Failed marital affairs are some of the worst experiences for those who already exchanged their vows inside the church or in front of the judge. This is the worst-case scenario for every couple who are unable to fix things up to save their relationship or their family. Failed relationship could lead into extra-marital affairs because one or both of the couples are no longer comfortable with their relationship. In the end, life will never be the same for couples who just failed to save their marriage. The consequence is that the other partner will seek for a new one while the other opts to let him or herself involved in substance abuse practices.

This is the case of Jodi Santa Maria. She is a local celebrity in the Philippines known for her famous roles in several movies and soap operas in her country. Jodi admitted that she suffered from substance abuse after being estranged from her husband, Panfilo Lacson Jr. During that time, Jodi suffered a significant emotional disturbance because the pain that she felt when her failed marriage started to break her life is one of the worst things that happened in her life. The revelation made by Jodi Santa Maria shocked the public because they were not expecting that she was into prohibited substances before.
Celebrity Actress Jodi Santa Maria
Jodi Santa Maria is already 34 years old. She is a well-accomplished local celebrity in the Philippines from a variety of movies, soap operas, and variety game show events. Her acting career made her land on several leading roles in soap operas. One of these roles when she played the character of "Amor Powers" in "Pangako Sa 'Yo" or Promise you.

Prior being given to big roles, Jodi Santa Maria had a secret past. This is a secret that she needs to tell it to the public so that she will lessen the risk of being targetted by vigilante when there will be a profiling of celebrities who were previously involved in an illegal narcotics trade. As a celebrity, Jodi Santa Maria wants to make sure that her past will not haunt her because telling the truth to the public will clear her conscience and will help her to move on. As she decided to move on from her past, verbalizing her secret is one of the most challenging things that she can do to alleviate the emotional burden that she has been suffering from numerous decades.

As a celebrity, Jodi Santa Maria wants to make sure that if she will be ready, to tell the truth to the public, it should be in a perfect timing. A timing that the reactions will not be a negative one, which could affect her personal life and professional career. So Jodi waited for the right time before telling the public what she had undergone during her darkest days. She hopes that her fans and followers can understand her situation after telling the truth that she went through from those darkest years in her life as an estranged wife. She also expects that there will be negative criticisms that will be going against her after revealing something about her past.

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Change starts from yourself

Jodi Santa Maria wants to use her past experience as a tool for the public that change always starts from yourself. Even though you are suffering from severe marital problems with your partner or family, it is still you who can change yourself. Accepting the reality is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that you will start moving on from your painful past. When you decide to change that starts from yourself, you will be able to start overcoming challenges that can help you to start a new life.

Discipline is one of the most important considerations that a person must have to undergo because This is where you will have to ensure that your life will be better if you start to move on from the past and being a productive life. If you learn how to control your urge from doing something inappropriate, this means that you are already starting to change. When you are able to control your urgency from doing anything harm, this is the time that you can already overcome any fears that will eventually start being back on track to do appropriate activities.

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Warning to other celebrities

As a celebrity, Jodi admitted that resorting to prohibited narcotics and drinking alcoholic beverages in an excessive level became a part of her routine after breaking up with her husband. By revealing the truth to the public, she wants other celebrities not to follow what she had done before. This is because we are now under an administration that is keen on prohibited narcotics. At this point, there are numerous celebrities that were already apprehended by the authorities. Some were not lucky because they were already executed by unidentified gunmen.

By revealing her past lifestyle, Jodi will not be surprised if she will be enlisted as one of the celebrities that is now under the watchlist. However, she indicated that she already moved on from the past and will never risk her life while enjoying the peak of her career path. She hopes that other celebrities who were unknowingly involved in the trade, use, and distribution of prohibited narcotics to stop before they will regret it for the rest of their life.

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Marital controversy

Jodi Santa Maria and Panfilo Lacson Jr. made separate ways sometime on August of 2010. The couple admitted that they silently separated without the need to inform the public. Panfilo Lacson made the first move to comment about their marital status and indicated to the public that their privacy should be respected. Jodi did not comment on the issue and would rather keep mum to prevent any unfortunate incident that would cause further harm to their relationship.

Actress Iwa Moto surfaced to the public months after Pampi made a statement regarding their marital situation. Iwa claims that Jodi made an affair with her ex-boyfriend while they are still together with Pampi. Miss Moto also made a supportive statement, claiming that Pampi was not indeed inducing physical harm against Jodi while they were still together.

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