other celebrities and actresses due to his behavioral misconduct during a taping for a new film. Baron faced multiple legal and ethical actions from other artists and other off-camera staff due to his working ethics and behavioral issues.

After Baron realized his past multiple controversies, he decided to enroll himself to a private rehabilitation for several months.  After a voluntary rehabilitation for several months, Baron Geisler was then back into the showbiz industry who resumed his regular job as a local actor. Many believe that Baron Geisler can be enlisted with the government's cleansing of repeat offenders who were caught distributing, using, and selling prohibited narcotics across the country. The Philippine National Police is currently at their Phase II double barrel program that is now aiming to target personnel from the entertainment industry.

The newly appointed chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Liza Dino voiced her concern about the latest issue involving Baron Geisler's ethical issues. Dino was terrified to know that Baron is again involved in an ethical misconduct with another actor while they were taping a certain scene for a film. FDCP promised to work with the case involving Ping Medina and Baron Geisler through a formal investigation to determine any consequences that can be filed to any ethical misconduct.

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5 Reasons why celebrity Ping Medina is the latest person to be linked with Baron Geisler

1. The urine incident: This is the most disturbing part of the scene when Ping Medina was then helplessly being urinated by Baron Geisler while the two and other members of the producing staff were currently recording a scene. Ping Medina was wrapped in a tape and could do nothing but to watch Baron pour a liquid waste material towards his body. Thankfully, Ping's lips were wrapped in plastic tape so the urine could not go through inside his mouth during that incident somewhere in the Subic area.

2. Injured: After the incident when the camera already wrapped the scene for further editing and analysis, Ping preferred to ram over the cargo container instead of Baron Geisler. Due to the immense force and impact brought about by the emotional disbursement from Ping, he did not notice that he injured himself. Ping was then taken to the hospital due to an injury to his left arm for further care and management by the hospital staff accompanied by other members of the production team on set after the incident.

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3. An altercation with Baron Geisler: After that particular scene when Baron already splashed his liquid waste directly towards the body of Ping Medina, there was an altercation between the two actors. Ping initiated the altercation because he was emotionally aggravated by Baron's alleged unethical behavior while the taping was going on. However, the two did not go through a physical altercation since Baron prefers not to exchange fists with Ping Medina after the incident while they are currently recording a certain shoot.

4. Ping Medina calls the media industry to deny Baron: It is understandable that Ping Medina is currently in an irate situation due to Baron's ethical behavior. This is the reason why he is calling several members of the media industry to take precautionary measures when they will be including Baron on set because Baron's ethical behavior is a serious issue. As a person, he lamented Baron's behavior to be a concerning issue because it significantly strains other actor's working relationship whenever they will be recording an important scene.

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5. FDCP is now investigating the incident: The chairperson, Liza Dino expressed her disappointment over the latest issue concerning Baron's ethical treatment towards his co-actors. As the chairperson, Liza is now assuring that the incident is already being investigated by her team. The FDCP team will collect vital information and analyze the result of the details on the incident to determine the consequences that can be filed against the person of interest responsible for aggravating the issue to the members of the crew.

Baron's past behavioral issues with other actors

It is not new if Baron will be involved in an altercation with other fellow actors in the future after the recent incident with Ping Medina. This is because Baron was involved in a scuffle with Kiko Matos a few months ago and went through a wrestling game to settle their differences. Aside from an altercation with fellow celebrities, Baron Geisler was also controversially seen in several viral videos, showing a separated altercation with other individuals.

In his defense, Baron reiterated that he initially asked for a permission to the production team before doing it with Ping Medina. The production team is yet to make a statement regarding the incident as it is still under investigation by the management staff and independent investigation panel

What do you think about Baron Geisler?

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