Finally, there is a new beauty queen that is now crowned as the new Miss Globe 2016 under the Deliart Association. The winner was crowned by outgoing Miss Globe 2015 Ann Loraine Colis from the Philippines. Dimple is the first woman from her country to bring home the crown as the new Miss Globe 2016. She will start her reign as the new Miss Globe, empowering culture, diversity, and inspiration to other women around the world who wants to follow Dimple Patel'sjourney in the near future. India can now celebrate with their newly crowned queen who was just recently crowned in Albania.

The current edition of Miss Globe 2016 world finals was held in  Expo City within the beautiful city of Tirana in Albania. The winner was crowned on November 25, 2016, and bested 59 other contestants from around the world. Dimple Patel is expected to travel around the world along with the Miss Globe organization to start fulfilling her duties and responsibilities as the newly crowned Miss Globe 2016. The first runner-up is from Colombia and the second runner-up is the representative of Albania.
Dimple Patel from India is Miss Globe 2016
Miss Globe is an annual beauty pageant that seeks to find the most beautiful woman around the globe. The current franchise or the legal owner of Miss Globe is under the management of DeliArt Association through Rasim Aydin. The current headquarter of Miss Globe is based in Montreal, QC, Canada. The current owners of the organization are Rasim Aydin and Petri Bozo responsible for operating the pageant since 2004.

Miss Globe is also starting to generate a worldwide attention, especially during pageant season that usually starts during the ber months (September, October, November, December) until the first months of the year. This pageant aims to promote cultural diversity through an annual beauty pageant event participated by 50 delegates from around the globe. The organization handling the pageant hopes to generate more delegates year-by-year to further sensationalize the annual beauty event that seeks to embrace cultural differences.

There are rumors that the pageant started in 1925. If this issue is true, the pageant will be one of the oldest international beauty pageant in the world, which is almost operating for at least one century. However, it is unclear if the pageant kicked-off in 1925 as there were no confirmed events and winners during the period between 1925 to 2004. The only confirmed winners of the annual beauty pageant event is between in 2004 and 2015 when DeliArt Association took over as the new owner of the non-profit organization.

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DeliArt Association is the official pageant organizer of Miss Globe beauty pageant that is held annually around the world. Miss Globe Beauty Pageant Ltd is a non-profit organization that is currently listed under the Canada not-for-profit corporations act. Miss Globe Beauty Pageant Ltd is also under the holders of the Letters Patent of the International Beauty Competition.

If Dimple Patel from India fails to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the winner of Miss Globe 2016, the first runner-up, which is Colombia, will take over.

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Top 10 Semi-finalists
  • South Africa
  • Kosovo
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Estonia
  • Colombia
  • Albania
  • China
  • Thailand (Popular vote)

Miss Globe 2016: INDIA,
First runner-up: COLOMBIA,
Second runner-up: ALBANIA,
Third runner-up: PHILIPPINES
Fourth runner-up: SOUTH AFRICA

Special Awards

Miss Disco Queen: NIGERIA
Miss Dream Girl of the World: PHILIPPINES
Miss Internet: THAILAND
Miss Elegance: THAILAND
Miss Tourism: MONTENEGRO
Miss Intercontinental: GHANA
Miss Golden Girl: FINLAND
Miss Friendship: ARMENIA
Best in National Costume: MALAYSIA

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