This year, there were two lucky young individuals who became internet sensations after they were photographs while doing their regular chores somewhere across the Philippines. Did you remember the sensational Carrot Man from Mountain Province and photogenic Badjao Girl from Lucena City in Quezon province? They were the first two individuals who unexpectedly generated thousands of fans in their respective communities for gaining popularity. Thanks to the marvels of technology because the internet can make you famous even just by taking your photograph.

Another sensational girl is trending online. Meet "Marian", a 12-year-old girl from Bangkahan in Gordon Heights, Olongapo City, Philippines. She was featured in "Kami Ang Batang Gapo Facebook Page" when several bloggers featured her in their articles that became viral. During that time where she was photographed, Marian was walking while she placed a large metal bucket at the top of her head while selling vegetable varieties in a local market in her community. Just looking at her, she symbolized her family's current socio-economic status, which is a sociological dilemma in the Philippines. People started sharing the post online and as of today, the post reached at least a thousand shares, tens of thousands of likes, and thousands of comments.
Marian or the "Gulay Girl"
Marian is turning 13 this month. At a young age, she needs to work with her parents to sustain their daily needs such as food, shelter, and less than a minimum wage to purchase goods. She doesn't mind being photographed by strangers as she continues to seek for kind-hearted patrons to buy her vegetables. Little did she know that her photos are already circulating online that makes her as the new internet sensation.

Marian is just 12-years-old and now selling vegetables to help her parents gain an extra income to feed her family. She is the eldest among the six siblings and she must help her parents to sustain the basic needs of her large nuclear family. With a family of eight and living under the shadows of poverty, Marian and her parents are clearly struggling to make ends meet on an everyday basis. Every morning, Marian wakes up early and starts the day walking down from the end of the hill in Gordon Heights and then proceed to the market to sell vegetables to the local community. She is usually selling vegetables accompanied by her parents and other siblings.

Due to poverty, Marian skipped schooling because her parents cannot afford to send her due to poverty. For a girl as young as 12, Marian should be in the 7th grade. But she is just in the 4th grade, which is a dilemma for her on when will she graduate in either elementary or high school. She opted to work and take the responsibility to earn money instead of learning, which could cause her future when she will become as an adult. Her mindset is concentrated on selling vegetables by means of going house-to-house method. As her daily routine to similar streets across Olongapo and nearby areas, she local communities started to become familiar with her.

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Watch Photo presentation of the Gulay Girl

Safety concerns

While thousands of netizens are praising the physical qualities of Marian or the Gulay girl, there are also some netizens who are also concerned about her safety. Since she is now trending online, there are criminal offenders out there who are known to prey on young girls. Marian is vulnerable because she is often seen alone while selling a variety of vegetables along the streets of Olongapo City. She can be taken easily by criminal offenders who will take advantage of her through abduction or abusive actions.

Marian is obviously living under the poverty line. Her family is not affiliated to any influential family or clan that could defend them from any criminal threats. As Marian is now gaining popularity online due to her charm and innocent look, there are numerous scammers who can lure her to participate in illegal activities. Marian's parents will be unaware that there are groups pretending as employees of a well-known company who will manipulate her. Offenders could easily storm their homes and then search for Marian.

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Liza Soberano Look-alike

Marian was tagged by the photographer and the Facebook page who displayed her photo to have a close resemblance on Liza Soberano, which is a local celebrity in the Philippines. Marian's footsteps could follow Liza because she displays an angelic face that captivated the hearts of netizens. After puberty, Marian could be more attractive than Liza Soberano because she already has that charming face that can attract more patrons who will be buying her vegetables in Olongapo.

The fair skinned-vegetable vendor represents a natural quality of a girl who can have a promising future ahead of her. She can be easily employed by several entertainment or talent management agencies to book her to several commercials, sitcoms, reality shows, or game shows. Marian is expected to appear on screen as she is now the new internet sensation after Jeyrick Sigmaton dubbed as the carrot man and Rita Gabiola that was tagged as the Badjao Girl.

Other notable online sensations

Jeyrick Sigmaton made waves online when he was spotted carrying a large basket of carrots in the Cordilleras. A blogger who went to the area and then noticed something rare about Jeyrick that several photographs were taken. When Jeyrick's photos was uploaded online, he was tagged as the "Carrot Man". He instantly made numerous viral hits online that made some brands who became interested making him as their brand's official endorser.

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Rita Gabiola was another internet sensation when she was photographed while begging for money along the streets of Lucban, Quezon province during the Pahiyas festival. Rita was then dubbed as the Badjao Girl because she is from the Badjao tribe, which are sea dwelling ethnic group that roams the seas of Sulu, South China Sea, and Celebes Sea. Rita became an official Pinoy Big Brother housemate for two weeks.

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