A former beauty contestant was nabbed by the Philippine National Police in Manila on November 28, 2016 for possessing illegal narcotics. This was based on a tip from police assets and witnesses who helped the police authorities to decrease the number of users and pushers of illegal narcotics around the country. Police did not know more about Mariafe Garlit; however, when former beauty contestants and entertainment personalities recognized her, authorities were shocked to find out that they have arrested a former pageant personality.

Mariafe Garlit was nabbed along with Maria Lovella Rival during the buy bust operation in Sampaloc area in Manila. The police initially targets Maria Lovella Rival; however, reports from tipsters reveal that Mariafe was also involved with the selling and using of prohibited narcotics. Both Mariafe Garlit and Maria Lovella Rival are facing criminal charges filed by the police after being arrested in Sampaloc. Both are charged with the violation of Sections 11, 12 and 15 of Article II R.A 9165 and are now serving detention inside the prison facility of Manila Police District and waiting for their trial under the jurisdiction of Manila Trial Court.
Binibining Pilipinas 1992 Miss Photogenic Mariafe Severino Garlit
As based on the mugshot of Mariafe Severino Garlit, she appears to be very emotional as authorities are now profiling her as one of the newest offenders of RA 9165. Both Mariafe and Maria Lovella will be questioned to help the authorities identify the network that they are currently engaged. This is to track the network of individuals responsible for violating RA 9165.

The Philippine National Police are now intensifying its double barrel campaign against the spread of illegal narcotics across the country. This is the second phase where the police are now targeting all personalities from the entertainment industry as well as individuals who are working in white collar industries. Since the arrest of a former beauty pageant contestant, Mariafe could help the authorities to identify other violators of RA 9165 who are still on the loose, continuing to violate the laws of the Philippine government.

Since Rodrigo Duterte won a ticket as the newest head of state by winning the presidency, the Philippines intensified its campaign against violators of RA 9165. This is known as the Dangerous Narcotics Act, which prohibits the use, selling, manufacturing, and distribution of illegal narcotics across the country. Rodrigo Duterte wants to transform the Philippines as a safe country for its locals not to worry about the negative elements of the law. This is also applicable for tourists who will feel safe whenever they will visit the Philippines as part of their leisure activity in the country for several days. Crime rates significantly decreased due to the campaign of Duterte to dissolve all violators of RA 9165.

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5 facts about former Binibining Pilipinas 1992 contestant Mariafe Severino Garlit

1. She was a former beauty pageant contestant: Mariafe Severino joined Binibining Pilipinas in 1992. At the present, Mariafe is already 46-years-old. But when she joined Binibining Pilipinas, she was 22-year-old in 1992. Mariafe Severino Garlit stands 5'6 tall, which is within the acceptable height range for a beauty pageant contestant who is aiming to represent the country for international beauty pageant competitions. She was confident, energetic, and was full of dreams during that time, which is in contrast with her current situation as a detainee for violating RA 9165.

2. Mariafe Severino Garlit was awarded as Miss Photogenic: Are you surprised that Mariage Garlit bagged the Miss Photogenic award when she joined Binibining Pilipinas in 1992. Miss Photogenic award is one of the most valuable special awards that a candidate due to their unique and outstanding beauty, outshining the winners of the competition. Even though she failed to land on the top 6 spots during the local competition in 1992, Mariafe is very happy that the camera loves every angles that she makes whenever they do a series of photo shoots during the course of the pageant.

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3. Reached the semi-finalist spot: Aside from being awarded as the most photogenic during Binibining Pilipinas 1992 beauty pageant, Mariafe Garlit was also a semi-finalist. After the gown and swimsuit presentation, the semifinalists are required to undergo a rigid question and answer portion to determine who will be the winner and runner-ups of Binibining Pilipinas. Mariafe Garlit had the chance to further continue her campaign by undergoing a rigorous question and answer portion of the pageant.

4. Violated RA 9165: As based from the Philippine constitution, RA 9165 is referred to as the Dangerous Narcotics Act of the Philippines. Any person who were caught using, selling, distributing, and manufacturing prohibited narcotics will be automatically apprehended by being arrested and then imprisoned. For Mariafe's case, she will surely face the consequences after violating RA 9165 along with her female partner during the buy-bist operation led by the members of the Philippine National Police.

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5. Mariafe is currently in a same-sex relationship: Maria Lovella Rival is a lesbian and is in current relationship with Mariafe Garlit. Since they are both in the same gender, Mariafe and Maria Lovella are detailed in the same detention cell. Mariafe is just among the few former beauty pageant contestants who have had or currently in a same sex relationship. However, the LGBT community is surely to be saddened by Mariafe and Maria Lovella's involvement with the campaign against illegal narcotics because both of them were arrested for violating RA 9165.

As a beauty pageant personality, you are always being looked upon by the younger generation. If you achieved something that benefits your interest as well as for the general population, this is something that you should be proud of and will make a mark for the rest of your life. However, if you violate a serious offense, your image will be tarnished with negativity because it could hamper your success in life. As the case of Mariafe, it is already late for her to realize about the wrong path that she chose as she is now serving several legal charges by the authorities.

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