There is a spreading news that has just been released to various social media that ISIS affiliate in the Philippines is now threatening to bomb special events in the Philippines. There are circulating news reports from various social media websites, claiming that there were reports of an imminent attack towards the Philippines. This is due to the upcoming Miss Universe event that is expected to be held in the country on January 30, 2016.

Reports indicate that ISIS are now planning an imminent attack to the upcoming Miss Universe 2017 that still has no permanent venue on where it will be held. Several media networks claim that they have spoken to the representatives of ISIS, where they confirmed that the group is indeed formulating an attack against the Philippines. The attack is pointing towards the venue of Miss Universe, which will be the country's third time to host it on January.
There will be no imminent threats in the Philippines for the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant
Other sources claim that the group is advocating ISIS aspirants on how to use a formidable vest that can be a perfect facility as a weapon of mass destruction. ISIS is allegedly calling for volunteers who would like to coordinate with them in order to make their plot successful during the upcoming pageant, which is still months away from now.

The effect of this hoax is considered significant because there are various news agencies believed that it was indeed a serious situation that the Philippines should consider. For this reason, various media agencies created their version of ISIS threats that concerns the security system of the Philippine archipelago and not only to the areas that will be affected by the hosting of Miss Universe pageant. Up to this time, there are other agencies who are still recirculating the hoax reports with regards to the threats of ISIS.

We all believe that ISIS is the largest terrorist group emerged in Syria and in Iraq. However, the group, along with affiliated networks are slowly being neutralized by the western coalition forces including the members of the second world country. The number of manpower as well as its territorial force are slowly weakening and started to be reclaimed by its original owners. Its networks overseas including the Philippines were now being totally contained by the affected nations.

Here are 7 reasons that the news saying ISIS attacks are imminent in the Philippines

1. Miss Universe will be on January 30, 2017: If ISIS is planning an "imminent" threat to Miss Universe, the reports should have been in December and not today. The 65th edition of Miss Universe is still far from now, which makes the circulating news to be questionable. If the terror group is planning to attack now, there will be at risk for being nabbed or neutralized by the security forces around the Philippines.

2. Black Propaganda: The news is considered as a credible source of information. However, if you will notice that there are lapses when you compare it with reality, then you will consider that something is not right. It seems that the circulating news came from a source who has a grudge against the Philippines, which is trying to spread false information to create a negative impression about the Philippines. As a result, their strategy is successful for making others believe about their false press release.

3. Philippines has a new and stronger political administration: With the start of a new administration under President Rodrigo Duterte, armed forces of the Philippines is now stronger and more united. The current president has a more stable police and armed forces because there is a new system that is now governing the Philippine public and security services. Philippines previously purchased numerous naval fleet, new air fighter facilities, tanks, and other improvised machineries to strengthen the armed forces as well as the police force. The country has a strong 200,000 armed forces with another 150K plus police force, which could neutralize Abu Sayyaf (ISIS affiliate) with only 300 members.

4. South China Sea propaganda transforms into a social media mess: Many Filipinos believe that the circulating hoax news is brought about by the spat in South China Sea. There are countries out there who wants to sabotage the Philippines, which is why they can create false issues in order to create a negative image against the country as soon as possible. There are international pageants who bans Philippines due to the risk of the delegate from being harassed from their citizens who are very nationalistic for their nation.

5. Location: Manila is located in the Luzon island. ISIS affiliate Abu Sayyaf is located in the southwestern most tip of Mindanao's Sulu micro-archipelago. The location is approximately more than 800 kilometers, which is very far from Mindanao. Bandits have small boats, not enough supply of gasoline, and not enough money to supply their basic needs. It is very far from reality that ISIS can reach Luzon, they cannot even reach mainland Mindanao or Visayas archipelago.

6. Philippines is now a highly secured country: With an overnight checkpoints to all roads, streets, and highways scattered around the country, all suspicious activities can be easily spotted. The current anti-illegal substance campaign is helping the nation to cleanse the dirtiest and the most notorious criminals, including syndicates, armed groups, and terrorists. Not even a single terror network can successfully penetrate key cities and towns all over the country.

7. The hoax was created by a foreign person or group: The circulating article is indeed a hoax because it was made by a foreigner who had not been in the Philippines. They did not manage to visit the country to prove that the issue was indeed authentic. For those who wants to talk about the Philippines, experience is the best teacher and lesson. Experiencing sights and sounds across the country confirms all impressions, third-party information, or second-hand information to be credible.

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