One of the longest international beauty pageants are currently based in Asia has finally crowned its new international beauty queen. Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 is Tessa Le Conge. is the new winner since the pageant crowned its last queen in 2006. The winner is expected to reign supreme as the most beautiful woman in the globe for one year. She will be traveling while advocating the vision and mission of Miss Asia-Pacific International along with the organizers of the pageant.

Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 beauty pageant was held at the Sheridan Resort in the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan Island, Philippines. The winner was crowned on November 23, 2016. Tessa Le Conge bested other 41 ladies from all over the world, vying for the crown as Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016. The next year's edition of the pageant is expected to be held in the Philippines as the organizers are still figuring out how to transform the pageant into a more exciting international event that seeks to attract tens of thousands of travelers, spectators, and pageant enthusiasts to support and follow the event.
Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 is Tessa Le Conge from the Netherlands
The winner of the revived Miss Asia-Pacific 2016 is Tessa Le Conge from the Netherlands. The first runner-up is Chawanya Thanomwong from Thailand. The second runner-up is Ganiel Krishnan from the Philippines. Third runner-up is Felicia Gorge from Cook Islands, and the Fourth runner-up is Soyeon Kim from South Korea.

Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 is the reawakening of the oldest and one of the largest international beauty pageants in the Asian region. The pageant started as Miss Asia in 1968 that was won by Macy Shih from Taiwan. But due to internal management issues, the administrators of the organization decided to halt the annual beauty pageant competition and will resume if there are reasonable factors that would determine its continuity. And now that it has reawakened after a decade of dormancy, the pageant will now share the international stage with other global beauty pageants.

The revival of Miss Asia-Pacific is the latest international beauty pageant that comes into life after laying dormant for one decade. Since there are numerous sprouting international beauty pageants that are now taking place all over the world, this will be the best time for the beauty pageant to re-introduce its identity to the new generation of pageant fanatics. If you are born from the 80's and 90's you will definitely remember this beauty pageant that was usually anticipated a few decade ago by previous pageant enthusiasts from around the world.

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As for the vision, Miss Asia-Pacific International utilizes a platform to allow women to improve, learn, and ignite optimistic changes that start within herself that can translate positivity to the community. As for the mission, Miss Asia-Pacific International wants women to be comfortable with their own ethnicity, race, or any skin color that they possess.

The winner, Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 will now start her reign to promote beauty in the Asia-Pacific region and other international nations. Tessa is tasked to promote beauty in diversity, enhancing multicultural development with other nations around the world. If she fails to fulfill her duties and responsibilities, the first runner-up, Miss Thailand will take over.

Although the Netherlands is neither a part of Asia nor Pacific, it represents the international community. Therefore, the Netherlands and other non-Asia-Pacific delegates represents diversity, which is one of the most important advocacy of Miss Asia-Pacific International.

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Top 15 Semifinalists

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Guam
  • Russia
  • Siberia
  • Peru
  • New Caledonia
  • The Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Cook Islands
  • India
  • Colombia
  • South Korea

Miss Asia-Pacific: The Netherlands (Tessa Le Conge)
First Runner-up: Thailand (Chawanya Thanomwong)
Second Runner-up: Philippines (Ganiel Krishnan)
Third Runner-up: Cook Islands (Felicia George)
Fourth Runner-up: South Korea (Soyeon Kim)

Special Awards

  • Miss Sheridan Hotel and Spa: South Korea (Soyeon Kim)
  • Miss People's Choice Award: Peru (Marta Diaz)

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