Many are wondering why a person named Karla Monique Olandesca is going viral online. Every minute, her face is always posted on your social media walls. Some of your friends might have been commented in some of these posts involving her profile, photos, and several screenshots of her past posts due to her controversial act against an innocent person who was not aware that he is facing a cyber-bully.

Karla Monique Olandesca is responsible for lambasting an innocent man while riding in a local Metro Rail Transit (MRT), a rail transport system in Manila. As you expect, all people paid for a ticket in order to take a single ride from their current location to the area of their next destination. The incident happened between Karla and the innocent victim is just one of the rarest, but also the worst nightmare that a person can experience in their lives. This is because being publicly shamed without your knowledge is simply a violation of your right, especially when that person does not show any sign of repentance from their actions.
Karla Monique Olandesca aka the "MRT girl"
Therefore, netizens are now questioning about the identity of this person. Karla didn't mind that she displays her real name in her Facebook account, which many believe that is not her real complete name or identity. She currently uses another Facebook account under the name of Maxene Montero. From that account, Karla continues her Facebook routine, posting several personal activities.

When online rants against her became viral, there were a few netizens who identified her as their schoolmate. Some say that she is currently studying in STI. While others also claim that Karla is working at the same time as a customer care assistant in a private operating institution. As a working student, she is usually confronted with mental and physical stress as a person who needs an extra income to sustain her academic and personal needs.

Her alleged victim was identified as Aldrin L. Alco, which is also a working student as identified by several netizens when they commented in some posts circulating on the internet. Most netizens are still waiting for his statement regarding the treatment of the lady whom he doesn't know while riding in a public transport system. Aldrin is now urged to file charges against the damages that Karla made against him inside the MRT. She is now known as Maxene Montero

Why is Karla Monique Olandesca trending online?

Karla became online when her aggressive and insensitive remarks occurred inside the MRT when she was heading back to her dormitory, a place where students stay while either studying or working.

Karla Monique posted in her Karla Facebook account to express her frustration for not being offered a seat while riding inside an MRT train deck. Out of frustration, she verbally displaced her anger by taking pictures of a person in front of her and then posted on her Facebook wall. This is to release her stressful day being physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from work and at school.

Karla's Facebook friends became curious about her post, creating more attention to friends of her friends. The conversation created a matrix network, allowing other third parties to become curious about her Facebook post. As the curiosity continuous, it became viral as Karla responded to other parties who commented on her Facebook rant.

Her arrogant response created more attention and drawn an emotional impact towards other netizens to get involved with her conversation.  Karla angered other netizens due to her harsh comments, making her post to further become viral.

Aldrin responds and humbly made an apology to Karla

Aldrin publicy posted his apology from his Facebook account
Even he he knew he was publicly shamed, he still made a public apology to Karla. He showed his humble side to contrast with the raging attitude of Karla from her social media account. Even if Aldrin is the victim, he compassionately would like to offer the seat if there will be a time that he will encounter Karla.

Cyber-bullying issue

Upon taking into consideration, the first case is with regards to Aldrin's situation. He is believed to be initially not aware that a stranger is now creating online attention for shaming him using her Facebook page. As a victim of cyber-bullying, Aldrin is urged to file a case against Karla.

Karla's friends and relatives wants to defend her. Instead of thanking them, she rants foul words against them. Due to her strong personality, other friends not to be involved with her issue because they believe that she can deal with the issue with her strong personality.

While netizens are urging Aldrin, Karla may not seem to have no regrets for publicly shaming the victim online and still shows her arrogance for not showing repentance.

As for Karla's side, she didn't care what she did and stated that she is a strong woman with a strong personality. Karla can still post anything she wants from her personal account because it is her personal account as granted by Facebook.

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