Miss World 2016 beauty pageant is now heating up with just one month before the new queen will be crowned. More than half of the world will participate and grace the event, which has the largest number of entrants than any pageants in the world. Before the year ends, Miss World will probably be the most anticipated international beauty pageant on December. There will be at least 118 entrants who confirmed to be gracing the event for as long as there will be no unexpected circumstances that might affect their participation.

Most participants have already prepared for their media presentation as part of their multimedia entries for Miss World. More than half of the participants have already completed their pageant training in preparation for the big night, which is the coronation night. Preparation is a serious business for every representative of each lady from around the world because every year, Miss World is getting more competitive. Each country is now learning to maximize their candidate's potential by means of improving their catwalk, projection, confidence, strategy to answering questions, and stage presence in front of the stage.
Miss World 2016 top 20 Predictions and Favorites
Miss World 2016 is the 66th edition of the international beauty pageant. The international event will be held at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, United States. The exact date of the pageant will be on December 18, 2016. The reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna of Spain will be crowning her successor during the coronation night.

This year's edition of Miss World is excited because the other major pageant, Miss Universe will be held one month later on January 30, 2017. Pageant fanatics can concentrate on analyzing their favorite contestants. Determining contestants who will have the possibility to enter the top 20 spot is very challenging because it seems that this year has the most number of delegates who will be competing to win as the most beautiful woman in the world this 2016. Critics will have to weigh in several criteria so that they can determine several candidates that have the potential to win Miss World.

But then after analyzing several candidates that can have the potential to win this year's competition, there are some candidates who are already making a noticeable attention. These are the ladies who are carrying a strong sash as brought about by their historical triumphs during the past editions of Miss World. Some countries are taking pageants very seriously because they organize several beauty pageant camps to train their delegates who will be sent to international competitions. But for countries who are just starting to send their delegates, they should have to learn from the pioneers who already mastered the art and style of beauty pageantry.

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Video presentation of Miss World 2016 top 20 favorites

Here are Miss World 2016 top 20 Predictions and Favorites

Fatima Nascimento
This woman from the south Caribbean region has got what it takes to be one of the lucky semi-finalists of Miss World 2016 competition. They are just a few miles away from powerhouse Venezuela, who is a trained beauty queen. As a Caribbean woman, this lady has a Latinized prototype feature that makes her stand out during the course of the pageant. With her sweet appeal on stage, she can easily garner tons of supporters, who are willing to uplift her determination to win as Miss World 2016 in Maryland.

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Beatriz Da Fontura
The land of samba is sending another stunner in this year's edition of Miss World. The last stunner sent by this country was on 2013, but it fell short when overpowered by Ghana, France, and the Philippines. Beatriz exceeds a queenly aura that can be easily noticed by the way she projects herself whenever she is in public. Her confidence is a big factor to make her shine through the competition, living like a queen and king of the Kingdom of Brazil. Watch out for this woman throughout the competition.

Shirley Atehortua
Shirley may not be on your list because she is an underrated contestant in Miss World 2016. But analyzing about this stunning lady makes you feel that there is an aura that is coming from her to make her more interesting. In Colombia, delegates for international competition are seriously trained by several local beauty pageant camps across their country. Never underestimate the power of Shirley because this woman is invisibly prepared enough to surprise all pageant fanatics who are rooting for other girls aside from her.

Nashaira Balenteine
Do you notice something familiar? Yes, she looks like Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes. Another black beauty is now creating a stormy atmosphere in Miss World in the name of Nashaira Balenteine. As early as December, she can transform the pageant atmosphere into a Valenteine month due to her very sweet aura and charming appeal. Nashaira is one of the most beautiful ladies that you should watch out in this edition of Miss World. If she is well-trained, prepared rigorously, and has that energetic personality, she could win Miss World 2016.

Yaritza Reyes Ramirez
This girl probably the most experienced in the 66th edition of Miss World. Yaritza made it as one of the top 10 finalists when she participated in Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia. Within that three-year course period prior to joining Miss World-Dominican Republic 2016, Yaritza still participated to several beauty training camps to further transform her into a top-caliber contestant. As a complete package, she will bring frustrations to other potential ladies because she will definitely give other ladies a very competitive participation during the course of the pageant.

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Morgan Edvige
Another stunner from France surprises us today with an extraordinary look that can resemble Agbani Darego in 2001. Morgan always makes a very impressive aura by making her very expensive in every angle that she do whenever she is facing the camera as revealed from her photos. Morgan is a high-fashion model in France, which is a veteran in the catwalk industry. Morgan is another stunner who can fight for her country's conquest to clinch the second crown for her country in this year's edition of the pageant.


Viktoria Kocherovi
Viktoria always sends stunning ladies in every international pageant. The only issue about them is their weak sash. In this year, the country is sending a top-caliber delegate under the person of Viktoria Kocherovi. She is very queenly, she is a radiant delegate with a promising personality, pageantry skill, and positive aura. Viktoria is considerably underrated, being overshadowed by countries who are prepared and transformed into a Miss World material that could give her a competitive course throughout the competition.

Kerelyn Webster

Honduras is a vibrant country in the Latin American region where it can blast every pageant whenever they send a super delegate. Kerelyn Webster's presence can shock the whole world with her extraordinary package. She can shine, she is unforgettable, and she is a bomb in Miss World competition. Kerelyn Webster is determined that she can outshine other Latina performers during this upcoming edition of Miss World with her full-package pageant credibility. Kerelyn has the looks, she possesses a strong stage impact, and she can definitely give a hard time for other frontrunners to outshine her vibrant performance.

Priyadarshini Pederjee
India is known as one of the superpowers of Miss World. They already produced at least 5 crowns for their country. Priyadarshini is definitely carrying a strong sash to help her outshine stronger ladies that are representing weaker sashes. This woman is also trained in her local beauty pageant camp that could probably help her bring back the glory of her country's extraordinary performance in Miss World. Could she  handle the pressure? Consistency is the key for her as well as to give an impressive performance in every competitive event in Miss World.

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Natasha Mannuela
Last year, Indonesia placed as second runner-up, uplifting her country's sash level in this competition. Since Indonesia is slowly transforming into a competitive country since Whulandary established a new beauty pageant camp in her country, the country starting to several beauty pageants. Natasha has a regal oriental beauty that endures luxury and elegant persona, which is one of the good qualities that Miss World is looking for. With proper styling, elevated confidence, and a consistent determination, she could nail this year's edition of Miss World.

Tatiana Kumar
Here is another Southeast Asian delegate is also slowly gaining the right combination to penetrate the finalist spots. Tatiana is determined that she can give a very competitive experience during the course of the competition. She can use her glamorous styling, elegant impression, and regal personal to penetrate the first cut of the competition. Her personality can help her to bring more character to every event in Miss World that can qualify her to the quarterfinalist cut during the coronation night of Miss World. Even if her neighbors are stepping up, she will never give up to place her country in one of the most prestigious pageants in the world.

Ana Grault
The intermittent pattern of Mexico is always sending beauty pageant critics a surprise. This time, Mexico is sending a competitive delegate that could further spice up the competition. Ana Grault is one of the girls that is now being preferred by some pageant fanatics. One interesting about Miss Mexico is about her personality. She is bubbly that can help her gain more attention during the course of the pageant. This bubbly persona can highlight her versatile beauty and fashionable attitude to give her a consistent glamorous appearance in any crowd that she penetrates. It will not be a surprise if she will pave her way through the top 5 spots.


Debbi Ugochukwu
Debbi is another familiar delegate because she recently participated in last year's edition of Miss Universe that Pia Wurtzbach won the third crown for her country. But when you look closely, Debbi is a lifesize version of a beautiful Bratz Doll with a pair of almond eyes and luscious lips, which makes her look expensive and exquisitely elegant. Debbi can use her lifesize popularity with an elegance that can dig her way through the finalist round. The only thing that she needs to improve is her personality because it will help her improve her pageantry character to dominate the pageant.

Catriona Gray
Southeast Asian delegates are leveling up to make their ladies slowly standout. However, the Philippines remains to be their biggest competitor and it is giving them a headache. Even Latin Americans, Africans or Europeans are suffering from migraines because the Philippines continues to dominate the world of beauty pageantry. Catriona Gray is another girl that every delegate should not ignore. She is trained by her local beauty pageant camp to win. She is trained very rigorously, further improving her catwalk, confidence, intelligence, and personality. For pageant fanatics, Catriona is the girl to beat in this edition of Miss World.

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Yana Dobrovolskaya
Europe has its strongest delegate under the character of Yana Dobrovolskaya. Yana appears very sweet and fresh lady, which a pageant critic is looking for. But when you will look at her full package, she is also a top caliber delegate that can dominate Miss World 2016. Yana is trained to maintain her high-fashion aura that represents a lady with a class, in which Russians are known for. If Yana makes it in top 3, you will not be surprised if she will be called as the new Miss World 2016.

Bhama Padmanathan
Singapore is also sending a delegate that can potentially make another promising placement in Miss World 2013. Bhama Padmanathan is representing a country with a multicultural society, being an Indian descent. Her styling, aura, and confidence is perfect to make her standout in this year's competition. Bhama's beauty can be regarded as a silent slayer. If she maintains her right styling and shows her versatile personality, a ticket for the finalist will be waiting for her that can make her country proud of her.

Audra Mari
This beauty powerhouse from the North American continent is sending a silent operator. Meet Audra Mari. Audra is also representing a class that is worth a million dollars. Her home country is one of her important assets to gain a pass to penetrate the finalist spot. Audra's strong sash is also a factor for her to make a bigger chance to make it through the top 3 in this edition of Miss World. Her aura and classy personality are the right combinations to make her bring back her country's 5th Miss World crown this year.

Diane Croce Garcia
A super beauty from the land of a power house is sending a delegate that could potentially win their 7th crown under Diane Croce Garcia. She is obviously a Miss World prototype that features an exact replica of past Miss World winners. Having a perfect beauty, proper training, and full confidence makes her the second woman to beat in this edition of Miss World. Venezuela is always rooting for supreme, which means that they are only competing for one position to win Miss World. Never underestimate the power of Diane Croce Garcia because she will never give up to fight for winning the crown for her country.

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Dieu Ngoc Thi
Vietnam is also determined to send a super delegate that represents another oriental flavor. Dieu Ngoc's facial aura is undeniably magnetic with her undeniable appeal to any judge or pageant fanatics. She has a unique styling that makes her stand out during the course of the competition. The only thing about her is her communication skills because she can have a hard time expressing herself during interviews. But overall, she is a Miss World material, which could give a sensational achievement to her country.

Emma Strandberg
She is regarded as the white queen of Europe. With a frosty blonde hair and a classic Eastern European aura, she can easily gain attention during the course of Miss World competition in the United States. Emma's blonde charisma is what Americans prefer, which allows her to gain numerous followers and supporters when she will be flying to the United States and compete. Sweden already has three Miss World crowns. Emma can make her fourth possible crown for her country in December if given the chance.

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  • THAILAND: The delegate from the land of smiles is also a pageant-prepared lady, being trained in multi-disciplinary aspects of pageantry skills and intelligence. If one of the 20 delegates fail to fulfill their duties to stand out, Thailand will definitely be a replacement for them and could probably win its first Miss World crown.
  • GERMANY: A country that is already carrying three Miss World crown, this year's delegate is also a possibility. This german delegate's charm is outstanding, creating a pressure to other predicted ladies to be more consistent to their skill and aura because there is another lady out there who is sneaking to inconsistent performers to be replaced. 
  • PUERTO RICO: This country is no stranger to all aspects of beauty pageantry. This year's representative is also pageant-prepared, equipped with a competitive styling, versatile personality, and a near-perfect styling to make her way through the crown.
  • JAPAN: This country made another historic moment when they crown an Indian-Japanese delegate. If she has the proper styling, strong personality, and versatile attitude during the course of the pageant, she is definitely the next girl to replace predicted girls that failed to perform their best. 
  • MONGOLIA: Earlier, the delegate from this East Asian country was selected as one of the finalists of Miss Earth 2015. She is also an experienced delegate being exposed to an international crowd. If one of the predicted ladies fail, she is fit to replace some of them. 
So who are your favorites?

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