Another celebrity has now been in the spotlight that caused another tragic incident in the world of entertainment. Singer and comedian under the screen name "Blakdyak" is now under the radar of mass media because his lifeless body was found inside his studio-type apartment in Sampaloc, Manila. This was a very sad fate for the family members left behind by the renowned singer and comedian who carved the entertainment industry.

Senior Inspector Pidencio Saballo Jr. indicated that the body of the former comedian was found by his son at six in the evening of November 21 of 2016. The body of Joseph Amoto Formoran was seen wearing nothing but a plastic bag that was wrapped inside his head. The son immediately called the authorities as well as the ambulance to help solve the case of his demised father. Prior to the incident, the son was wondering why his father did not come out to his room since he got in on November 20, 2016, at 2:30 in the morning. So Joseph's son came to check out his daddy by going into his room, which revealed a gruesome discovery.
Joseph Amoto Formoran aka "Blakdyak "
Blakdyak, which sounds like "Black Jack" is legally known as Joseph Amoto Formoran. Blakdyak's wife, Twinkle Formoran was in shock to find out about her husband's tragic fate on the night of November 21, 2016. Joseph Formoran left behind his wife and their three children. The eldest child lives with Blakdyak while the two younger siblings live with the mother.

Authorities are now considering two things about the case of Blakdyak. One is about the issue on foul-play since the body has been found to be wrapped in a clear wrap around his head. However, another issue that is now being considered is when Blakdyak allegedly committed a suicide because there was no forced entry in the scene as well as no indication of a struggle inside the former comedian's room. The guard of the apartment who was the last person who saw Joseph noticed that he seemed not in his normal state because he appears intoxicated with a substance. Joseph was last seen going to the rooftop of his rented apartment before his body was found by his son.

Police authorities are now conducting the real cause of the former celebrity's case since there were numerous speculations from the cause of death. The authorities assured that there will be a transparency applied while the case is under investigation. The verdict will be announced after all the evidence is gathered, analyzed, and then deliberated as the person involved was a famous celebrity in the Philippines for several decades. Families and friends from the entertainment industry are now grieving on the death of Joseph Amoto Formoran or famously known by his nickname as Blakdyak.

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5 Interesting Facts about singer and comedian Blakdyak or Joseph Amoto Formoran

1. He is a singer, rapper, and pop artist: In 1990's Blakdyak rose to fame when his song became a hit to several radio stations across the Philippines. One of his famous songs is "Modelong Charing", which became controversial due to the words that caught the attention of authorities and demanded him and the producers to revise the lyrics. Other hit singles that were released and became popular were "Asin and Paminta" and "Nuon at Ngayon" songs. Blakdyak is usually seen in local television variety shows, performing a special intermission number to fans. His singing genre is R & B, Hip Hop, Jazz, and pop music.

2. Was a local Filipino actor: Aside from being a celebrity, Blakdyak was also a cast from several television shows and movies. He participated in movies "Alyas Boy Kano" in 1992, "Squala" in 1998, "Weyt a Minit, Kapeng Mainit" in 2001, and "Magic Kamison" in 2007". Blakdyak was also seen in several sitcoms in local television networks, being cast as a guest star. He also participated some local gaming shows, which gave him another opportunity to bring home several prizes that can help shoulder their expenses at home.

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3. He is a half-Filipino and half Barbadian: When you look at Joseph Formoran, you can easily tell that he has a foreign blood. If you are not familiar with Blakdyak and then you happen to meet him somewhere along the streets or at any recreational centers, you will mistakenly identify him as a foreign tourist visiting your community. But if you will hear him speak fluent Tagalog, you will be surprised. Blakdyak's ethnicity is called "Bajan", which is a term for Filipino-Barbadian or from Barbados.

4. Blakdyak has had a previous record of legal charges: Blakdyak was arrested for violating several laws. Joseph committed public scandal and damage to properties in 2014. However, the most concerning issue was when he was found violating R.A. 9165 or the dangerous anti-narcotics act. Speculations about his involvement with the violation of R.A. 9165 might be related to his demise when he was found by his son on November 21, 2016. Authorities are still searching for evidence that would help to determine the real case of Blakdyak's case.

5. Joseph Formoran was previously seen wearing a transparent plastic wrapped in his head: Prior to the incident, a lady from the laundry shop saw Blakdyak with a transparent plastic that was wrapped on his whole head. The testimony of the lady indicates that there is a strong allegation that the former comedian took his own life in his rented studio type apartment. This is similar in the actual photo that was taken by the authorities and the media when they proceeded to the scene of the incident, showing the former celebrity lifeless with a plastic wrapped in his whole head.

Is it a foul play or a voluntary cause?

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