Albuerta Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa who was tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte was fatally shot inside Baybay Sub-Provincial Jail. Rolando Espinosa was involved in a widespread illegal narcotics trade that was tipped by the President. Espinosa established a wide network of syndicates and criminal organizations across the Eastern Visayas region, initiating illegal trading, use, and distributing narcotics trade. Their networks were rampantly distributing prohibited substances across the region that attracted the attention of the authorities including Philippine National Chief Bato Dela Rosa and President Rodrigo Duterte.

As based on the incident, It was on November 5 at approximately 4 in the morning when Mayor Rolando Espinosa allegedly resisted arrest from the authorities. Mayor Rolando Espinosa was reportedly attempted to grab the gun of the police officers from the Criminal Investigations Detection Group. The responding police officers claimed to defend themselves and were able to shot the Mayor to prevent further threat of harm inside his prison cell. After the incident, the Mayor immediately died on the scene of the incident after the altercation with the members of the CIDG.
Albuerta Mayor Roland Espinosa Sr
Rolando Espinosa Sr was the Mayor of Albuerta in Leyte Province after winning the election on May 9, 2016, national elections. Since Rolando is already dead, incumbent Vice-Mayor Rosa Meneses will take over as the new Mayor of Albuerta Leyte. The number 1 council member who was just elected during the May 2016 polls will automatically ascend as the new vice-mayor of Albuerta, Leyte.

As based on the police report, gun grabbing was the main cause of the incident that sparked a firefight inside the prison facility. Mayor Espinosa was with other inmates when they sparked a heated commotion against the members of the CIDG. The authorities were just trying to serve an arrest warrant inside his detention cell facility to further process his involvement with several criminal activities. Mayor Rolando Espinosa's death triggers a massive online and media attention because his case is considered as a high profile case. This is a sad fate for a mayor who was tagged as one of the most notorious narco-politicians in the Philippines.

Earlier, Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. was arrested by the authorities on the 4th of October for violating RA 9165, which is the Dangerous anti-narcotics Act. Police who raided his residential areas were able to recover several high-powered firearms inside his home. There were also several armed men who were at his house that was involved in a gunfight with the police. Other than high-powered firearms, police also recovered several prohibited narcotics inside his home along with paraphernalia that was used by his armed men while protecting his properties in Albuerta, Leyte.

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Earlier in September, Albuerta Mayor Ronald Espinosa Sr. was one of the narco-politicians enlisted by President Duterte during his speech in August. President Rodrigo Duterte announced the names of all involved public officials as part of his crackdown on the distribution, use, and selling of prohibited narcotics. Mayor Ronald Espinosa was named because he was a part of a notorious network and syndicated narcotics group that are rampantly operating in the Eastern Visayas region.

Mayor Ronald Espinosa Sr. immediately surrendered himself along with another mayor in an effort to clear their names from the alleged lists of narco-politicians. But the main concentration of narco-politicians was pointed out towards Mayor Albuerta Mayor Ronald Espinosa Sr. Local residents in the area are aware in his illegal operations as well as having the reputation for having a private army in his own yarn inside his residence. Some of these armed guards were aggressive to other residents, prompting a concern to his suspicious activities in the region.

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Mayor's son, Kerwin Espinosa or Ronald Espinosa Jr. was also listed as one of the most notorious violators of RA 9165. He then went hiding before his father surrendered himself to the authorities. Mayor pleaded to his son to follow what his father did in order to clear his name. However, Kerwin Espinosa became as a fugitive since he was named by the Duterte administration as one of the most notorious RA 9165 offenders.

Kerwin Espinosa was then arrested in Abu Dhabi after hiding for several months. Several residents who recognized his face immediately reported to the authorities about his whereabouts. Police authorities are now wondering how he got into Abu Dhabi because he was placed in a hold departure order by the Bureau of Immigration to stop him from leaving the country. PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa went to United Arab Emirate to cooperate with the authorities and brought Kerwin back to the Philippines to face charges.

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Questionable fate of Mayor Ronald Espinosa

There are several criticisms surrounding Mayor Ronald Espinosa Sr's death. This was about the suspiciousness of the incident wherein the police have declared that he was attempting to grab one of the firearms of the authorities when they are going to serve an arrest warrant to the mayor. "Gun-grabbing incident" is the most utilized reason for police officers when there are inmates who were killed inside the prison facility.

Mayor Espinosa's case will surely bring a big blow against the Philippine National Police. Families, friends, and relatives of Mayor Espinosa who will be questioning the death of former mayor will likely to stain the integrity of the Philippine National Police due to their harsh treatment of an offender involved in a high-profile case. The incident is expected to create a massive criticism on how they handle a case. Political analysts and critics believe that the Philippine National Police Ronald Dela Rosa and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's ratings can be affected by this incident.

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