On November 14, 2016, there will be a lifetime astronomical event that will happen in your night sky. This will be a once in a lifetime event where you will see a rare glimpse of the moon right after the dawn between 5 to 7 in the afternoon. And when the sun sets, another alternative celestial body will replace the light that can brighten up the night sky in this particular time of the day. Get your cameras ready to witness one of the most spectacular celestial show on the horizon, creating an exciting moment for stargazers who will be taking selfies or recording a video about the supermoon.

The supermoon is termed as a rare phenomenon when the moon is located in its orbit that is the closest to planet Earth. This is referred to as Perigee, in which the moon or any satellite body will have the closest distance to its mother planet. When the moon is in this position, it appears slightly larger than the usual size that we see it in the night sky. This is a rare celestial phenomenon because it appears only once or twice in a century. If you happen to live in this period when there is a supermoon, you will be lucky enough to see the most spectacular celestial body in the night sky.
Supermoon on November 14, 2016
The moon is our planet's satellite. It revolves around the Earth for at least 27 days. This is the only permanent satellite that the Earth has. Our moon influences the movement of the Earth's tidal movement on a daily basis due to the magnetic pull from the Earth. The moon is the fifth largest permanent satellite in the entire Solar System.

Weather plays an important role in determining if your area can have a full glimpse of the moon in full bloom this November 14, 2016. This is because the clouds could cover the moon if you are situated in an area where there is an active weather pattern For those who are lucky enough to experience a clear sky, this will be the right time for them to experience the chance to see a rare celestial phenomenon in the night sky. However, if you are situated in an area that is currently experiencing a bad weather where the clouds cover the entire night sky, it seems you should wait for several decades to see this natural phenomenon.

To better appreciate the larger appearance of the moon, it is important to use a high-resolution camera so that you will have a better resolution to the main attraction in your horizon. Smartphones have a good resolution to allow good images that can be either captured or recorded under a clear sky during the night to take a glimpse of the supermoon. This is your best chance to capture the best moment that will permanently mark an unforgettable moment in your lifetime. If you also have a high-resolution DSLR camera, you can use it to capture the supermoon above you to make a selfie or video about it.

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Watch the video of November 14, 2016 Supermoon

5 Interesting reasons why you should take a selfie or video with the supermoon

1. It displays a memorable moment: Taking a selfie during this event will display a memorable moment with you that you can treasure it for the rest of your life. This is the only time that you will experience this celestial moment that you can share it with your loved one. Taking a selfie will display a memorable photograph that you will soon use it for reminiscing the past. When you get older, this is one of the unforgettable moments that you can share it with your loved ones in the future.

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2. A rare phenomenon: The supermoon is regarded as a rare occurrence in the Earth's atmosphere. It usually occurs when the moon is at its closes when it reaches the part of its orbit where it is the closest to the planet Earth.  The next similar celestial phenomenon will take place on 2034. You will have to wait for another two decades before you will expect similar incidents to happen in the future with your loved ones. If you are willing to wait for that long, then you can have it in the year 2034 under the night sky.

3. Supermoon is 30% larger than its normal size: The November 2016 supermoon event is the largest celestial occurrences until on the same period of 2034. The moon is slightly larger than its actual size when you compare the pictures during its peak celestial phenomenon with the picture during the next full moon cycle next month. This is because the distance of the moon is close to 221,525 miles away from the Earth, which is nearer than the usual  average of 238,255 miles. So obviously, it creates a visual illusion where it appears larger in the night sky.

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4. The night sky will be brighter: During this particular rare phenomenon, the moon's size is visually brighter than it will be used to. This is because the sun's reflection to the moon that will reflect it to the Earth will cause more light energy to reach the surface of the Earth. You will notice that it is just like dawn wherein you can view the entire horizon because of more available lunar lighting provided by the moon. This means that you can conserve energy for the next two hours during the celestial phenomenon.

5. It can conserve energy: The moon during this type of phenomenon can help you save more energy. This is because if you are using solar panels, the lunar lighting can generate a little source of energy that you can consume it for a short period of time. You can use the lunar light to help you do your chores in the backyard together with your friends or family without using your electric light system. If you happen to be at the forest or along the street with no lighting, you can rely on the light of the supermoon that can help you guide your way home.

Enjoy this rare opportunity while it lasts

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