A new heartthrob is now storming the internet after he was announced as one of the members of Pinoy Big Brother housemates. When he appeared in front of the camera, the audience cheered and became ballistic because this housemate is not an ordinary person. Tanner was introduced to the public by the host of Pinoy Big Brother on October 27, 2016. Since then, Tanner gained tens of thousands of fans from across the country due to his extraordinary physical features. For sure, Tanner will bring a great impact to the world of entertainment due to his extraordinary features.

Meet Tanner Mata, the new face of Pinoy Big Brother, which will now grace the reality television series featuring the lives of individuals being watched by hundreds of cameras inside the house. For sure, there will be more fans and followers who will be watching Pinoy Big Brother just to take a glimpse of Tanner Mata. This means that Pinoy Big Brother will have a new member that will spice up its followers. If Tanner Mata is the ultimate winner of the reality television series, he will be an instant celebrity in the Philippines. Aside from a potential winner, Tanner will also have a chance to win a real estate property, a brand new car, and a million peso in cash.
Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Tanner Mata
For fashion designers, Tanner Mata is already a familiar face because he already wore several clothing items before the product will be open to the market. Tanner also made numerous runway shows as he wears several luxury and famous clothing brands to the public. He is also featured in some fashion magazine that features new clothing items.

Tanner Mata is a very attractive model. His physical features ensemble an angelic charm with a magnetic attraction that captures the eyes of anyone who will be looking at his face. His sweet aura makes him easily lovable by followers and supporters. One interesting thing about him is his well-chiselled body, which is a typical feature being as a model. Tanner stands 6 feet tall, which is also a favorable height for models who do international runway shows around the world. Tanner will surely capture numerous hearts while he is publicly seen as one of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother house.

As young as 21 with a height of over 6 feet tall, Tanner is also regarded as a potential candidate for international male pageants. He is perfect to join national pageants that will choose the rightful representative to several new male pageants held internationally. These are Mister International, Mister World, Manhunt International, and other male pageants that Tanner can fit in. Tanner is also a good communicator because he speaks fluent English, which is his main language when growing up in the United States. Tanner is lucky working as a model because he was easily scouted by talent agencies when he came into the Philippines.

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5 facts about Pinoy Big Brother Tanner Mata

1. Tanner hails from Nueva Ecija: He is regarded as the ultimate heartthrob of Nueva Ecija when introduced to the public as an official Pinoy Big Brother housemate. Tanner's father is a Filipino and his mother is American. His father is from Nueva Ecija, making him an instant pride of the province because there is a new celebrity who is now being sought as a housemate televised by ABS-CBN. People from Nueva Ecija province will have the chance to see their native during weekdays after Born for You drama soap opera series of ABS-CBN channel 2.

2. Under IM Modeling Agency: Being gifted with perfect looks, Tanner is under IM Modelling Agency, which is an international modeling agency that is based in the Philippines. Tanner is one of their talents and always sends him to international fashion runway shows and other modeling events around the world. For this reason, Tanner is recognized by other international modeling agencies from around the world and willing to book him as one of their talents if there will be no contradicting interests with his contract with other agencies.

3. Tanner is a Filipino-American: Obviously, Tanner has a mixed race, making him lucky enough to be born with extraordinary features that he can take pride in himself. He is lucky enough to be born with good-looking genes that he can use it as his main card to pursue his career as a model. While being young, his international sensational charm could further attract other world-class modeling agency to let him walk through the runways of high-end fashion brands. Tanner might be always thankful for being born that way.

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4. Pinoy Big Brother Housemate: On October 27, 2016, Tanner Mata was officially announced by the Big Brother franchise of the Philippines as one of the new housemates. He hopes that he can gain further exposure as a local celebrity since entering the Pinoy Big Brother house. As soon as he will start exposing himself as a new sensational housemate, he will surely get numerous offers from a variety of entertainment companies to hire him as one of their talents in the future. Right now, you can watch the daily episode of Pinoy Big Brother lucky 7 edition that is currently being aired at the present.

5. Transitioning from a model to a celebrity sensation: Modeling is not only a God's gift to Tanner. After being scouted by ABS-CBN talents, he is now officially recognized as a local celebrity in the Philippines right after being introduced to the public as a housemate. Tanner has a bright future ahead of him at a young age because he will be given numerous contracts that can further make him more famous in the Philippines. Right now, Tanner is currently enjoying his position as a housemate as fans and supporters watch him do several tasks inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

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*Update: Tanner is also single. As based on his interview when he was asked by the hosts in Showtime variety show in ABS-CBN, Tanner publicly told the hosts and in front of the audience that he is still and ready to mingle. This is probably because he is working as an international model, moving from one place to another.

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