With the conclusion of Miss Earth 2016, there are hangovers from pageant enthusiasts and fans from all over the world who can't just move on from this annual beauty pageant. Miss Earth 2016 is Catherine Espin from Ecuador, the second woman from her country to bag the fourth largest beauty pageant in the world. She is expected to receive multiple awards and benefits from her home country after bringing home the most coveted crown to be the new Earth warrior who will be the new brand ambassadress of Miss Earth Organization. However, she is overshadowed by another beauty queen who is recently shaking up the world of beauty pageantry.

Miss Earth-Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart officially resigned, allowing Kiera Giel Gregorio, Miss Earth Air Philippines to take over. This is because Imelda made numerous scenes and that are now trending online due to a series of controversies that she made right after being crowned as Miss Earth-Philippines 2016. From being bullied to claiming faulty statements towards Miss Ecuador, which recently won Miss Earth 2016, Imelda has been the center of attention to pageant enthusiasts. One of her major downfalls is about being outspoken, in which some of her comments are regarded controversial for those who are affected by it. Many are disappointed, but there are some supporters who are still hopeful that Imelda will regain from this period of darkness in her career.
Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart
Imelda Schweighart was crowned as Miss Earth-Philippines 2016 on June 11, 2016. Imelda gained the license to represent the Philippines for Miss Earth 2016. However, Imelda Schweighart fell short for failing to enter the semifinalist spot during the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016. Catherine Espin from Ecuador bested 83 other delegates during the conclusion of the pageant on October 29, 2016.

Going back to Imelda's controversial series, pageant fanatics from all over the world were and are still concerned about her series of intriguing issues surrounding her. Many are wondering why there are numerous allegations that are pointing towards her. Every week, there are new issues about her that continue to gain attention to the audience. This is especially when she made comments relating to political, social, and personal issues. As a beauty queen, this scenario is very unusual for a representative of a certain nation who is currently carrying the flag of the Philippines in pursuit of being a role model to the society.

Aside from Imelda Schweighart, Catherine Espin is also under fire because there is a national director who is claiming a separate controversy. The national director of the Netherlands is claiming that Catherine Espin made an affair with one of the sponsors of Miss Earth beauty pageant. However, there is still no strong evidence to support it. Unlike Imelda Schweighart, there are photos, videos, and statements that made her even more controversial than the reigning Miss Earth 2016. Numerous photos, videos, and different points of view are now circulating to various social media websites regarding the controversial issues affecting Imelda Schweighart than the controversy of Catherine Espin.

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5 Controversial Facts about Imelda Schweighart

1. Alleged fake statements towards Miss Ecuador: A video of a lady assumed as Imelda Schweighart verbalized "Fake nose, Fake front, Fake face" is now circulating online. The girl is claiming that the winner of Miss Earth 2016 is packed with multiple cosmetic enhancements that make her beauty as fake. Imelda will have an explaining to do in this matter as she is believed to be the girl in the video. Miss Earth 2016 is Catherine Espin from Ecuador. As a delegate from a country who is now getting more serious about international beauty pageants, they undergo numerous enhancements.

2. Karla Henry's rants against Imelda: Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry made a shocking revelation when she posted a very long statement towards Imelda Schweighart. Obviously, the overall content of the post was about her disappointment that Imelda doesn't want to reach out to her as she only wants to provide comfort towards her. The only way that she wants to reach out is to post something in her social media account so that Imelda will have the time to read it and hopes to respond regarding the issue. Many pageant enthusiasts were surprised that a former international beauty queen rarely posted a statement regarding her disappointment towards a recent beauty queen from the Philippines.

3. Imelda likens Rodrigo Duterte to Hitler: Prior to the coronation night, Imelda Schweighart was talking with Miss Austria. Suddenly, she asked Miss Austria to confirm if Hitler is from Austria. But before answering yes, Miss Austria implied that it was a very bad question. And then Imelda likens Rodrigo Duterte to Hitler. She says that "Duterte is doing Hitler stuff in the Philippines". Imelda was slammed by the supporters of President Duterte for verbalizing insensitive comments through her social media account while representing the country for Miss Earth 2016.

4. Imelda compared herself to Einstein: Imelda was deeply sorry for likening President Rodrigo Duterte to Hitler and admitted that she was insensitive to say such bad comments. However, she compared herself to Albert Einstein because she was pertaining to mean and insane comments. This statement created another criticism by the people who watched the interview with DZMM, which is a radio news network operated by ABS-CBN corporation. Albert Einstein was a german scientist who rose to fame due to his very high intelligence quotient score, inspiring academic scholars.

5. Bullying: After the conclusion of Miss Earth-Philippines 2016, Imelda Schweighart made several comments that several candidates intentionally stole some of her personal belongings. Her shoes went missing, including her make-up, dresses, and other personal items. Previous titleholders from the Philippines eventually supported Imelda's claims, stating that they also suffered similar incidents when they competed in their respective pageants in the Philippines and abroad.


Carousel Productions officially announced that they have accepted Imelda Schweighart's voluntary resignation. The two camps met and discussed issues concerning the recent behavior of Imelda when her video went viral over her recent comments against Miss Ecuador, which she mentioned that she has a fake nose, behind, front, chin, and everything in front of the audience. Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Kiera Giel Gregorio to take over because Imelda failed to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as a role model to the Philippines and incoming beauty queen hopefuls.

Winning moment of Miss Ecuador Catherine Espin

Resignation Letter
from Noie Gumbat Facebook photo

From her resignation letter, Imelda Schweighart indicated that the main reason for her resignation is to accompany her mother overseas. The resignation was effective immediately to allow Kiera Giel Gregorio to replace her as the new Miss Earth-Philippines 2016. The letter was forwarded to Lorraine Shuck, the executive vice-president of Carousel productions. Lorraine than hopes Imelda for any future endeavors for Imelda Schweighart.

Gown controversy

Imelda claims that she should be the one wearing the gown during the final's night. However, the designer, Leo Almodal made an official statement that he immediately agree to dress Imelda without any pay. Sadly, Imelda did not make it to top 16. Miss Ecuador ordered Leo Almodal a piece that did not materialize. So Leo decided to use the yellow gown instead for Miss Ecuador. Leo stated that it is his right to decide what to do with his property since Imelda was complaining that she should still use the dress.

Why is Imelda Schweighart involved in a series of controversies?

  • Lacks emotional support: A supportive fan base is one of the most important scenarios to improve Imelda's belief in herself as a candidate. However, instead of support, Imelda receives numerous backlash from various pageant critics. This issue made her even more frustrated. 
  • Cyberbullying: Imelda received numerous harsh comments from various netizens who were dismayed at her performance. An emotionally driven reaction can cause other netizens to sneak into Imelda's personal social media account just to collect confidential information. 
  • Unable to receive proper counseling: Basing from her outspoken behavior, Imelda needs to have a friend who will always there to provide as a mirror to her actions. However, a friend in need was not there to actually volunteer to guide her actions during the course of the competition. 
  • Very low confidence: Let's face it, Imelda wants to express something from her mind through her social media account. However, intense bashing is all over the place that made her confidence at the lowest level. 
What do you think about Imelda's recent controversies? Was it her fault? or Was it because there are real reasons behind these issues?

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