After a series of delays made by the opposition groups to delay the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos, the Supreme Court finally decided to bury the late president of the Philippines. There are 9 chief justices who voted for Marcos burial against other 5 chief justices who voted against the burial of the late president. The decision is regarded final after several motions for reconsiderations successively postponed or delayed the decision of the Supreme Court to decide whether the former president will be either buried or not.

Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was then suddenly buried through the initiative of the Marcos Family on November 18, 2016, at exactly 12 noon. The sudden announcement shocked the whole nation as they did not expect that the family finally laid their former leader six feet below the ground surface. Ferdinand Marcos is now laid to rest at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani or Hero's Cemetery. The whole members of the Marcos family were present during the burial ceremony of the former president of the Republic of the Philippines during that day.
Burial of Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos at Hero's Cemetery
Former President Ferdinand Marcos was the longest reigning president of the Philippines, who reigned the country for at least 20 years between 1965 to 1985. During his administration, Ferdinand Marcos was known to be the only president who suspended the "writ of habeas corpus" on September 21, 1972, ordering the entire Philippines under Martial Law under the Proclamation No. 1081.

The sudden announcement of former president Ferdinand Marcos made waves internationally. Finally, after numerous decades of rejection by the past administration, the Duterte's administration is fine with the decision and the historical burial of the late president of the Philippines. After the latest decision of the Supreme Court to allow the former president to be buried at the Hero's Cemetery, emotional differences escalated across the country. There were numerous protests from the different sectors of the society that are showing their disappointment with the Supreme Court's latest decision.

The Hero's Cemetery allocated a hundred square meter land for every former Philippine Presidents who may wish to be buried in this historical site. It was not clear if the body being displayed in the Mausoleum was buried in the Hero's cemetery and another replica was made to keep the Mausoleum a significant part of Ilocos' heritage. The burial site where Marcos is buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani is now heavily guarded to prevent the site from being harmed or destroyed by emotionally aggravated individuals and groups who became irate about the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

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5 Reasons why the burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos was made abruptly

1. Prevent any motion for reconsideration: As expected, there are several ongoing cases that seek to reverse the current decision of the Supreme Court to prevent the body ex-President Ferdinand Marcos from being buried in the Hero's Cemetery. Prolonging the time frame for the body of the late president to be buried will allow opportunities for the opposition sides to increase their chances of reversing the case. It is better to bury the body of Ferdinand Marcos as soon as possible to prevent any additional problems that could affect the latest decision of the Supreme Court.

2. Privacy: Every family deserves the right to waive their privacy. Since former president Ferdinand Marcos is already regarded as a former citizen in the Philippines that has always the right to be buried in public even without the need to be covered by any mass media. Respecting their privacy allow the Marcos family to ensure that their rights will be protected from any exploitation from any third party groups or individuals. As a person, keeping confidential information private is always a must for everyone to ensure that their dignity will be respected in any case.

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3. De-escalate protesters: The Marcos family understands that there are protesters who will attempt to disrupt the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Hero's Cemetery. Even though mass media were quick to televise the burial of the former presidents, there were already hundreds of protesters who immediately gathered in an attempt to disrupt the burial ceremony of the late president. If the Marcos announced the date of the former president, it will be a chaos for the burial ceremony to take place.

4. Grant the wish of the former president: Weeks before the late president Ferdinand Marcos passed away in Hawaii, he requested a very serious task to his family and to his vice president Laurel. Ferdinand Marcos wants his body to be buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani or Hero's Cemetery. Now that the current president Rodrigo Duterte finally approved to allow the former president to be buried, the Marcos family are more than happy with the latest issue. Even if there are intense legal actions that attempt to reverse the decision to reverse the burial of president Marcos, they can no longer do anything because the body is already buried six feet below the ground.

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5. Delay the decomposition process: Every biological being decomposed after their body has already demised from being viable to this world. Since the body of the former president has been in a storage facility for several years, it is about time to lay his body to rest. Burying the body six feet underground is one of the best ways for the body to decompose properly. There is a significant threat to the health of the public if one's body is decomposing to the public due to the infestation of harmful microorganisms.

The Marcos family will no longer have any problems with regards to their father's burial. For them, it was just another successive goals that made their father proud of them.

Are you wondering why the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos was made abruptly?

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