Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza finally arrived from Japan since she won as the reigning Miss International crown in Japan. After winning the crown for the Philippines, she stayed for several days in Japan together with her runner-ups to start fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as the reigning beauty queens in Japan. Kylie and her runner-ups were able to discover more what Japan has to offer to them. This includes meeting with other Japanese dignitaries and businessmen across the country, making them more famous than ever.

However, one thing about Kylie Versoza is about her dress when she faced the crowd after arriving from the land of the Rising Sun. During her arrival, her first public appearance as Miss International 2016 stuns the public. This is because she was wearing a plain silky pink dress while facing the media and pageant followers. Little did she know that the dress is trending because it contains one unusual design, which is a lobster engraved located on the lower part of the dress.  Many are wondering about Kylie Versoza's fashionable taste because they are not used to seeing an unusual design It may seem that the lobster design was regarded a bizarre design, but there is a reason behind it, which makes the dress to look mysterious.
The lobster dress of Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli
Kylie Versoza won Miss International 2016, beating 69 other candidates on October 27, 2016. The coronation of the pageant was held at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. The newly crowned Miss International 2016 came back to the Philippines on November 11, 2016.

The arrival press conference of Miss International Kylie Versoza was held at the Monet 3 Ballroom of Novotel in Manila's Araneta Center. Kylie shared her memorable experience since the day she flew to Japan to the day she departed back to the Philippines. Kylie's most memorable moment when she was eventually called as the ultimate winner of Miss International 2016, bringing home the 6th crown for her country. Madame Stella, who also was the first woman to win Miss International in 1960 that was held in Miami Beach in Florida State, United States.

Kylie Versoza was not aware that while she was talking, the audience was so distracted about her dress. This is because the lobster design may seem to come out of life that it captured the eyes of all the spectators during the arrival press conference. While the audiences are busy glancing at Kylie's unique pink gown with a lobster design, she announced that there will be a grand parade on November 18, 2016. She will be going back to Baguio City where she will be having another local grand parade as sponsored by the local government unit of her hometown on November 26 and 27, 2016.

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5 Fashion facts about the luxurious lobster gown of Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza

1. The Lobster symbolizes a woman of class: The lobster dress of Kylie Versoza represents a high fashion taste that is not known to many, especially for those who are not aware on the different high-fashion designs and symbols. Since Kylie Versoza is the reigning Miss International 2016, she is representing high fashion because she is the newly produced international beauty queen from the Philippines. Kylie Versoza is now regarded a woman of class because the lobster is the emblem of regal and elegance, which shows the latest achievement of our newly crowned Miss International 2016.

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2.  Elsa Schiaparelli pioneered the lobster dress: Elsa Schiaparelli was a famous Italian fashion designer in Europe when she introduced the House of Schiaparelli to the world of fashion designing in the early 1900's. Elsa was the first to introduce the Lobster dress, which symbolized a woman of class and elegance for every woman from the high-class society to wear and patronize her couture. If you see other women aside from Kylie Versoza who are wearing a lobster dress or any attire with the lobster on it, you will automatically presume that the person wearing it is not an ordinary person.

3. Lobster represents high-class: Elsa Schiaparelli utilized the concept of introducing the lobster design because lobster is an expensive cuisine. During the early 1900's lobster cuisine is only offered to high-class societies. People from the lower class cannot afford to eat lobster cuisine because the amount can cause them their land in Europe during that time. Schiaparelli used her bright idea to integrate high-class fashion by using a lobster as her design in her couture. People in Europe during the pre-World War Era can easily distinguish a high fashion outfit when they see a lobster design in your dress or wardrobe.

4. The lobster dress can represent your lifestyle: In Europe, the fashion industry is quick to distinguish a person's socio-economic class when wearing several iconic fashion garments. When a person wears a lobster dress, it indicates that the person wearing it is a member of a high-class society. This means that the person wearing it might be a member of a royal family, heiress of a business tycoon, or a foreign diplomat affiliated to some of the highest public positions in their local or national community. If you are wearing a lobster dress, this means that you are a royalty, or a queen, just like Kylie Versoza.

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5. The worth of an authentic lobster dress is not a joke: If Kylie Versoza is wearing an authentic lobster dress, this means that Madame Stella Marquez Araneta is much more than a generous boss. But it is not a surprise if the lobster dress is sponsored by the Miss International Organization as one of the gifts to Kylie for winning Miss International. The estimated cost of an authentic high-fashion lobster dress is between $100,00 to $350,000. This is much more expensive than buying a house and lot property that is beyond your imagination.

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