Donald Trump is now the current president-elect of the United States of America after winning against Hilary Clinton during the November 8 polls. He is expected to succeed Barrack Obama on January 20, 2017, which is the traditional inaugural day for an American leader who will be taking oath in front of millions of crows in the United States. When he start serving as the head of state, Trump will be officially called as the 45th president of the United States of America starting on January 20, 2017.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump stressed that one of his first campaigns is to drive away undocumented illegal migrants in the country. Now that he is the president of the United States, Donald Trump wants to target over 3 million illegal migrants that are currently in the country. For those migrants who are still processing their application in the United States, they might as well included in the lists of individuals who will be deported back to their home countries. Trump's latest announcement is regarded as a challenge for those visa and immigrant applicants who are still in the process of getting their American citizenship finalized in the United States.
US-President Donald Trump wants to deport 3 million illegal migrants to their homelands
Donald Trump is known for his outspoken behavior even before winning as the 45th President of the United States of America. He made an international outcry when he made several comments against illegal migrants who are still causing a concern for safety and labor competition in the locality. Now he is the president, Donald Trump will continue to make sudden series of political and economic reforms across the United States.

Political analysts are now observing Donald Trump's recent political plans for the United States. One major thing about his advocacy is to strengthen the nationalism of Americans to concentrate on the growing issue of undocumented immigrants who still manage to bypass immigration personnel along the borders of the United States. As a representative of the Republican Political Party, his vision to cleanse America will be a possibility right after he will start serving as the President of the United States. Migrants who are still experiencing problems with their immigration issues should start processing their application for citizenship before they will be deported by Trump's personnel.

Before shifting his career from being a political personality, Donald Trump is already an established billionaire in the United States. His net worth as of 2015 is at least $3.7 billion basing from his total number of assets in both financial, real estates, businesses, and other auxiliary properties. Many are questioning if he will still transfer to the White House after his inauguration because it will be a downgrade to his wealthy pride for living in a healthy lifestyle. But as a president, Donald Trump's security is one of the most important to be maintained to prevent at risk from any harm or threat in his life and safety along with his family members in the White House.

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5 Reasons why Donald Trump won the US elections

5 Political Facts why Donald Trump wants to deport 3 million illegal migrants

1. Decrease the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States: Breaking the law is a serious Federal offense in the United States. Migrants who are undetected sneaking towards the United States are usually prone to lawlessness because they are aware that they are not documented that is why they are very confident to provoke any threat of harm against the actual US citizens. Migrants mostly come from the poorest Latin American nations who wants to pursue their American dream as a way to change their life by finding a job in the United States and eventually acquiring a citizenship.

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2. Prevent terrorism: If Islamist militants are now having a hard time entering the United States because their tactics were already marked by the National Security of the America, they are now trying the alternative way to enter the United States. Islamist militant can enter the United States by making an entry within the US-Mexican border. Since Islamist Militants looks similarly with Latinos with tanned skin, they can easily penetrate the United States mainland to perpetrate harm and terror once they get in.

3. Stop the drug cartel scare in the United States: Donald Trump wants to decrease the number of operations led by the drug cartels in Latin America by sending illegal migrants back to their home country. Drug cartels are responsible for trafficking illegal migrants to the United States who are supposed to seek for greener pasture. But it turns out that they are trafficked and then transformed them into drug mules to other syndicates operating in the United States. Cartels are responsible for propagating criminal activities in the United States, causing a threat to harm and intimidation towards American citizens across the United States.

4. Economic competition: Illegal migrants working in the United States is believed to be impacting the economic situation for acting as competitors for actual US citizens. This is because they share similar compensation and benefits even if they are not still granted their new American citizenship in the country. This is a concern for Americans who are living below the poverty line because they are struggling to find a new job to sustain their needs, which are then being competed by undocumented illegal migrants coming to the United States and seeking similar sentiments.

5. Improve nationalism: Donald Trump aims to promote patriotism for all Americans to prefer fellow Americans to be employed in the United States. The sense of national pride is significant for Donald Trump, which is the reason he wants to flush out all undocumented immigrants away from the country. He believes that illegal or undocumented migrants still pose hidden threats because they come to the United States to spread the word of terror. Trump always remind American companies that if they want to have a peaceful society, they should employ Americans and not migrants.

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