Presidential nominee Donald Trump issued a warning in one of his campaign that all immigrants pose a threat to the United States. These are all hidden terror threats that can always take chances to surprise the United States with a bloody attack in the future that are mostly without the knowledge of US citizens. He believes that all immigrants are now backstabbers that could further risk the security of the United States in the future.

Trump stressed that immigrants coming from the Muslim world are considered to carry the most potential threat to the United States. He shocked the world when he named countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.The verbally stated that these countries were arrested from the past. This is due to training new recruits for creating new explosives, carrying out new attacks, and supporting other major terror groups.

This means the Philippines are claimed by Trump to be one of the lands of terror groups. Donald Trump also indicated that there are other countries from the Arab region that should be banned from coming to the United States. These are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Kenya, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia.

He also includes countries from Asia such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia who are believed to be the breeding grounds for groups who are plotting against the safety of the United States. Trump reveals that if he became the next president of the United States, these countries will be completely banned from entering the country. No support will be given to any Muslim countries who are hiding threats to the United States.

Moreover, he made another raunchy comment when he made another comment about Filipinos. From his speech, "Pinoys, and other migrants pose a hidden threat". "We are dealing with animals". His comments were based  on the latest incidents of terrorism responsible for causing a total destructive impact to the western societies. These are self-destructing activities made by terror groups, who always aim to spread atrocities of mass destruction to the world.

This clearly indicates that Trump shows fear among Muslims. Previously, he made numerous comments against Muslims, stating that they should be banned from entering the United States. This time, he is now involving more countries to be banned from entering the US. Including immigrants to be expelled from the US.

Watch one of his videos regarding his tirade against Muslims

His latest comment involving Filipinos generated numerous negative reactions among Pinoys all over the world. Many Pinoys are dismayed by Trump's comments regarding his view on terrorism as well as for the Muslim world. Netizens from all over the world are also disappointed about Trump's comments because he is generalizing basing from his personal perception.

Filipinos working abroad are very horrified about Trump's statements. Stating that his superficial research and thorough investigation made false impressions against the Philippines.

On June 26, 2012. Donald Trump made a thoughtful comment about the Philippines. Trump stated that the Philippines is a wonderful country. This is one of the best places in Asia to engage in business. This is the reason why we are opening a new branch, which is the construction of Trump Tower Manila, which will be open to service this year or in 2017.

Trump's recent statement to the Philippines during his presidential campaign negated his previous comments on June 26, 2012.

There are at least more than two million Filipino workers that are now living and working in the United States. If all overseas Filipino workers are eligible to vote in the United States and will set to choose their new president, Trump's recent statement will have a very significant image impact towards Filipinos.

Donald Trump is currently hopeful to become America's next president. He is representing the Republican Political Party in the United States. His rival is Hilary Clinton, who was a former first lady of the United States, being nominated by the Democratic Political Party of the United States.

The winner between the nominees from the Republican and Democratic Party will be decided on November 8, 2016. Voters will decide if either Trump or Clinton will lead the United States of America after the election date.

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