Are you excited to check the latest trends in Miss Supranational? With just one month away, pageant fanatics, enthusiasts, and critics already made up their predictions that you can see elsewhere in social media websites. There are web pages, social media page, groups, and newsfeeds that display some contestants that could place during the coronation event of Miss Supranational 2016. Since it is already November, this grand slam pageant is now starting to heat up. For this reason, The Trending Facts presents you Miss Supranational top 20 Predictions and Favorites in this year's edition of the pageant.

But before anything else, let us first discuss the upcoming Miss Supranational Pageant 2016. This pageant will take place in the Hall of Sports, Krynica-Zdroj, Poland on December 2, 2016. Expected candidates are over 100. As of November, there are at least 69 candidates who confirmed to participate the event in Poland. The reigning Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman will crown her successor. The final event will be broadcasted live via satellite by Polsat broadcasting network, which is one of Poland's main television networks.
Miss Supranational 2016 top 20 predictions
Miss Supranational is an international beauty pageant for female participants. The pageant's main advocacy is to unite the world with beauty, allowing participants from all over the world to use their charm and elegance to unite the world. All contestants will serve as ambassadress from their own countries to unite and share cultures while they participate together until the final's night.

With just a less than a month before the pageant, the confirmed candidates are now having their last minute training session in preparation for their biggest event of their lives. These include catwalk training, question and answer strategies, and to do their own makeup since most of them will arrive and compete alone during the course of the pageant. Literally, Miss Supranational contestants will be battling alone, supported by their mentors who are in their countries. Thanks to the power of social media, candidates can still use the internet as a tool to communicate with their mentors back to their countries.

There are several candidates who already joined other international beauty pageants, making them as a potential frontrunner in this competition. As there are veterans, fresh-faced ladies are also gunning any possibilities to outshine their competitors. But still, candidates should always rely on their instincts by just believing their capabilities to increase any possibilities to win the crown. Confidence is always the key for every contestant to maximize their potential as a way to make their way to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. These are the ladies that could possibly dominate Miss Supranational as based on their skills, experience, projections, and confidence.

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Video Presentation of Miss Supranational top 20 Predictions

Miss Supranational top 20 Predictions and Favorites

1. BELARUS (Polina Pimahina)
Polina Pimahina
This delegate from Belarus is a model prototype. In every angle, her beauty transforms into another version, making her a formidable delegate. One thing more is about her body language. She knows how to position her body and then creates an angle to create an appealing vision to the audience to anyone who will look at her. The only thing about her is the personality, which will make a pavement with her modelesque face and body language that could allow her to penetrate the top 20 spot.

2. BOLIVIA (Yesenia Barrientos)
Yesenia Barrientos
The first Latina to enter the quarterfinalist spot is a lady that has a very vibrant personality. Yesenia can easily penetrate the top 20 spot while using her bubbly personality. But don't ignore her face with her effortless queenly aura can easily capture the hearts of the judges and generate numerous fans in Poland. Her vibrant personality can translate into a highly valued stage presence, which could further help her to get noticed once she will walk in front of the stage. Her beauty and personality should be consistent all throughout the pageant to make her way through the finals.

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3. BRAZIL (Cloris Loana Junges)
Cloris Loana Junges
By just looking at her face, you can see something from her that makes her shine. And yes, she has the strong determination to win. Cloris is an experienced beauty pageant contestant wherein she was a semifinalist during Miss Global Beauty Queen pageant in 2015. Her aura is her strongest weapon by just using her queenly vibe as she walks in front of the stage. She is also a trained beauty queen, making her a potential threat to other delegates because Cloris is a complete package that could easily be called as one of the quarterfinalists.

4. CZECH REPUBLIC (Michaela Havova)
Michaela Havova
The Czech Republic is regarded as a sleeping giant in the world of beauty pageantry because they always produce contestants that represent a classic Eastern European beauty. Michaela is no exception in their pageant because she can take a full advantage by representing the Czech Republic in her neighboring country Poland. Michaela can take this full advantage to allow her sash to regain her country's long-lost glory in beauty pageantry. It is no surprise if Michaela will be called as one of the quarter-finalist during the finals night.

5. ECUADOR (Maria Isabel Pineyro)
Maria Isabel Pineyro
This country is slowly becoming the new pageant superpower in the Latin American region. Maria Isabel is now carrying a strong sash that could help her called as one of the top 20 delegates during the final's night. But when you look at her, she reminds you of something. This is because she might be the long lost daughter of Lupita Jones of Mexico. When pageant fanatics from Poland will start to liken her to Lupita Jones, this will be one of the main reasons for her to penetrate the top 20 and can even brush through the top 3 spot.

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6. EGYPT (Manet Mahmood)
Manet Mahmood
A woman from Egypt is also keeping her cards right in order to penetrate the quarterfinals. Manet Mahmood hopes that she could be the first woman to be crowned as Miss Supranational, which could be a reality because she is now representing a woman that is full of substance and advocacy to bring honor to her country. And this is a possible chance because her win could further promote the advocacy of Miss Supranational to unite Muslims and Western societies. Manet's charm and full of positivism could help her mark a historic achievement in Miss Supranational using her great body, unique facial features, and full of confidence.

7. GERMANY (Anja-Vanessa Peter)
Anja-Vanessa Peter
Anja is also an experienced beauty queen that hopes to uplift the sash of Germany for Miss Supranational 2016. Anja has a Filipino descent and previously joined Binibining Pilipinas 2015 (Miss Philippines) and was a semifinalist. One thing about Anja is that her experience and great catwalk skills can easily make her enter the quarterfinalist spot. Watch out for her stage presence because Anja could utilize her confidence that could elevate all possibilities to march through the top 3 spots during the final's night of the pageant.

8. INDIA (Srinidhi Shetty)
Srinidhi Shetty
This country has been suffering from national pageantry chaos. But Srinidhi is determined to put things on the right track. Srinidhi has the beauty that could follow the footsteps of her predecessor who just won as Miss Supranational 2014. Srinidhi has a charming face value, great body, and a trained delegate who is ready to bring back the crown to Asia. Srinidhi is also determined to be crowned as Miss Supranational 2016 if her cards are in her favor on December 2, 2016.

9. INDONESIA (Intan Alertrino)
Intan Alertrino
This year, Indonesia is elevating in the world of beauty pageantry. Intan is one of the dark horses that you don't want to single out. She has been trained by a new beauty camp in Indonesia, under the skill of Whulandary. The new training camp of Indonesia has just produced its major Grand Slam crown when Ariska Putri Pertiwi won Miss Grand International 2016 and Miss International 2016 second runner-up, Felicia Hwang. With her almond-shaped eyes, Intan could repeat this possibility when she will reveal her formidable catwalk skill as trained by the best female models in her country.

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10. MALAYSIA (Julylen Liew Gizelle)
Julylen Liew Gizelle
An interesting delegate from Malaysia is also expected to initiate a positive attention to Miss Supranational 2016. The physical features of Julylen Liew Gizelle is not a typical Malaysian oriental beauty, rather, an exotic delegate is set to create a history to penetrate the quarterfinalist spot. Her exotic feature can help her way through the finals. The only thing about her is her confidence and stage presence for her to continue her potential to be the ultimate winner of the pageant in December.

11.  MALTA (Dajana Laketic)
Dajana Laketic
She is probably one of the best faces in this year's edition of Miss Supranational 2016. Dajana is comparable to a barbie with a light blonde hair and a very alluring pair of blue eyes. This delegate's ultra-magnetic facial feature is her best weapon to win the title if she can combine it with proper confidence and an explosive catwalk skill. Dajana's body is already chiseled enough that makes her ready to conquer Miss Supranational 2016. She could probably win this year's competition if she could properly use her confidence, proper answer, and catwalk skills.

12. MEXICO (Cynthia De La Vega)
Cynthia De la Vega
Mexico's delegates are performing impressively in Miss Supranational pageant. However, they always fell short to the winners. Will Cynthia break the urban legend of her past predecessors? Yes, she can because she can utilize her persona to show her fierceness to make her way through the top. Cynthia is also a trained delegate that can easily enter the quarterfinalist spot during the final's night. The only thing that she can do is to consistently maintain her fierceness to become a formidable delegate.

13. MYANMAR (Swe Zin Thet)
Swe Zin Thet
From the land of the Golden Temples, Swe Zin Thet hopes that she could be the first Burmese delegate to penetrate the quarterfinalist of a grand slam beauty pageant. Her unique features as an Asian delegate represents the culture of oriental beauty. She can promote her natural aura to the audience and mix it with her proper catwalk and confidence to outshine her strong Asian competitors. However, Myanmar should study how to utilize her walk properly as her neighbors are all stepping up to outshine other delegates from around the world.

14. PHILIPPINES (Joana Eden)
Joana Eden
The recent win of Kylie Versoza as the new Miss International 2016 officially made the Philippines as the country to beat in all grand slam pageants. Joana Eden has all the recipe to make her a successful international beauty queen. She has the charm, the proper training attention, and the skill to make herself outstanding. The confidence level is already enough for her that makes her as the woman to beat. However, confidence should be controlled, proper styling should be applied so that she could make a consistent performance. Together with a proper honest and personified answer, it will not be a surprise if Joana will be the second woman to win Miss Supranational 2016.

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15. SOUTH AFRICA (Talitha Bothma)
Talitha Bothma
A stunner from the African continent will try to snatch the crown to be the first from the continent to win Miss Supranational 2016. Talitha embodies the beauty of a beauty queen stunner who exudes a face that is worth millions. This girl has the facial advantage to make her a prominent candidate throughout the competition. Her stage presence when she stands in front of the audiences, makes her an obvious delegate that judges should look out for. Her body is also great, and her persona could deliver an interesting performance during the final night.

16. THAILAND (Chatchadaporn Kimakorn)
Chatchadaporn Kimakorn
As a runner-up of Miss Grand International Thailand winner, chatchadaporn hopes to make it big during the final's night of Miss Supranational. She is also trained by her local beauty camp in her country that hopes to make a mark as the first Thai to win Miss Supranational. She has the style, elegance, and the proper stage presence to help her fly through the top 3 on the final event. Chatchadaporn is also a well-trained delegate that could make her one of the best Asian to win the title.

17. UKRAINE (Lena Anastasiia)
Lena Anastasiia
Probably the best face of the entire competition. Lena has the most appealing charm in this edition of Miss Supranational 2016. The angelic aura that can be observed from her charm creates an invisible vibe that easily attracts the attention of the judges. She has the great body, great persona, and with a sophisticated look, which symbolizes a beauty with a charisma. Lena is also regarded as the girl to beat in this entire edition of Miss Supranational 2016.

18. UNITED STATES (Alexis Sherrill)
Alexis Sherrill
As a beauty pageant titleholder in her home country, Alexis wants to prove that Miss Supranational could also crown a delegate with a different persona, feature, and aura. Alexis represents multicultural diversity. Alexis is also trained in the United States by several beauty pageant camps before sending her in Poland. She has a well-toned body, energetic personality, and an exotic beauty, she can make a big difference during the final's night.

19. VENEZUELA (Valeria Vespoli)
Valeria Vespoli
A woman from the powerhouse country in the world of beauty pageantry. Venezuela continues to dominate the world of pageantry to prove that all the girls from their country stand out. Valeria Vespoli is no exception to this strategy made by the Venezuelans as she aims to clinch the crown as the first woman from her country. Valeria is very prepared and she got what it takes to be the next Miss Supranational 2016. Consistency, personality, and confidence will only be the things that she could maintain to bring a new crown for her country.

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20. VIETNAM (Kha Trang)
Kha Trang
Vietnamese ladies are also improving and hoping for the right condition to place in every pageant in all grand slam beauty pageants. But do not underestimate Kha Trang because she can also make a difference in Miss Supranational 2016. Kha Trang's aura has a strong vibrancy, together with her strong persona, which could help her penetrate the quarterfinals. The only thing that she can do is to make a strategy on her communication skills because she will be competing in a country where English is not their main language.

Who is your favorite bet among these 20 ladies?

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