A series of senate hearings in the Philippines were just being televised during the past weeks and days. This is to determine the facts and issues that contemplate about the allegations of corruptions involving several public officials of the Republic of the Philippines. Senate hearings aim to investigate the persons of interests being involved in malicious, illegal, and suspicious activities that impacts the integrity of the Philippine governance. This is because lately, President Rodrigo Duterte released several public officials who are currently involved in corruption allegations.

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa broke down into tears when he was confronted by several lawmakers who became doubtful towards several police officers who were allegedly accepting bribes. Ronald Dela Rosa expressed his dismay by stating that he could no longer render his trust to his colleagues due to allegations of corruption. The PNP chief is concerned that the public trust towards the Philippine Police is now stained due to the involvement of several police officials who were tagged by arrested suspects responsible for circulating prohibited narcotics across the country for several years.
Philippine National Police Ronald Dela Rosa
Ronald Bato Dela Rosa was appointed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during the presidential inauguration on July 30, 2016. Ronald Dela Rosa is currently the right hand of the Philippine President, especially on handling good governance through crime mitigation across the country. As the chief of the Philippine National Police, Dela Rosa aims to neutralize corruption allegations across the Philippine National Police authority.

Dela Rosa vowed to sweep all corrupt officials of the Philippine National Police. He did not expect that the corruption allegations in the country involving his colleagues is significantly widespread. The reason behind is that there are several Colonels and Generals of the Philippine National Police that are now under investigation due to their involvement in several allegations of corruptions and wrongdoings. Dela Rosa is still concerned that there are other officials that are yet to be investigated due to the existing matrix that the president released to the public for further investigation.

There are two persons of interests that were invited by the lawmakers during the senate hearing as well as with the House of Representative hearings. They are Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa who were linked with Senator Delima's involvement of illegal narcotics. Both Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa may be regarded as state witnesses due to possibilities that their lives will be a significant threat for being linked as an important resource person in several illegal narcotics trade. However, Kerwin Espinosa is one of the most important links because he allegedly provided bribes to several public officials.

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Top 6 Facts why Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa cries during Kerwin Espinosa's Senate hearing

1. Allegations of Corruption: PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa is disappointed because several members of his colleagues are allegedly involved in corruption allegations. During the Senate hearing of Kerwin Espinosa on November 23 of 2016, Kerwin mentioned some officials of the Philippine National Police who received bribes. Under the Republic Act 3019, any officials who were caught receiving bribes from any person is regarded as a form of bribe, which is punishable by the law such as filing administrative charges and imposing fines.

2. Loses trust to his colleagues: Bato Dela Rosa indicated that he is already doubtful on who among the police force will be trusted. Allegations of corruption and illegal practices that went too far for the PNP Police Chief to handle, allowing him to burst into tears. The PNP Chief did not expect that the number of police officials who are involved with the allegations of corruptions that is beyond his expectations. This is because there are numerous

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3. Bato Dela Rosa is pressured: With a series of police officials who add up with the existing number of other officials tagged in corruption allegations, Bato Dela Rosa couldn't help himself but to feel the intense pressure. He is very upset that there are more and more of his collegues who are now enlisted as corrupt officials of the Philippine National Police. Everytime that there is a senate hearing, Bato Dela Rosa is always present, citing another pressure under his position as the chief of PNP.

4. The nationwide problem on illegal narcotics: The Philippine government issued a new provision under the RA 9165 that prohibits any use, distribution, or selling of illegal narcotics across the archipelago. However, there are numerous police personnel who are tempted with the proliferation of illegal substances. Some of them serve as protectors of syndicates and high-profile personalities involved with the sale and distribution of illegal substances. This is a way for other corrupt officials to generate an alternative source of income aside from their regular wage received regularly from the government.

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5. Dela Rosa's emotions symbolizes the problematic issue of PNP: There are several officials who are tagged as corrupt officials everytime that there are senate hearing inquiries. This is because the trade of illegal narcotics are responsible for tempting the police force to be involved to continue the circulation of prohibited substances. Even if there were apprehended officials who are now relieved from their post, the problem is that there are still other officials who are yet to be identified and are still continuing their corrupt practices.

6. Abuse of authority: If you are promoted as an official, you have the power to ensure that they will fulfill their duties and responsibilities to serve and protect the public. However, some officials can easily abuse their authority by means of controlling other person of interest to fulfill their self-greed. This includes allowing suspected individuals or groups to continue their prohibited operations for as long as they provide payments in a form of monetary exchange to prevent them from being apprehended. They use their force to prevent the police personnel to arrest suspected individuals or groups if there are regular payments that will be met.

Can PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa cleanse the Police Department under his term?

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