Just days after the country officially announced that it will be hosting the 65th edition of Miss Universe, several Philippine politicians are now aggressively involved for the preparation of the pageant. Politicians already generated a significant amount of money from the private sector that is enough to buy a Boeing plane and a yacht. All expenses were generated from investors who are willing to help the Philippines to efficiently host Miss Universe beauty pageant.

A former governor named Chavit Singson initiated the campaign to purchase vehicles for transportation to buy a plane and a yacht. He is happy that there are investors who are willing to offer everything to maximize their support for hosting Miss Universe pageant. Investors are proud to be involved with the hosting of the pageant event since it is a rare opportunity for the country to host one of the most prestigious beauty pageant events in the world. Singson is currently a councilor in his hometown somewhere in Luzon.
A Boeing 777 and a yacht has been already purchased by several sponsors to allow Miss Universe delegate to travel across the Philippines. 
Buying a yacht and a Boeing plane is just the start of numerous sponsors that the Philippines can offer. There are numerous private companies who are also willing to donate and become new sponsors for the Miss Universe that will be held in the Philippines this coming January. Aside from these new facilities, the Philippines expects that there will be more facilities sponsored by various private sector groups.

Banco De Oro already pledged as the official major sponsor for Miss Universe to fund numerous activities, charities, and events. SM Supermalls together with SM Prime Holdings also pledged their sponsorship with Miss Universe Organization to held special Miss Universe events. SM Mall of Asia Arena is the rumoured official venue for both the pre-pageant event and the coronation night for 65th edition of Miss Universe. Miss Universe Organization will never have any problems looking out for venues to held Miss Universe events and activities.

The Okada Group pledged their allegiance with Miss Universe Organization together with the Department of Tourism. Okada's Entertainment City Manila is an entertainment complex that will accommodate Miss Universe 2016 delegates during their stay in the Philippines for at least three weeks. Okada Entertainment City Complex will be the official venues for Miss Universe delegates, members of Miss Universe Organization, and the Department of Tourism officials to stay during the pageant.

The Boeing plane can accommodate more than 100 passengers. If the total delegates will exceed to 120, there will be no problem for the airline to accommodate more passengers as they travel across the Philippine archipelago. Miss Universe delegates can have the chance to fly all over the Philippines, including pageant organizers and even the sponsors.

The purchased Yacht can also accommodate more than 100 passengers as they can traverse seas across the Philippines. Miss Universe delegates can also have the chance to visit some of the most spectacular beaches in the world that can only be visited in the Philippines.

Miss Universe delegates will have the privilege to enjoy 7,500 islands of the Philippines, boosting the tourism sector of the country. Miss Universe media will also have the chance to cover several island destinations and key cities to showcase how beautiful the Philippines is.

Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo is happy to announce that there are more private sector entities who are offering their support for hosting Miss Universe beauty pageant. Private sectors wants to showcase the hosting of the Philippines as an opportunity to promote tourism in the country that could generate more jobs and revenues.

International companies and investors are also offering their support by providing funds for hosting the Miss Universe event for the Philippines. They can offer a wide variety of sponsorship such as basic needs to support the delegates and the organizers of Miss Universe Organization.

The Republic of the Philippines is seriously preparing for the pageant because this is a very big event that countries from around the world can see the beauty of the Philippines. The Department of Tourism, together with the private sectors are now conducting a feasibility study to select destinations, facilities, and charities that will be included with the hosting of Miss Universe.

The Philippines is set to host the 65th edition of Miss Universe in January 30, 2016. This will be the country's 3rd hosting for the international beauty pageant. The last two pageants were held in the country in 1974 and 1994.

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