Evening gown competition in every beauty pageant plays an important role in ensuring a higher placement for the candidate to win the competition. This is because it will help the candidates to show an elegant part of their personality to enlighten the competition. Gown competition is one of the most anticipated parts of a beauty pageant where every contestant wears their most fashionable garments in front of the audience. The design of the gown takes the advantage to expose it to the local, national, or international audiences that could potentially attract consumers.

But for every candidate, there is one major problem that they encounter it unexpectedly while the pageant is ongoing. This is all about when the gown that they ordered did not arrive on time. For international competitions, late gowns are a significant issue because it could affect the confidence and the candidate's determination to win the pageant. When a gown arrives late, this would mean that the candidate would have to contact somebody as a second option to have an alternative garment to be worn during the preliminary, separate gown event, or during the coronation night of a major beauty pageant.
The yellow gown of Miss Earth 2016, the blue and red gowns of Miss Universe 2015, and the white national costume of Miss Globe-Philippines 2016 made an impact in the world of pageantry, fashion, and style.
Gown competition is a portion in beauty pageants that allow every participant to wear their most elegant design. Every candidate will have the chance to wear a design made by a famous designer that will have the chance to expose their creations to the public. Aside from taking the advantage to move on to the final round of the pageant, the designers will also have the chance to capture the hearts of future clients.

In recent history, gown competition is one of the most intense parts of the beauty pageant. This is where every candidate will show their softer side while representing their respective countries or local communities in a certain beauty pageant. Aside from the gown competition, the costumes used for another event in the pageant is also important. This is the national costume where the ladies are set to showcase their culture or unique creations made by their best designers from their country. A cultural presentation is an important part of the competition that offers the tradition, practices, and the identity of the contestants from their respective community.

For the designers, the preparation aspect of every design is always important to ensure that their designs become outstanding. However, time is the most challenging part wherein designers must have to ensure that their creativity should be a perfection. Time can cause ethical dilemmas for creative designers, which could affect their designing reputation to the candidates and national directors of a certain pageant who send their delegates to an international stage. If a designer fails to deliver the product to the designated client, which is the candidate of a local or international beauty pageants,it will be a big blow to their company's reputation as well as to their name.

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Top 7 problematic effects when the designer's dress either arrives late or unfinished

1. Using alternative dress: Pageant followers and supporters of that particular candidate will be in a great shock if they observe that one of the dresses worn by their candidate appears odd. This is because the candidate is wearing an alternative dress as a response to the late or unfinished gown that should have been accomplished on time by the designer. This is to prevent the candidate from being defaulted from any pageant competition that could threaten their chances of winning. The candidate's excitement will be affected because the expected dress fails being delivered on time.

2. Taking back the dress of another candidate: If there are more than one or two candidates dressed by one designer, the losing candidate who failed to penetrate the semi-finalist round is at risk for having their gown taken back by the designer. The dress of the losing candidate will then be worn by the candidate who competes to the semi-final round. This is the case of Imelda Schweighart and Catherine Espin where the designer took back the gown intended for Imelda Schweighart to Catherine. The situation created another controversy, blaming the issue towards Imelda for complaining against the designer.

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3. A contestant might not participate in the competition: If the dress arrives late, the contestant fears that they may not be able to compete in a certain segment of the competition. This time, the candidate might be at risk from getting expelled from the competition because the designers were unable to send the gown for their clients on time. This is one of the most crucial issues that could harm the participation of the candidate. One thing is clear if you do not have a dress to wear in a certain segment of the beauty pageant, your chances of competing might fall apart.

4. Designer's reputation will be stained: If a designer was not available to finish the product being ordered on time, their reputation will be tarnished. Several clients will start to look for another designer who has a better reputation of sending gowns or dresses ahead of time. In this case, reputation plays an important role ensuring that the designers are consistent with their work ethics with their clients. However, if the designer is a well-known international icon for producing hundreds of dresses in a month, clients will surely understand that they are an in-demand craftsperson.

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5. Generates controversy: There are two sides of controversies that always surfaces whenever dresses or gowns failed to arrive on time. One side of the story is the acceptable side, in which there are certain reasons that caused the delay in the arrival of the gowns such as freight issues, flight delays, or accident that happened beyond the control of the shipping or travel company. On the other side is the unacceptable issue, in which the designer was known to accept multiple projects for which they cannot fulfill it on time. It is a risky situation for designers to eat more than they can chew that might cause their reputation to be tarnished.

6. A contestant could suffer from online backlash: A contestant whose gown did not arrive on time will have no choice but to wear the alternative gown. In every contestant, alternative gowns are those that are not as desirable as the main dress or gown that should have been worn. In this case, the contestant can suffer from a backlash from fans, turning them into a new group of haters who will start saying negative things about the candidate. Not only to the candidate, the national director will also receive undesirable comments when the gown of their candidate arrived late or did not materialize.

7. Designers will neither paid nor receive a full payment: This is a common scenario when both parties have agreed to sign a contract that did not materialize. If the dress such as the costume or the gown arrived late, it would mean one thing. The customer will have the right to refuse to pay the designer for failing to deliver the product on time. This is especially when the event is already over, the national director of the pageant will have to take drastic actions or legal actions to deny any payments because the designer fails to dress the candidate during the pageant event.

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