Remembering those who represented our country is a way of giving thanks even if they are already gone in this world. This All Saint's day, it is an annual tradition for the Christianized countries to visit the graveyards of their loved ones, especially if they are located near the burial site of their beloved families, friends, and relatives. But if you are located hundreds of kilometers away from your deceased loved one during All Saint's Day, the only thing for you to do is to grab any memorabilia and then pray for their souls.

In the field of beauty pageantry, there are several beauty queens who represented their countries for international beauty pageants. But it was unfortunate that they joined our creator at a very young age when they encountered an incident that took away their precious lives. Their supposed dreams were already shattered because each plan would never materialize in the near future. As a beauty queen title holder, the hopes and dreams of pursuing yourself as a role model will never materialize as you will already be in another dimension of the world who will enter the eternal life forever. The only thing that people could remember you is during All Saint's Day that happens every November 1, especially if you are living in a Christianized country.
Beauty queens who passed away, Melody Gershbach, Amparro Munoz, Chat Silayan, Nafisa Joseph, and Monica Spear
All Saint's Day is an annual holiday celebrated by all Christian nations all over the world. It is a day where people will pay respect to their loved ones who already passed away for several reasons. As a person in the present world, you often go to places where your loved ones are currently buried. These are cemeteries, the place where they ashes were released, or at the shore where their bodies were sailed away from the shoreline.

It is believed that there are some spirits visits their loved ones during All Saint's Day. This is because people who passed away wants to know how their loved ones are doing even though the living could not see them or feel their presence. For the relatives of those who passed away, they still want that them to show up to seek for questions that were never answered when they were still living from the past years. Nevertheless, the living and the dead sees All Saint's Day as the day for them to commemorate the past moments when they were together for hoping that they could reminisce the past.

In the world of entertainments, if you become a beauty queen who won the license to represent your country in international beauty pageant competition, you are automatically regarded as a celebrity. The bonus part is when you win, you will automatically become an international sensation. As a beauty queen celebrity, brands and companies want to make you as the endorser of their brand and services to the public, creating a new opportunity for your career to have a life after being a beauty queen in your country. However, hopes and promising career can stumble immediately when you encounter a fatal accident that could torment your supporters in a large scale. There are several beauty queens who made their supporters made several gallons of tears after discovering about their fatal encounter.

Beauty queens who will be remembered this All Saint's Day

1. Nafisa Joseph: 
Miss Universe 1997 semifinalist Nafisa Joseph of India
She was an Indian model, actress, and a former beauty queen from India. She won Femina Miss India 1997 and represented her country in Miss Universe 1997 and ended as one of the semifinalists during the competition. Nafisa Joseph returned to her home country where she became even more famous as a television presenter, actress, model, and commercial celebrity. She was engaged with Gautam Khanduja; however, there were problems with their supposed marriage when Nafisa discovered that Khanduja was still married to his former wife. Out of depression, Nafisa Joseph hanged herself inside her flat and joined our creator on July 14, 2004.

2. Chat Silayan: 
Miss Universe 1980 third runner-up Chat Silayan of Philippines
Binibining Pilipinas Universe 1980 Chat Silayan gained the license to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 1980. Chat Silayan's angelic face and elegance made her way through the semifinalists. She eventually landed as the third runner-up during the coronation night of the pageant that was won by Shawn Weartherly from the United States. Chat became an actress in the Philippines after an impressive finish at Miss Universe 1980. On April 23, 2006, Chat Silayan succumbed to colon cancer. She was 46 years-old.

3. Melody Gershbach: 
Miss International 2009 semifinalist Melody Gersbach of Philippines
She was a Filipina beauty queen and model in the Philippines. She started joining local pageants until she participated as a candidate in Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) 2009. She was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas-International 2009 or Miss Philippines International 2009. Melody became one of the finalists of Miss International that was won by Anagabriela Espinosa of Mexico. On August 21, 2010, Melody was supposed to attend an executive meeting with the board of Miss Bicolandia beauty pageant. However, she was killed in a car accident along with her make-up artists and her driver.

4. Amparro Munoz: 
Miss Universe 1974 Amparro Munoz of Spain
She was a beauty queen, model, and an actress from Spain. Amparro Munoz won as Miss Universe in 1974, the first for her country. However, she was dethroned for failing to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as a beauty queen. Even though she was stripped-off from her crown, Amparro became an instant sensation in Spain and then offered numerous entertainment projects that officially made her a local celebrity. She produced several movies, hosting television shows, and participating in variety shows in her country. On February 27, 2011, Amparro Munoz died due to an idiopathic Parkinson's disease.

5. Monica Spear-Mootz:
Miss Universe 2005 fourth runner-up Monica Spear
She was a famous Venezuelan beauty queen, actress, and local model in her home country. In 2004, Monica was crowned as Miss Venezuela and gained the licensed to represent Venezuela in Miss Universe 2005. Monica Spear from Venezuela was concluded as the fourth runner-up during the conclusion of the pageant that was won by Natalie Glebova of Canada. Monica suffered the most tragic death among the five beauty queens. She was killed during a highway robbery attempt along with her husband on January 6, 2014. Luckily, their daughter survived the incident with a gunshot wound on her leg.

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