In every country, there are extraordinary individuals who take pride in representing their country in order to win a certain competition. One of the most important achievements is to win at least one medal from an Olympic tournament that is held every four years. This opportunity is not only applied to athletes, but also for other competitive events that allow a person to represent their country to bring honor and glory for being recognized as one of the most influential in the world.

Upon arrival, Hidilyn Diaz was welcomed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte along with other members of the executive branch of the government. Diaz made a press conference along with the members of Philippine media in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). As a new celebrity, Diaz spoke about her previous life as an athlete up to this time that she is now being celebrated as a hero for taking a new pride for the Philippines. As an achiever, she is very proud to gain a medal and to have achieved something that the country will forever recognize her, especially in the field of sports.
Rio Olympics 2016 silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz meets President Rodrigo Duterte
Along with President Rodrigo Duterte and other members of the government, Hidilyn is also welcomed by her immediate family members. She is very happy to be welcomed by the people close to her heart, even if Manila is still hundreds of miles away from her home in Zamboanga, which still needs one more domestic flight along with her family.

President Rodrigo Duterte presented her several awards as a compliment to her achievement in Rio Olympics. She was given two cheques. The first cheque is worth 5 million Pesos or $100,000 USD, and another cheque worth Php 2 million or $40,000 USD. Aside from cash incentives, she is also expected to receive numerous lifetime benefits and house and lot as a gift from the Philippine government. Hidilyn is also promised to have numerous insurance benefits as part of the memorandum created by the Senate as a prize for her achievement.

In the case of Hidilyn Diaz, she is considered as a hero for successfully winning a medal, which is an important achievement in the field of Philippine sports. She wants to use the prize and incentive money allocated for her family's basic needs when she returns to Zamboanga. Diaz wants to further improve their home by constructing more facilities to have a more comfortable way of having a better lifestyle.

Hidilyn represented the Philippines in quadri-annual Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. During Rio Olympics, she competed under the 53 kg weightlifting category. During the competition, she gained at least a total of 200 kilograms, placing her in second place behind Chinese Taipei or Taiwan who lifted a total of 219 kilograms who took the gold medal. The bronze medalist is from South Korea who lifted a total of 199 kilograms in weight.

Aside from using it for purchasing and building a property, Hidilyn also wants to create a new facility for her to become a new trainer for the younger generation. She hopes that there will be another olympian under her facility to compete in various international competitions around the world.

Hidilyn wants to inspire the younger generation to get more involved in sporting activities. This is to curb juvenile delinquencies, hoping to lower the risk of children getting involved in illegal practices such as being involved in several negative elements in the society.

Diaz is not only concentrating on weightlifting as a sport. She wants to build a new sports facility to help the public on becoming health conscious to their health. By offering her future health facility, she hopes that her community can have a new access to a fitness center in order to promote health and prevent diseases.

Hidilyn is now heading towards her home in Zamboanga City to be with her family and friends. Diaz wants to spend more with her family as they celebrate her recent achievement.

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