If you see a person who is walking while looking at their phone or tablet gadget, you should think twice because they might be either communicating, or playing something. But today, you will surely guess that that person is playing Pokemon Go. It might be weird for some, but for those who are already aware about Pokemon mobile game, they surely understands the true mechanics and the consequences of playing it.

As for the general information, Pokemon Go is a free play and action-based reality game played by mobile users around the world. The game is developed by Android services and Niantic for IOS. The game is available in selected countries around the world. Some of the chosen countries are United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, the Philippines, United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Italy.
Pokemon Go is the newest crazy that allows you to explore your environment
Other countries are also patiently waiting for the Pokemon Go free application gaming software to be available in their respective countries. The developers are still analyzing on which country will they prioritize to make the free application virtual game available to their respective communities around the world. Many are now amazed by the virtual reality impact of the game to their social and personal lives.

Each player can earn points from various activities provided by the virtual application. Whenever they accomplish a task for finding Pikachu, they will level up to experience another more challenging tasks for the next level. A player should be physically involved with the game by exploring and traveling around their environment to search for the Pokemon. This means that they are required to walk, run, or crawl so that they can efficiently search for the cute Pikachu to accomplish a task on a certain level.

In order to capture Pikachu, there is a button at the bottom of the screen to allow the ball to be thrown to this yellowish colored cute character and then the player will have a full ownership. A player should know that they must complete the Pokedex entries to obtain at least 151 types of Pokemon. Before capturing the yellow-colored Pikachu, their combat power should be identified to determine their efficiency and accuracy when they will be used for battles.

10 interesting facts about Pokemon Go you should know

1. It is designed as a game: Pokemon Go is literally a gaming application provided to ease any signs of boredom. If you want to make your time enjoyable, Pokemon Go is one of the hottest and the most trending games that you should try, which can replace moments that are dull or boring. Entertaining yourself by playing a game can make you feel comfortable even when you are just hanging around and focusing on finding a creature.

2. It is a virtual game: Virtual reality games are more interactive than a traditional or classic video games. This is because you can interact to be physically involved with the game's features and mechanics. You should be totally involved by not just using your eyes and mind, but also using your whole presence so that you will feel the essence of the game. You will be fully absorbed finding the pokemons while your level can be elevated to a whole new level.

3. You can explore nearby communities: Finding a creature or Pokemons are exciting task because you are able to find that colorful and bright character that can help you explore new places. You will discover interesting places in your community that you have never been before. This is useful for those who are only staying at home and goes out when going to work, school, business, trips, or attend special occasions. You can discover places that can be your new area for your leisure activities after playing the game.

4. Exercise: As you are now absorbed for playing Pokemon Go, you will be urged to quickly search for the Pokemons. This means you will have to run, walk, crawl, or even swim if necessary while searching for that colorful animated being. If you stay outdoors for several hours, you will lose more calories, which is a good indication that you can sustain your daily activities to ensure that you burn fats and dangerous carbohydrates that might cause diseases.

5. Improves your mental capacity: Alertness is the key to finish everything because you will activate your senses while searching for the location of Pokemon. You will be aware that finding Pokemons enhances your visionary senses to ensure the right place and the location of the pokemons. Finding Pokemons allow players to broaden their eyesight, which is a sign that they will be alert for every movement or any change in the graphics of their screen as they search for that inanimate being.

6. At risk for road accidents: Most Pokemon Go players encounters accidents while playing along the road. Some sustain injuries due to the extent of harm implicated by the impact of physical trauma when the player accidentally meets a speeding vehicle along the road. Unlucky Pokemon Go players end up lifeless, which is the most concerning fate of unsuspecting drivers who made a collision with crossing Pokemon players.

7. Expose to theft: Playing Pokemon Go requires all players to expose their smart phones in public. They should point their gadget to any location where it could visibly see Pikachu or other Pokemons on the screen. However, playing this game is not recommended in public areas such as in open markets, areas that are known to have several reports of criminal activities, and in areas that are frequented by delinquents.

8. Players can fall from elevated areas: There are already reports that several players fall from high places because they are not looking their path as they move. Some usually falls in the canals, but there are unlucky ones who falls under the ravine and then lose their lives. It is important that you should be also careful to your path as you find that inanimate being to prevent yourself from being exposed to hazards or accidents in the future.

9. Exposed to lightning hazards: If you are playing Pokemon Go during a stormy weather, getting hit by lightning is considered to be at a high risk. This is especially when you are walking on an open field, creating a negatively charged ion that attracts the positively charged ions that could increase your safety and your life. Make sure you play it when it is sunny.

10. Lose your concentration: Playing Pokemon Go may lose your connections at school, work, or personal affairs because you are absorbed with the mechanics of the game. With this issue, Pokemon Go is one of the most addictive virtual games that you can ever experience, especially that you will be only focusing on one thing, finding the Pokemons and leveling up in order to have more points.

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