There will be a new face that will be representing Miss Earth Philippines 2016 as officially announced by Miss Earth Organization in Manila. Loren Artajos is the newly appointed Miss Earth Philippines 2016. She will now take the responsibility to be the new brand ambassadress of Miss Earth Philippines until she will turn over the crown to the next successor next year. This is just a few days later after Imelda Schweighart who resigned as Miss Earth Philippines when she was very pressured enough brought about by numerous controversies while she was representing the Philippines in Miss Earth 2016.

Loren Artajos is expected to fill the position where Imelda made it vacant after representing her country in Miss Earth 2016. Earlier, Kiara Giel Gregorio was expected to automatically replace Imelda Schweighart until the next edition of Miss Earth Philippines in 2017 takes over. It seems that Imelda failed to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the rightful winner of Miss Earth Philippines 2016. Loren Artajos is expected to crown the next successor that hopes to bring home the crown to represent the Philippines next year. As appointed by Ramon Monzon, who is the current president of Carousel productions, Loren Artajos is expected to crown her successor and hopes that next year will exceed today's controversies that will be won by a batch of disciplined ladies.
Loren Artajos
Loren Artajos was crowned as Miss Earth Philippines Water 2016, which is equivalent of 2nd runner-up or the third placer of a certain competition. The winner of Miss Earth Philippines 2016 was Imelda Schweighart and the 1st runner-up or Miss Earth Philippines Air 2016 was Kiara Giel Gregorio who represented London during that time.

Loran Artajos is a nursing graduate from Laoag City. She passed the Nursing Licensure Examination on June 2011. Since she may have been practicing her profession after winning as the third placer during the conclusion of Miss Earth 2016, she may file a leave of absence for her company to pursue her new responsibility for Carousel Productions. She will be continuing the legacy that Imelda left behind until she will crown her successor next year. This is an unexpected scenario since the presumed lady who will replace Imelda is not available at this time due to a commitment to her academic career abroad.

Kiara Giel Gregorio was thought to replace Imelda Schweighart, which is usually a traditional ascension method when the highest position is vacated. Kiara failed to replace Imelda as she is currently busy with her studies as she is now concentrating on her upcoming exams on hopes to become a lawyer someday. This means that the other next in line will take over and will continue whatever Imelda left behind as a former beauty queen of the Philippines, which was the former Miss Philippines Earth 2016. Loren is also obliged to report to the headquarters of Carousel productions to know her official schedule of activities.

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Watch why Imelda Schweighart became controversial

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Imelda Schweighart resigned as Miss Earth Philippines 2016 after she was tagged in a video where she made harsh words against the winner of Miss Earth 2016. During the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016, Imelda Schweighart was seen in the video who boastfully said that the winner has a fake nose, fake chin, and fake front. Imelda was not aware that one of the audiences took a video of her and then decided to publish it in social media. The video became an instant viral over the internet, raising an eyebrow to several individuals who watched her video.

Before the video controversy, Imelda was also involved in several intriguing issues. One of which is her debacle against fashion designer Leo Almodal. She stated that the gown that she will suppose to wear was suddenly handed on to Miss Ecuador. The incident made her very frustrated because Leo only allowed the gown for her to wear it only if she reached the top 16 semifinalists. However, Imelda Schweighart failed to reach the top 16 round of Miss Earth 2016.

Other controversies that involving Imelda was when she made one of the contestants to wholly swallow the seed of rambutan fruit. One of the candidates raised her health concern after experiencing abdominal discomfort when asked to swallow the seeds of rambutan fruit. This candidate blamed Imelda Schweighart. Netizens were quick to regard her action as a destabilization plot against other candidates. Rambutan is a hairy-like fruit that has a sweet edible seed inside it.

Imelda made other controversies such as likening President Duterte to Hitler. After that particular Hitler issue, Imelda compared herself as Einstein. These are just some of the most concerning issues that called the attention of Carousel Productions. The executives of Carousel Productions realized that they should have to talk to Imelda Schweighart after a series of controversies that made numerous online attention.

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Due to a series of humiliation and intense pressure from the netizens, a fashion designer, and by the Carousel Production, Imelda decided to quit. As based on her resignation letter, Imelda needs to accompany her mother to travel abroad indefinitely. This means that she would have to sacrifice to leave her post as Miss Earth Philippines 2016.

Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina was asked for an opinion for Imelda's resignation. Maxine responded that Imelda should be proud that she should have bashers or critics. This is because they are the tool for you to improve yourself and serve as an inspiration to do better in the competition. This means that she should not feel pressured from all negative comments against her.

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